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The Police Force says it is urging the public to cooperate with police officers who are executing arrest, and point to the laws of arrest and assistance of a judicial officer.

In a statement on Friday, the Police Force noted the minibus driver who was jailed last month for resisting arrest and assaulting a police officer at Arnos Vale on Jan. 24.

A video of the physical scuffle between the police officer and the minibus driver was widely circulated on social media.

A gathering could be seen and heard, with some persons cheering on, while others urged a beating of the police officer.

The Police Force further noted that several persons were prosecuted for their actions during the incident, which involved police constable, Chet Solomon, and chauffeur, Eliyet Guy.

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Seven charges were laid against Guy, a resident of Calder, and he was found guilty on all the charges on Feb. 12.

For using insulting language to Solomon, Guy was fined EC$400 forthwith or three weeks’ imprisonment in default.

For resisting arrest by Solomon, Guy was sentenced to six months’ imprisonment, while he was sentenced to nine months’ imprisonment for assault and bodily harm of Solomon.

Guy was also found guilty of damage to property of the Government of St. Vincent and the Grenadines and was fined EC$258 forthwith or two weeks’ imprisonment in default of the payment.

For obstruction of traffic at Arnos Vale with motor vehicle, HB158, he was fined EC$500 forthwith or two weeks’ imprisonment in default.

And for stopping elsewhere than a bus stop at Arnos Vale with motor vehicle, HB158, Guy was sentenced to three weeks’ imprisonment.

Mc Dowall, a student of Great House, pled guilty on Feb. 18 for using indecent language to Solomon on Jan. 24 at Arnos Vale.

She was fined EC$400 forthwith or one month’s imprisonment in default of the payment.

Phillip Arrindell, a teacher in training, pled guilty on Jan. 31 for using threatening language to Solomon.

He was fined EC$400; EC$200 forthwith or two weeks’ imprisonment in default.

He was ordered to pay a further EC$200 by Feb. 2 or two weeks’ imprisonment.

Ketesha Audain, a student of Largo Height, was found guilty on Feb. 18 for obstructing the police and was ordered to pay EC$400 Feb. 20 or one month’s imprisonment in default of the payment.

The charges of assaulting and obstructing Solomon in the execution of his duties against Kevin Charles, a conductor of Roseau, are still pending.

The police are advising members of the public to be guided by the Laws of St. Vincent and the Grenadines 2009, Volume Six, Chapter 172, which address the issue of arrest:

Section 22; Arrest how made

(1) In making an arrest, the police officer or other person making the arrest shall actually touch or confine the body of the person to be arrested, unless there be a submission to the custody by word or action.

(2) If such person forcibly resists the endeavour to arrest him, or endeavours to evade the arrest, such police officers or other person may use all means necessary to effect the arrest.

(3) Nothing in subsection (2) shall be deemed to justify the use of greater force than was reasonable in the particular circumstances in which it was employed or was necessary for the apprehension of the person to be arrested.

The public is also advised to be guided by section 40:

Assistance to judicial officer or police officer

Every person is bound to assist a judicial officer or police office reasonably demanding his aid – (a) in the taking and preventing of any other person whom such judicial officer or police officer is authorized to arrest;

(b) In the prevention or suppression of a breach of the peace or in the prevention of any injury attempted to be committed to any public property.

4 replies on “Police urge cooperation of public during arrests”

  1. Ah love it! You see, cheerleaders, it is good to be quiet and let the police execute his/her duties….now you have a police record to contend with! Checkmate…

  2. Teacherfang says:

    Whether its in Vincyland or elsewhere, there are always a bunch of arseh*les in uniform.The Police in Vincyland have to do a better job in their public relations. The police treat the citizens with utter contempt and expect folks to bow in their presence.

    There needs to be comprehensive overhaul of how the police communicate with the public and stop with the abrasive and disrespectful manner in which they approach their job. Its all about how you handle a situation that will dictate the outcome. The police have all the power, no need to “show yo arse” in every situation.


  3. Teacherfang:, Let’s hear your views on this one. I have no reason to be untruthful and I remember well because it was a few months ago.. Here goes.

    My vehicle was at the garage so I took a minibus to town. I had to ask whether they were reaching as far as Peace Memorial Hall ,as we know they turn back where ever they choose to. The driver overtook three vehicles going along New Roads, Richmond Hill area at 2:30pm. My stomach moved as the oncoming vehicle had to really accommodate him. When he got Beach Mount area he stopped to pick up passengers and was ready to pull unto to road again while the bus in front was moving out . The officer who was just taking up duties at the crossing . signaled that he stopped . The officer walked over and spoke to the driver then walked away while signaling that he was free to go. Maybe the passengers closet to the driver heard what was said but where I sat in the second seat behind the diver I did not hear. To me it seemed like a gentle rebuke. When we took off the driver was loud enough for all to hear saying,” dem policeman ah really c……holes,” and you should hear the rapturous applause from some of the passengers. Well I am close to my 60th birthday. Maybe I was in the wrong bus. WE MUST MAKE AN EXAMPLE OF THEM.. BOTH DRIVERS AND OFFICERS or WHEN THEY STEP OUT OF LINE.

  4. Did I read this correctly, that the guy was jailed for stopping at the wrong place? As for assisting a police officer – you’re kidding. I want to get as far away as possible from them, so why do I put my life in anger?

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