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What a disgrace when people like Renwick Rose and Jomo Thomas compare Nelson Mandela with Fidel Castro. What an insult to the memory of one of the world greatest heroes, to compare him with a man like Castro that murdered or/and was responsible for the murder of thousands of Cubans; also responsible for the death of thousands of Africans and South Americans; responsible for the poisoning of young peoples’ minds with Marxism throughout many parts of the world.

There is no comparison between these men at all, except they both came into the world with nothing and will leave with nothing.

One will be remembered for the good he has done, the other for the atrocities that he is responsible for. Nelson Mandela was a real statesman, Castro holds the Cuban people in eternal bondage, and holds hundreds of political prisoners in dirty, filthy prisons.

On Saturday morning and Sunday night, I went to the Argyle airport and looked at the flags, I noted the names of Chatoyer and Che [Guevara] written in big letters on the office walls. Yet something as respectful as flying the flag at half-mast for Mr. Mandela is too much for these people. In failing to do so, they disrespect Nelson Mandela to the endth degree; in doing so, they insult and disrespect all decent Vincentians.

So on Monday, I went to Kingstown and noted that even on our Parliament and government buildings, no respect — all flags flown at full mast.

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Can you imagine our regime failing to lower the flag? Can you imagine if Castro were to die and we were not flying our flags at full mast, not showing respect for his passing, comparing him with some thug? Could that ever happen in SVG?

I just hate the fact that Marxists always look to gain an advantage from a decent man’s death, always want to apply comparisons, matching their crap with decency. Always want to rewrite history.

Well it doesn’t work for me; perhaps you will all give me your opinion. Please write your views and opinions. Let us all know what you think about comparing good with evil.

Peter Binose
Self Appointed Keeper of the Whistle

The opinions presented in this content belong to the author and may not necessarily reflect the perspectives or editorial stance of iWitness News. Opinion pieces can be submitted to [email protected].

7 replies on “Mandela was no Fidel Castro”

  1. Peter I sugest you research what Neson Mandela himself felt about Fidel Castro! I think you will accept that Mandela’s opinion is more credible and acceptable than your own. While doing so, research the role of Cuba in ending the very Apartheid system that many anti communist the world over endorsed and encouraged! Check the archives for the interview “Mandela Ted Coppel” soon after Mandela’s release from prison…find out how many Cuban lives were sacrificed to end Apatheid while Mandela was branded a terrorist by world Capitalists! FYI his name was only removed by the USA list of terrorist in 2008!

  2. Doug Slater, I was expecting you to come forward and try to equate Fidel Castro with Nelson Mandela. You yourself are a by-product of Cuba, so I expected to hear from you.

    Your type always wants to tell the Marxist side of the story. So lets just look at what Castro is guilty of, and I ask you why your unable to admit that Castro did all those dreadful things. Castro is someone less than human? a mass murderer? He is only a liberator if people like you support that view of what he did and attempted to do, that ideology of killing and murder to attain control and then rule as a dictator. Becoming one of the Worlds wealthiest men at the price of enslaving Cuban people.

    Perhaps you are firmly attached to the Cubans by your thinking and ideology, and perhaps even by indoctrination or self indoctrination at some time in your younger life, but most decent thinking people do not think like you. They see Castro as a monster.

    Yes Mandela was branded a terrorist, but all decent people knew that his fight was a fight against Apartheid and he was a decent man.

    All decent people know that whatever Castro did in Africa and South America was for the furtherance of communism, to further Marxism, and they know he was not and is not a decent man. Therefore for anyone to draw a comparison as between these two men, good and evil, are themselves purveyors of evil.

    Mandela never wanted to introduce Marxism to South Africa, he never wanted to be president for life, he never wanted to be a dictator, he never wanted to enslave his people. In fact he never wanted any of the things that have driven Castro.

    Cuba was fighting wars in Africa as a Russian proxy. Russia was at the time trying to take over and install communism in many African states. They played on disorganisation of the Africans and used the Cubans troops to fight on numerous fronts.

    November 4th 1975: Under instruction from the USSR Government, Castro ordered the deployment of Cuban troops to Angola in order to aid the Marxist ruled government against South Africa.
    Moscow ordered and aided the Cuban aggressive initiative with the USSR engaging in a massive airlift of Cuban forces into Angola.

    1979: Russia and Cuba back one of their young Marxist converts to take over Grenada an Eastern Caribbean country. They needed a military airport in the Eastern Caribbean to allow aircraft to refuel before flying on to Africa. They chose one of their indoctrinated to assist them, Maurice Bishop of Grenada. They started to build that airport in Grenada. Bishop became entrenched with the Russians and Cubans, spending time in both those countries.

    In 1979: Cuban troops were sent to Marxist Ethiopia to assist Ethiopian forces in the Ogaden War with Somalia.

    In 1979: Castro extended support to Marxist Revolutionary movements throughout Latin America.

    In 1979 Castro aided the Sandinistas in overthrowing the Somoza government in Nicaragua.

    What Mandela thought about Castro is not what we are debating.

    Castro has spent his life attempting to convert rebels all over Africa and South America into communists. Castro is responsible for the murder and killing of hundreds if not thousands of people, many in his own country under the guise of revolution.

    In 2005, American business and financial magazine Forbes listed Fidel Castro among the world’s richest people, with an estimated net worth of $550 million. The magazine claimed that the Cuban leader’s personal wealth was nearly double that of Britain’s Queen Elizabeth II.
    Forbes magazine later increased the estimates to $900 million, adding rumours of large cash stashes in Switzerland.

    Doug Slater, I suggest you take all of your comrades in the Caribbean, and in particular SVG, take them all and go and live your dream in Cuba. We do not want to share your dream, so off you go, just leave us all alone and stop all this nonsense.

    1. Peter whoever you are, it’s a pity you are such a coward hiding behind a pseudonym because I would like to sit with you, and talk man to man…it’s amazing how gullible you are to some of the loose information you spew online. You quote information that the facts cannot be substantiated. Just because you hear so or read some biased false propaganda media doesn’t make it correct! anyway this is the last I will say on this. I know who I am, and readers also …you are afraid to disclose your identity in order to hide behind the garbage you are even ashamed of yourself! Anyway this is the season of peace and goodwill. I sincerely wish you and family a joyous, healthy and peaceful Christmas season and hope that you get enlightened to truth for the New Year, btw I have absolutely no apologies regarding my Cuban connection and admiration for Fidel Castro and especially his role in the liberation of Southern Africa!

  3. Doug, Peter is correct: You cannot compare Mandela to Castro. That’s like comparing apples and oranges. They are two totally different personalities. The world is in South Africa for Mandela’s funeral. I don’t think you’d have the same response for Castro’s funeral.
    Mandela will be remembered for bringing black and white South Africans together and that’s why the world is singing praises for the life he lived and his accomplishments.
    I see Jomo writing about the struggle. What struggle? What Mandela did was will never be repeated. I hope Ralph will take a page out of Mandela book and bring SVG nationals together.

  4. PV, you are correct with one statement! Mandela and Fidel can be compared to oranges and apples! They are both fruits both rich in vitamin C…like the two revolutionaries who fought for the poor and oppressed in different ways but with the same intent. They are like similar “fruits” similar in their ideologies!
    You guys really need to read the real and true history of apartheid, the Cuban Revolution, and why Mandela and Fidel had such love and mutual respect. Most of the western world who now deify and idolize Mandela sat by while he was literally rotting as a “terrorist” on Roben Island, it was a bunch of anti imperialists and “Communists” among them Castro who supported him and his cause and struggles for the higher principle of freedom of the oppressed BLACK PEOPLE like you and me!!! For me a friend in deed is one who responds when you are in need! Fidel did so when Mandela and BLACK PEOPLE in South Africa were in need! I will always be grateful to Fidel for that.
    I suggest you also read about the sufferings of poor Cubans especially Blacks during the Batista regime that Fidel liberated them from…even the Americans seemed to have had enough of Baptista. Anyway I’m not a historian, but when you start talking go read firs and get the context right! And btw you may not get the same response by some when Fidel dies, but I believe that History will absolve him when the truth is known and understood. For me they are two of the worlds greatest leaders in the past century….but that’s just my humble opinion.

  5. Peter you are a hatefull and despicable person.You despise any thing Ralph Gonsalve or ULP.You think i dont notice you.There are so many article on this media but you only comment on those that make mention of ULP or Ralph or anything associated with him or the ULP.One time you will speak good about someone but from the time that someone say something good about Ralph or the ULP you start calling them all surt of nasty names.You hate Fidel and Hugo all because they are friends with ralph.You are so obsess with Ralph that you can keep his name out your mouth.Do some reading peter and find out the truth about Fidel and Mandela.Fidel is as equally a good man as Mandela.And stop with your stupid marxist Fu…ry,st vincent is a democraticcountry.

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