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4 replies on “Video: Death and destruction after Christmas flooding in St. Vincent”

  1. My heartfelt sympathy to those who have lost loved ones. I am very sad for them. May the God of mercy be with SVG and the other islands at this sad time…what should have been festivity (celebrating Christ birth) has been turned into mourning.

    Kenton, excellent reporting! Keep up the good work. We (Vincentians) who live in NA, Europe and Middle East are very appreciative of your efforts. Thank you.

  2. I discovered by accident while searching for news on the flood in SVG, thanks for your informative reports on the flood. My heart goes out to the people of SVG, they are indeed in my prayers. By God’s grace they will overcome, let us do whatever we can to help our family, friends and love ones get through this time of disaster.

  3. Elsworth James says:

    To my fellow Vincentians, It is with a heavy heart I write to express my sadness for the lost of your loved ones. The devastation of those areas which have been hard hit by such acts of destruction, is really heart breaking. Whatever plans are in place to assist. I will be more than willing to do my part. I don’t know if the James who lost their loved ones, are related to me, since some of my family roots are from Layou. However, I am willing to assist one way or another. May Almighty God cast his blessings upon this blessed nation for a full recovery.
    God richest blessings.
    Elsworth James.

  4. It is only god who is the alpha and omega can bring us tru this , my fellow Vincentiian

    We have come this far by faith. We are going thru our Red Seas at this time , lets pull together and help one another. As a born Vincentian that living aboard I will do my part
    May god’s grace be sufficient for you. This too shall past.
    From Brenda T.

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