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Edson Augustus.
Edson Augustus.

Edson Augustus has been official recalled from his post as Deputy-Consul General at the Consulate General of St. Vincent and the Grenadines in New York, the Ministry of Foreign Affairs said in a release on Monday.

“On Wednesday, 5th February 2014 the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Saint Vincent and the Grenadines received reports suggesting that Mr. Agustus, while posted in New York, was involved in activities outside the scope of his employment and inimical to the interest of the Consulate General and the Government and people of St. Vincent and the Grenadines,” the release further said.

The release, however, did not detail the nature or extent of the former diplomat’s activities outside of the scope of his employment.

“Having subsequently received sufficient confirmation of those reports, the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Saint Vincent and the Grenadines acted promptly in recalling Mr. Agustus with immediate effect,” the release said.

“All matters touching and concerning the said activities are under further review,” the Ministry further stated.

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Meanwhile, earlier on Monday, Opposition Leader Arnhim Eustace called on the Ralph Gonsalves government to make a statement amidst rumours that Augustus was no longer in the post.

“For the last few days in particular, we are hearing grumblings coming out of New York in relation to the St. Vincent mission there,” Eustace said.

“It seems that something has happened and what I am hearing could redound not to the benefit but shame to St. Vincent and the Grenadines,” Eustace said on his weekly radio programme.

“And I would hope that some time today, the Government of St. Vincent and the Grenadines can clear the air to stop all these rumours … and to give us the assurance that all senior staff are still in place,” Eustace further said.

8 replies on “Gov’t recalls Deputy-Consul General Edson Augustus”

  1. Sad to see him go, but he was very arrogant towards me on the phone regarding passport matters. He did not relate well, he thought he was doing me a favor. Hope his replacement would be a people person who can represent our country well. Edison needs to learn some manners.

  2. It has been reveal that he was [allegedly] involved in the scam of selling passports…..Waw! that is what they are trying to confirm and to bring to light… Not sure is that is going to be revealed.

  3. If he was dishonest he needs to go and be fully persecuted for his actions . You are paid by the people to represent the people […]. He was getting far more compensation than those whom he [allegedly] stole from. These are poor , hard working people, who just needed some help and [it seems,] unfortunately, [that] they trusted the wrong person. I hope he is made to pay full restitution to those he [allegedly] scammed. Shame on you Edson. Those who exalt themselves shall be humbled. Greed, and stupidity is your down fall. No sympathy here.

  4. Bring him home and promote him, doubling his pay, a big expense account and a car. Why?
    because that is the ULP norm.

    They have to keep the mans mouth shut and deny any corruption at all cost’s.

    cc US Embassy Barbados

    US Homeland Security

    UK Home Office

  5. Was he a threat to women? Is the man a knicker leg bandit? If he is not why has the regime got its knickers in a twist?

    Was he a threat to ‘US Homeland Security’?

    Does he have some kind of a hold over the ‘Donkey’?

    Will he now be put in charge of Diplomatic Passports? Will he now get a better job? Or will he now be sent to University in outer Monglia, fully paid and funded?

    Whatever, we can be sure he will not be punished, or prosecuted if he has done wrong.


  6. Edson has some good qualities but loose forecast. however with the passing of time he can be reform and be of a great asset to society. let us help to lift him up.

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