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Escaped prisoner, Desmond “Cat” Pavy.
Escaped prisoner, Desmond “Cat” Pavy.

Police have no further information on the Trinidadian prisoner who escaped from the Belle Isle Correctional Facility on Feb. 22, the second escape in three months.

Police announced on Feb. 26, that 41-year-old Desmond “Cat” Pavy had escaped on Feb. 22.

He was serving a custodial sentence at Her Majesty’s Prison at Belle Isle for the offence of being in possession of a controlled drug.

“There is no other information; just that he escaped,” Commissioner of Police, Michael Charles told reporters on Wednesday.

He said that a police sergeant from the Criminal Investigations Department is leading the investigation into the escape, but added that he did not know how long the investigation would last.

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Charles further told journalists that the Belle Isle Correctional Facility has the physical integrity and security system necessary to house prisoners.

“I visited the facility and I am totally satisfied with the facility. With regards to how someone escaped, that’s beyond me, and that is why an investigation is on,” he said.

Asked if security had been stepped up after the escape, Charles said, “Security at Belle Isle is always 100 per cent.”

The Belle Isle Correctional Facility, which became operational in April 2012,

was constructed at a cost of EC$18.7 million dollars to house 288 inmates.

On Dec. 6, 2013, Colly Lowman of Georgetown escaped from the prison.

Lowman, who was serving a three-year sentence for wounding, was escorted back to custody by a lawyer.

He was sentenced to an additional year in prison for escaping lawful custody.

Police have released the following description of Desmond “Cat” Pavy.

Complexion: Brown
Height: 6ft 0 ins
Face: Long
Forehead: Round
Lips: Round
Voice: Deep
Teeth: Clean
Hair: Well groom
Head: Large
Mouth: Small
Ears: Large

The police are soliciting the public’s assistance in locating Pavy and say that persons with information about Pavy’s whereabouts should contact any police station.

They can also contact Assistant Commissioner of Police in charge of Crimes at telephone 784-456-1339 or 784-457-1211 ext.254, or Assistant Superintendent of Police in charge CID/CRO at 784-456-1810 or 784-457-1211 ext.226, 227, or 222, 223, 224.

Calls would be treated in confidence and you can remain anonymous, police say.

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