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light at end
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Hope is rapidly departing the minds of Vincentians. The light at the end of the tunnel was shining bright in 2001. Over the years since, it has dimmed, with the occasional vision of a renewed beam, a renewed hope. But since 2008, there has been a rapid decline in luminance, until today when some believe that the light has been switched off.

We need a new keeper of the light, a new set of keepers of the light, we need someone, a group, a political party, who can turn the lights on in the whole tunnel, not just the one at the end.

So, your life isn’t the best it has ever been. Dreams have been crushed, our hearts are broken — and many are just about ready to give up? Still, clinging to shreds of lives broken by our Marxist monsters, you must convince yourself whilst reading this article that there is still hope of getting back up again. Finding not just the light at the end of the tunnel, but switching on all the lights and blowing all the whistles. Possible as you seek it, so hang in there.

People have reprimanded me over the years for describing the ULP hierarchy as Communist, as a Marxian group. I myself are having some doubts as to whether I should continue branding them communist or Marxist.

What we know is that Marxism is an extreme form of socialism, its a description of the political and economic theories of Karl Marx (1818–83) and Friedrich Engels (1820–95), later developed to form the basis for the theory and practice of communism. Marxists do not believe in God, although they pretend to believe in God, that is part of their doctrinarian to pretend to be Christians to fool their followers and not to frighten away the Christians among their followers.

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What I am now trying to come to terms with, have I applied the wrong title to our own present leaders? Are they Communist’s or are they Fascist?

What we know about Fascism is that it is also an extreme form of right-wing socialism. But unlike Marxism, Fascists are believers in God, but are still as wicked as Communists, perhaps more so. Fascists offer a right-wing socialist authoritarian and nationalistic system of government — governments that we saw in Germany under Hitler and Italy under Mussolini, even Chile, under Pinochet.

Now my problem is this: Do we currently have an extreme left-wing socialist Marxist Communist government or are they an extreme right-wing socialist Fascist government?

Are they Marxists pretending to be God-fearing Christians, or are they God-believing Fascist pretending to be Marxists.

Wherever this story takes us, however dark and difficult the theme, however dark and difficult the tunnel, there is hope and redemption. We can be redeemed by ridding ourselves of this nasty political regime, we can be redeemed by adopting a different party, a party led by nice honest decent people.

We all must believe that the sun will rise in the morning, that we will be able to turn on the tunnel lights once we rid ourselves of this extreme socialist government. Marxist, Fascist or whatever other description we may give them.

Peter Binose, self-appointed keeper of the whistle, and blowing hard.

The opinions presented in this content belong to the author and may not necessarily reflect the perspectives or editorial stance of iWitness News. Opinion pieces can be submitted to [email protected].

12 replies on “Who turned off the light at the end of tunnel?”

  1. Peter,

    Point well taken but the million dollar question is; where, who is the alternative?

    We must not become so desperate that even a broom stick will do.

    This has been the huge issue since 2001. The voting population rejected the NDP because they were looking for an alternative.

    The NDP in its present state is the NDP of 2001 the one they rejected.

    Am I making any sense here?

    We must not make the same mistake and vote for a party with the only reason begin get rid of.

    We must vote for a party because we believe it is a better alternative.

    The other million dollar question is; will the NDP in it’s state a better alternative? Are they really ready to governor SVG with what they presently have?

    You are so correct, where is the light at the end of the tunnel since 2001?

    NDP went into an election in 2001 with the leader of the opposition as leader and is again going into another election with him as leader.

    The people have once again become desperate so where do we go from here? Who can fill in the blanks. ………..

    I do believe that change must be for better and not worst. If NDP refuse to change leadership that must take the party in a new direction it will continue in doom and gloom.

    Peter I am afraid we have moved 5 steps forward and 3 steps backward since 2010 in the party.

    Because of the weakened strength of the NDP to keep the Ralph Gonsalves administration in check, I am afraid that I do not have the confidence that the NDP in its present state is the proper alternation.

    While the NDP gained support in the popular votes in the general election I. 2010 it decreases it’s functionality drastically in representation as an opposition to the Gonsalves administrartion.

    It is a mystery how the Gonsalves administrartion gain so much more flexibility with a smaller majority. Something is drastically wrong that an opposition of this strength than could not get any close to forming govt. is so weak. An opposition with only one seat less than the govt the only strength is in its lower extremities and is know as the walker party ecause the walk out of parliament almost every single time parliament is sitting.

    Walking out is for when you do not have strength in numbers to stay and fight. Walking out is for weaklings who cannot stand the heat from a fire in a barrel.

    SVG need men and woman with guts, strength, proven managerial abilities to stand up and fight back instead of me who stand in a ring motionless and just duck when a left hand is being swung at the or just run outside the ring when the receive an upper cut to the left jaw.

    1. Well said….NDP’s leadership is terrible…I cannot wait for the next elections to see how badly they WILL be punished..

  2. Peter Binose says:

    Mourine, I think you are wrong, I believe a dirty stinking dawgs would be a better alternative to what we have currently got.

    Because unless we remove this regime they will eventually convert us to a one party state, just like Cuba, and like Venezuela is currently in dire danger of.

    I don’t think the NDP were rejected, they only had a thousand voters less than the ULP. But the difference is what I personally believe was voting fraud and irregularities.

    Envelopes containing EC$100 bills given out to buy supporters votes, kitchen equipment roofing, lumber, cement, goats, sheep, chickens, T shirt and strong rum. The electorate were bought. This happened right up to 4am on polling day.

    I am convinced the NDP are a better alternative.

    Why would the NDP want to change leadership because outsiders like you or I say so, every year the leader must submit himself for re-election, to date he has been selected by the card carrying members ever year. If they did not want him they can easily replace him on these particular occasions, so who are we to interfere with a democratic system.

    Don’t forget either that the ULP paid for hundreds of Vincentians from the Diaspora to come to SVG to vote. The paid for return air tickets for them. Those people did not legally qualify to be on the voters list, they should of never been on the voters list. A person must reside on a permanent basis to qualify, and have been resident on a continuous basis during the preceding six months.

    Hundreds of people were encouraged to vote in more than one constituency, and they did just that.

    There were opened voting box’s found in the old printery in Kingstown, kids playing table tennis found them in a back room, and that’s recorded fact not fiction.

    This next election we have over 300 young Cubans here, all given residency, which allows them to work here, but also to vote here, and that they will do.

    When Gonsalves was in opposition, he walked out of parliament with greater frequency than the NDP currently do.

    Maybe what the people need is a woman, someone like Anesia, I am sure her religious bias would be better for us than a Marxist or a Fascist party, or whatever the ULP is.

  3. Teacherfang says:

    Keep blowing the whistle Mr Binose.

    @ the Eustace-hating cabal of Mourine, Frank et al- Who other than Eustace can lead the NDP?

    I have been asking this question since Gonsalves had a flat stomach. So please, if you will, enlightened me on this issue. I am quite curious about who you have in mind. I do have some reservations about Mr Eustace and have been highly critical of some his decision making and antics. But I have evaluated, weighed and measured, the usual suspects within the ranks of the NDP and its my humble opinion, all have fallen short of the glory of being Prime Minister material.

    I have since come to the depressing conclusion that the NDP, simply do not have any other credible candidates to be leader of the NDP and by extension be Prime Minister, other than Mr Eustace.

    And to compound the misery for Vincentians, the same can be said of the ULP.

    We will be in the dark for a long time.

  4. Peter Binose says:

    TEACHERFANG. I am not an NDP supporter. I am an old labour supporter, the party that was hijacked, kidnapped by a band of Marxists. I must admit I voted for ULP initially, but when I saw the way they were going and the all the lies, spite, malice, hate and division that emanated from the leadership, I never voted for them again. No decent patriotic citizen would vote for such people.

    I will vote for anyone or any party as long as Gonsalves and his extended family are not heading it. There are now three of them, two unelected and one of those rejected three times by the people and is proven unelectable.

    To break this continuing dynasty I will vote for any party who has a running chance to throw them out.

    The NDP will do for one term, if they prove to be crap, out they go. Because you or I personally do not like Eustace its not reason to allow the ULP Marxist Monster Party to continue.

    There was only a thousand voters difference between ULP and NDP last time. There rating has got better with each election.

    The behaviour of Mr Gonsalves over the aid matter has further confirmed to me just how unsuitable he is as a leader. As for bringing his son into the party, do you think for one moment that the other young people in the ULP government stand a chance in front of Camillo? Gonsalves choice of making his cousin a senator and minister in every ULP government when the people just don’t want him is disgraceful, and disrespect of the electorate.

    When most business men bring there children into the business, they start at the bottom and work their way up. In doing so they will never ask someone else to do something they cannot do themselves. It also gives the opportunity to gain respect and get to know the workforce and every aspect of the business. But not with the Gonsalves clan, straight to the top, leapfrogging all the other young people, of whom some may be considerably brighter than Camillo.

    Unless we put a stop to it now we may well end up like some of the South American country leaders, with the wife, children, cousins, friends and just about anyone they should choose to put in leading positions of control.

    Its gone far enough and is the right time to stop it, stop it now, before we are unable to do so.

  5. Peter Binose says:

    We must dump those that bring evil to our wonderful green island. We must not tolerate the evil that they generate

    Tolerating evil is unloving. For Jesus Christ, therefore, we cannot remain silent about evil. As medieval law stated: “silence betokeneth concord.” When we do not speak up about evil, we actually give our approval to evil! Satan wants us to remain silent, but God the Father, Son, and Holy Spirit tells us to expose, despise, and stand against all evil.

  6. It doesn’t really matter what category of evil you choose to file Ralph under. The fact is that nothing good has ever come from any of the systems that you mentioned. None of the Marxist or Communist systems believe in the freedom of the individual and therefore there is no freedom in any of them. It is quite easy for people to view Eustace as weak but they will never say what he has done or didn’t do that make them think that way. Some think that they must just sit back and criticize and don’t get involved to generate the change that they will like to see. But one man must be everything to them and when they cant get what they want they demonize him. The recent evil perpetrated on the people when they refused to give the relief sent to our brothers and sisters out of the goodness of our hearts is also viewed by some as Eustace fault and the money that was raised to get the stuff to the people was also stupid of him. Are you for real?
    Let us examine our Political System. The Opposition cannot get a piece of legislation passed because they are a minority in the parliament. The elected MPs of the Opposition cannot do anything meaningful for their constituents because there are no funds allocated for that. That creates fertile ground for a governmental dictator like Ralph. That is what must be changed in order for a new course to be set. We all know that Ralph will not change any of it. So we can only depend on Eustace to do so. All of you who love to criticize him, will serve yourself better if you offer suggestions for change. Like what you will like to see Integrity Legislation to look like when Eustace gets into Power. If you cant support him then cast your vote for the communist dawg and take what you get and quit complaining.

  7. What a sad day for a party that is more than 35 years old to not have any of it’s members but one that can be a leader!!

    What a shame for the 35,000 plus voters to have only one choice.

  8. Teacherfang says:

    @Mourine…is that it? For all your posturing and call for the overthrow of Eustace, you mean to tell me that you have no candidate in mind to install as leader from the 35,000 choices that you claimed to have..WTF…

    Let me help you out:

    James Mitchel-His return to the helm, and the NDP WILL CEASE TO BE A POLITICAL PARTY IN SVG.





    Jerry Scot-EXPIRED.


    The NDP recently had their convention and not a soul came forward to challenge Eustace for the leadership of the party. Folks like Frank and Mourine want Eustace to go quietly into the night and make life easy for them. But this is not playing baby house and drinking tea with your friends, this is about the welfare of a 100,000 lives. You as a leader have to demonstrate you have what it takes to lead NOT JUST A PARTY BUT A F**KING COUNTRY.

    Granted, if,Eustace to fall ill or worse…the Party will have to elect a new leader…but I can almost guarantee that the NDP will not take office for a very long time if any of the aforementioned candidate(s) is elected as leader of the NDP. OF COURSE IF DR FRIDAY WAS TO GROW A SPINE,THEN NDP IN BUSINESS.

    Mourine, if I were you, I will get the cabal and start courting Dr Friday.He needs some backers to push him forward…forget about James Mitchell, he is done and dusted. If Frank was a smart man, he would have gone to Dr Friday and play kingmaker…but Frank is a dunce and so lack the necessary aptitude to recognize potential worth,that is right in front of his face.

    Anyway,the Mourine,and Frank cabal, y’ll need to step up your game.

    1. The people will speak again in 2015.

      They are the ones who voted for Gonsalves not me even some if the hangers who shouting like the believe what they say.

      Show me some progressive projects put on but the NDP in the last 13 years other than the school book program.

      When you guys learn to be progressive and not regressive we can then think of forming govt.

      We were very, very aggressive in raising funds to save nice radio.

      How much funds have we raised in 13 years to help a farmer here and there or to teach new ones new farming skills?

      Show me your motion!!

  9. I get a laugh everytime I read some of these comments. I am going to be frank and just say what most try to ignore. A lot of Vincentians are racist and don’t believe a dark skin man like Mr Eustace should be Prime Minister in SVG. And it’s a shame that in a country of over 90 percent blacks, that we are still in that nonsensical frame of mind. If Mr Eustace was a light skinned man like De Comrade, no body would even take Ralph seriously because they would have in there mind, an alternative of same color with more leadership quality.

    A light skinned Eustace who has worked in major banking and economic situations for many years would have destroyed Ralph in every single election. But alas, Vincentians are some of the most racist people in the world so we look past people who are more than capable to leading us, both in character and qualifications to vote for light skinned devils who tell us no one can see us in the night or day.

    Vincentians, you all have no one to blame but your racist selves for the state of our country

    1. I will never buy that racists story.

      Julian Francis is light skin, didn’t a dark skinned man beat him?

      Milton Cato win several elections did Pappy Josh, didn’t most of the light skin people in SVG support them?

      The joackums, the Veria’s etc supported Milton Cato and now the support Eustace do where the racism comes in? We need to mature politically and we need to do that fast.

      We need to stop looking for a needle in a hay stack.

      We need to address the real issues huanting the NDP and make it more attractive and appealing to the voting population.

      We need to see the Reps spending more time on the ground instead of the radio station.

      We need to be more creative, we need to engage the people in a more meaningful way.

      We need to get into the communities a d help to fight the on slaught of diabetes, high blood pressure and high cholesterol.

      We need to educate our people on the value of diet and exercise.

      We need to limit the abuse of the cell phone and Internet in our villages and towns.

      We need to encourage more out door actitives involving the whole family.

      We need to clean up our surroundings using more self help projects.

      We need to bring back the best village competition and agricultural exbitio s in districts.

      Do we have to wait in govt to reintroduce these or wait until we get into to power?

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