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Jennifer Eustace, wife of Opposition Leader, Arnhim Eustace. (Internet photo)
Jennifer Eustace, wife of Opposition Leader, Arnhim Eustace. (Internet photo)

Romario Toby, an 18-year-old resident of Diamonds Village, has written to the Ministry of Agriculture alleging that two sheep in his care were tied to and dragged by a vehicle allegedly driven by Jennifer Eustace, wife of Leader of the Opposition, Arnhim Eustace.

The incident reportedly occurred on Feb. 14, and the younger of the sheep, is said to have died a few days later.

I-Witness News has been unsuccessful in its attempts to reach Mrs. Eustace.

The telephone was either engaged or rang out when we repeatedly called her home on Wednesday and Thursday.

But a source closed to the New Democratic Party, which Mr. Eustace heads, told I-Witness News on Thursday that Mrs. Eustace has travelled overseas because of the death of a relative of her son.

But according to Toby’s written account, about three weeks ago, his bother Tyrell tethered the sheep on property reportedly belonging to Mrs. Eustace.

Tryell did not find the sheep when he returned that evening.

Romario said that the following day, a resident of his community told him that the sheep were tied in a field in Mt Grennan.

According to the letter to the Permanent Secretary in the Ministry of agriculture, in which Romario ask that he be given a sheep, when the sheep were found in the field in Mt. Grenan, the younger of the two could not stand.

“The four feet and the chest of the sheep were dug up and badly bruised up exposing the raw flesh…” he said, adding that the animal died two days later.

Two persons gave written accounts, saying they had seen the sheep tied to and dragged from a vehicle belonging to Mrs. Eustace.

They further say that Mrs. Eustace was driving the vehicle, and there was a female passenger inside.

The Unity Labour Party group of New York has purchased a sheep for Romario.

Romario Toby pose with the sheep bought for him by the ULP group in New York. (Photo: ULP Abroad/Facebook)
Romario Toby pose with the sheep bought for him by the ULP group in New York. (Photo: ULP Abroad/Facebook)
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14 replies on “Sheep reportedly dragged from vehicle belonging to wife of Opposition Leader”

  1. Peter Binose says:

    According to a a release on Nice Radio this morning the whole thing is a lie and there may well be proceedings against those who have put out this story.

    1. Whether they landless or not what she allegedly did is the height of wickedness… she only put her self n husband party in the spot light… you don’t treat ppl like that in the end u want those same ppl come n support u

  2. c. ben-David says:

    Landless people should not be allowed to own pastured animals. There is a huge problem of the destruction of crops by such individuals.

  3. Fact/fiction…this one is clear fiction. Someone is using this young guy to try to tarnish Mrs. Eustace reputation – that lady would not hurt an ant if she tries far less a poor boy’s sheep. Mrs. E., is Mr. E. and NDP they really want to get to. Election is soon so “river comin down, they tryin to catch straw pon bank side to prevent dem from goin down-stream.” It’s a pity they are using this young boy as straw.

  4. Peter, I am not surprise at your reply. True to form. If that was Ralph or his wife who did that you would have been calling for the hangman. This is why Peter you have absolutely no credibility whatsoever. When Augustus committed wrong, the ULP publicly acknowledged the wrong. They NEVER tried to deny what Augustus did. This is why the ULP will gain more and more respect from the people of SVG. Now I have not seen an NDP person publicly condemn Mrs. Eustace for the PUBLIC cruelty she committed and SHE DID IT WITH ARROGANCE too. See why the NDP is in Opposition? The NDP always display a very HIGH SENSE of DISHONSTY and the public sees it and the NDP will pay dearly at the election polls when it is called.

  5. This article is entitled: “Sheep reportedly dragged from vehicle belonging to wife of Opposition Leader.”

    However, the body of the article was NOT focused on the headline.

    The body of the article explained WHAT HAPPENED regarding the loss of the sheep. It SAID NOTHING about the DRAGGING OF THE SHEEP, until the last three sentences of the article.

    Based on the above news HEADLINE, where is the focus on the sheep being DRAGGED by her vehicle?

    If the headline refers to the dragging of the sheep, shouldn’t the story have been focused on the DRAGGING itself?

  6. This woman has always been very arrogant especially during her days at Vinlec. I remember once I had to tell her I don’t allow non-technical people to make technical decisions and she blew off the roof. True Story!

  7. Breaking News…In the ongoing sheep saga, we have just learned that the alleged perpetrator has called a press conference to clarify any misconception that the public may have..lets go live from the Block

    Statement by Jenny from the Block:

    Now, I have to go travel overseas because of the death of a relative of my son. But I want to say one thing to the Vincentian people. I want you to listen to me. I’m going to say this once: I did not have dragging relations with that sheep. I never told anybody to tie the sheep to my vehicle, not a single time; never. These allegations are false. And I need to go pack and get going. Thank you.

    Asked about the “scandal” involving his woman…Jenny’s husband, says over his dead body would he stand by and allow these scalawags to pull down his woman, he further stated, “The great story here for anybody willing to find it and write about it and explain it is this vast right-wing-Marxist conspiracy that has been conspiring against my woman since the day Mitchell announced me for Prime Minister.”

    For the next several months and through the summer, the ULP minions will certainly be debating whether or not a crime had occurred and whether or not Jenny had tied or dragged other sheep in the past, but nothing in this ongoing saga, could be definitively established beyond written accounts because Toby apparently, was unwilling to discuss the incident with the Police. For reasons, only Toby could answer; many are wondering, why Toby went to the Ministry of Agriculture and not to the Police.

    In other related news…Senator Frances was seen in the Diamonds areas, with a bucket of red paint, asking people, wey yo sheep?

    Reporting for channel 666, this is yours truly, sending you back to the studio.

  8. I read the story in the ‘Searchlight’ today. They seem to have been quite excited to print this week’s paper since their front page was covered with stories associated with Mr. Eustace. What is this ‘Searchlight’? Shame on you. Is this an attempt to balance out and cancel what has been occurring in the passed weeks, especially the Augustus fiasco?

    If this incident did occur, it was truly cruel, but on the other hand, was this a practice by the animal owner to allow his animal to run wild in someone else’s property? I am not an animal owner (not even a puppy I want), but I am constantly at my residence being affected by other people’s animals (dogs, cats, sheep, goats). It’s not easy and its not right. I even thought about poisoning them because their owners never give satisfaction.

    Furthermore, knowing the community where this has alleged to have occurred, the people in Diamonds are mostly blind ULP supporters. Who is Mrs. Eustace?

    I also know that someone wrote that letter for the youngster. He rewrote it. Did you notice his signature? It was different from the handwriting in the body of the letter. Toby’s letter was signed too by a Justice of Peace. That JP I know is a revengeful ULP supporter who purports to be a Christian. Pelee, it’s time for you to stop being so wicked. Stop hiding behind church. Behold your sins will find you out. Shouldn’t you have tried to bring peace in this situation instead of fanning the flame? That is regrettable for someone who says he is a Christian. I am soooo ashamed of you and fed up of hearing about your poor conduct. Change.

  9. Jeff Trotman says:

    Here we go again – if the comment about the NICE Radio release is true, is this an oblique threat to the journalist?

  10. Mr Alexander says:

    PETER BINOSE said that “the whole thing is a lie.”

    Well, Peter, I have news for you.

    Jennifer Eustace HERSELF, has EXPLAINED that SHE TIED the sheep to the back of her vehicle and was leading them off their property….taking them to the beach.

    How could this be a lie, since “The First Lady” admitted that she performed the dastardly act, Peter?

    PETER, are you stupid, or just a fool?

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