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A new business offering an array of natural, handmade, and quality coconut products is to be launched here on Monday.

Brio Che is a manufacturing small business founded by young entrepreneurs, Taireen and Bernadette Warren of Belair.

It is an environmentally friendly business that has found ways to utilize several parts of the coconut plant — from the leaves, to the water inside of the coconut, to extracting the milk from the fruit to make coconut oils and soaps, as well as natural scented candles.

Brio Che’s goal is to provide its suppliers and customers with a dynamic range of useful, quality and excellent, eco-friendly coconut products from this amazing plant. Apart from coconut oil for cooking, frying and baking, Brio Che also supplies coconut oil in a more convenient bottle with dispensing cap for easier application for skin and hair care use. They also make our own gift baskets from the coconut leaves.

Monday’s official launch takes place at the Kingstown Cooperative Credit Union Conference Room, Kingstown, at 4:30 p.m. It will feature remarks by the Warrens, Camille Crichton of Professional Secretarial Services Ltd., and reviews from two clients.

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Business Consultant and Assistant Executive Director of the SVG Hotel & Tourism Association, Francelia Marksman-Sterling, will deliver the keynote address.

6 replies on “New coconut productline set to launch in St. Vincent”

  1. Claude Leach says:

    Brio Che, here’s to wishing you much success. We should all learn to use what we “have in our hand”

  2. Peter Binose says:

    The reason I asked was because of the following comments and observations by me

    Were either or both of these people educated in Cuba?

    I would like to know what the name ‘Brio Che’ means because in Spanish it means ‘ spirit or brilliance of Che’, can someone explain to me if this refers to “con el ‘brio’ de ‘Che’ Guevara” “with the brilliance of Che Guevara”.

    When using Latin based words, Spanish and Italian in SVG, you must expect someone to ask the question.


  3. JIGAR KATWALA says:

    Wishing you best of luck. I am happy that at least two of vincentian start to use their own resources for their own people.
    Here I would like to write importance of coconut in INDIA, religious as well as industrial.

    In India, southern part The Coconut is consider as “Kalpavriksha” of coastal population”, a tree who full fill all desire of mankind. The coconut has many spiritual, religious and environmental importance. Each and every part of coconut is advantages to us. In Hinduism the coconut fruit name as “SHRIFAL” means fruit of prosperity.

    For instance, in religious rituals, the coconut or “NARIYAL” is used on all auspicious and religious occasions be it birth, marriage, buying a new house or car or at the opening ceremony of a new company or firm.
    It signifies prosperity and auspicious events and is offered in every temple as a symbol of the completeness of life. It is always seen in the symbol of the “POORNKUMBH” or the pot of nectar which the Gods obtained from the churning of the cosmic ocean. The pot, with the swastika (symbol of the sun’s energy), mango leaves and a coconut placed in the centre of the leaves is the symbol of immortality and divinity in Indian culture.

    As a small business point of view the coconut water, are routine part of life. The coconuts leaves are part of small handicraft business. The wooden used for home or office furniture.

    So once again very best of luck.

    Also inform where is location of your shop.


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