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Police officers conduct investigation as the body of Nolly Jack lies on the road in Lowman’s Bay. (IWN photo)
Police officers conduct investigation as the body of Nolly Jack lies on the road in Lowman’s Bay. (IWN photo)

Homicide detectives were summoned to Lowman’s Bay early Saturday morning, where the body of Nolly Jack, 45, was found lying in the road toward the beach and power plant.

Jack is believed to have been murdered, the second killing this week.

He is said to have gunshot wounds about his body.

Jack was barefooted and a pair of slippers was in the road several yards away from his body.

Persons speculated that he might have tried to evade his assailant.

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Jack’s girlfriend Lynda Thomas, and their two young children, one of which is a toddler, were among onlookers from outside the police cordon as detectives conducted initial investigations.

Jack is the brother of another homicide victim, Ingrid Jack, who, along with Marva James, was shot and killed in Campden Park on Sept. 13 2011.

It was not immediately clear whether there was any connection between the 2011 killings and Nolly’s death

Ingrid’s husband, George “Chocolate” Franklyn has been charged with murder in connection with those killings.

Nolly’s death brings to seven the number of murders here this year.

On Monday, a masked assailant shot and killed 24-year-old Kwasi Ryan in his yard in Paul’s Lot, Kingstown.

7 replies on “SVG records second killing in 5 days”

  1. Why there is so many killing in small country like this is there not enough police officers why don’t they have after hours programs for youth and adults, lets create programs and other educational programs that will motivate people to actually do something with there life the mind is a very creative peace of our body lets take care of it, and keep it occupied in a constructive educational way ( Peace on Earth) big up to every one.


    1. I love my country,and very say and heart broken to see what is going on their,mother’s please speak to your children about drugs and friends,you don’t have to keep picking up your boys off the streets of of svg,like garbage,if you make sure that you speak to them about these things,I can not say like animals,because I don’t see animal on our streets like I see human.What is happening is very sad,our communities need to come together as one and when you see something say say something.This is your community that is being destroy,where are the representative for these communities,what the hell are you doing for our young men?

  2. Watching Hard says:

    This has got to stop. St. Vincent is like a crab in a pot of slightly warm water that is getting slowly hotter and hotter. We wouldn’t realise that we’ve been boiled to death until the deed is complete. Just because we’re not yet as bad as Jamaica or Trinidad in terms of crime and gang activity doesn’t mean we won’t get there. Do we intend to wait until we get to that point to start taking our crime situation seriously? Do we not understand the negative effect that crime here already has on investment, not to mention the general climate of fear that we have to live in that is so damaging to the psyche? Unfortunately, from all appearances, ah so we like it.

  3. uncle I miss you. it was a sudden parting too bitter to forget those who loved him dearly are the one who can’t forget we will sit and think of him we will think of how you died I know you didn’t get to say goodbye before you closed your eyes the blow was hard, the shock serve to part with one we loved so dear our loss is great, we’ll not complain but I trust in god we meet again one people’s voice will be silenced many willing hands are still the one who worked so hards for us is resting at god’s will our family chain is broken nothing seems the same but as god calls us one by one, The links shall join again

  4. Keith Ollivierre says:

    Times change and so do the lives of man. We are surrounded by avenues and the knowledge of the doing things. it’s no longer “a bet”, “a go burst yo head”, taking a life is life watching a horror movie with means of escaping.

    we in SVG need to work on the imported culture by seriously focusing on the younger generation or else all would be lost.

  5. unbelieveable says:

    This is so so sad, he was such a nice guy who cared deeply about others if no one else sees God sees. I didn,t know SVG was like this I will never ever want to leave my beautiful country to come there and many other tourist who read this will feel the same way

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