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Desmond “Cat” Pavy.
Desmond “Cat” Pavy.

A prisoner has escaped from Her Majesty’s Prison, police announced on Wednesday, four days after the jailbreak.

Police say that 41-year-old Desmond “Cat” Pavy was serving a custodial sentence at Her Majesty’s Prison at Belle Isle for being in possession of a controlled drug offence when he escaped on Saturday, Feb.

They have released the following description of the escaped prisoner.

Complexion: Brown
Height: 6ft 0 ins
Face: Long
Forehead: Round
Lips: Round
Voice: Deep
Teeth: Clean
Hair: Well groom
Head: Large
Mouth: Small
Ears: Large

The police are soliciting the public’s assistance in locating Pavy and say that persons with information about Pavy’s whereabouts should contact any police station.

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They can also contact Assistant Commissioner of Police in charge of Crimes at telephone 784-456-1339 or 784-457-1211 ext.254, or Assistant Superintendent of Police in charge CID/CRO at 784-456-1810 or 784-457-1211 ext.226, 227, or 222, 223, 224.

Calls would be treated in confidence and you can remain anonymous, police say.

3 replies on “Man escapes from prison”

  1. In the interest of law and order I hope that the two parties are soon reconciled. In the meantime, I find the description provided by prison authorities hilarious on several counts!

  2. At least he has clean teeth, and takes pride in his personal grooming. Much to say on his side. Never mind his round forehead and lips, and his long-faced objection to his incarceration, JJ. He even turn out to be brown. to with the round lips and round forehead. You see how his head to fit so snugly through the prison bars. Shouldn’t be surprising, when you try to imprison a cat. My ole pal who earlier had that same title, used to skip from roof to roof in Kingstown in his adventurous exploits; but dat cat later turned vigilante, the antithesis to his previous occupation. This cat understandably just can’t be contained in a mere jail.

  3. Peter Binose says:

    Desmond was a great ULP supporter and contributor, I just wonder if he was NDP if he would of been allowed to escape.

    J. James, your quite right, the description looks nothing like the photo, are they having a laugh or what?

    Big ears – little mouth, fine body of hair, one glass eye, small nose, what a hoot! Whoever wrote the description should become a novelist.

    In fact its so silly it has encouraged me to be silly also.

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