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Jomo Thomas Carlos James
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Sen. Jomo Thomas has been “declared” as the ruling Unity Labour Party’s  (ULP) candidate for South Leeward in the next general elections, his contender, Grenville Williams, told I-Witness News on Wednesday.

Williams’ confirmation amidst reports on social media and even as General Secretary of the ULP, Sen. Julian Francis, told I-Witness News that his party has made “no such announcement” regarding candidates.

But a usually reliable source told I-Witness News that Carlos James, who like Thomas and Williams, is also a lawyer, has been confirmed as the party’s candidate for North Leeward.

Jerrol Thompson, a physician, who lost the seat to the New Democratic Party’s Roland Matthews, was the other contender for the ULP’s nod in that district.

Well placed sources have also told I-Wetness News that businessman Beresford Phillips will represent the ULP in Central Kingstown, where St. Clair Leacock of the NDP, defeated the ULP’s Elvis Charles in the 2010 elections.

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Phillips lost to Charles in the party’s interval vote to become the candidate, and has expressed public displeasure with the outcome.

The development is further fuelling speculations that Vincentians will go to the polls soon, possible as early as this year, in elections constitutionally due in December 2015.

Prime Minister Ralph Gonsalves had first signalled an early vote when he told party supporters at their convention in February to get “on your marks”.

He further told them at the party’s anniversary celebrations in March that he was not joking, and that he will give the opposition a short rope.

Meanwhile, Francis further fuelled those speculations when he told a meeting of minibus operators on Sunday to take advantage of him before he is given “higher orders”, as is the case every five years.

He seemed to referring to what has become a usual Cabinet reshuffle that allows him to shed some of his ministerial responsibilities to do party work ahead of general elections.

“I believe the time is approaching very shortly where I will be taken

out and put to higher orders, or lower orders –I might be demoted — but I consider myself doing a very worthwhile job and necessary job every five years.

“I need all of you once every five years, that’s why I want to be friends with all of you. I am not making any bones about it,” he told the meeting.

“So, I want to encourage you all, I am your friend, I am here to facilitate. Don’t forget that I might be called to higher duties in a short space of time. So, if you want to take advantage of me, do it now. Because when those higher duties come, I gotta go. When you gotta go, you gotta go,” he said at a later point in the meeting.

5 replies on “BREAKING NEWS: Lawyers Jomo Thomas, Carlos James confirmed as ULP candidates”

  1. Oh! oh! So where is Camillo? Jomo cannot win the South Leeward seat, so Baby Doc has nothing to fear. Yet I am surprise he got selected, but was this by the people in the constituency? Here goes Ralph again!

  2. The post general elections clean up process under the next NDP Government must be swift and cost effective and the punishment that will follow MUST BE SEVERE and HARSH. We must send a very strong message to all the crooks, thieves and embezzlers that NONE of them is above the law. That’s why we have a semi independent judiciary and a brand new prison-Belle Isle!!!

    There will be no commission of inquiry….. this is a waste of time and money. There will be a forensic audit to determine where fraud and corruption have been committed, then the crooks will be prosecuted then its off to HM Hotel behind Court House before their final resting place at Belle Isle. When we have all them politicians including those thiefing civil servants (Agriculture, Health and the Registry) in one place at Belle Isle, it would be a reunion of sorts down there. Perhaps they could set up their own system of government inside the prison walls.

    I can’t wait! I am totally fed up of the abuse, misuse of government financial resources and the wanton disregard for the rule of law and order. SVG under the ULP is not too far removed from places like Somalia, Nigeria and other crookish places.

    Change MUST come to SVG!!!

  3. I think it’s about time we have a set date for parliamentary elections. The elections should not be held on a snap based on polls.

  4. jomo thomas is a dog to his own vomit..its time for vincentians to look around close and indentify the traitors who is among the ppl.

  5. phil canson says:

    why is it that only the same group of people are in the political arena in st Vincent and the Grenadines, for the last 45 years?
    dont they have more educated people that have degrees and skills to govern this small and progressive island and its people.
    why have the beaches, viera,Francis,john,Gonzalves,Eustace and all the likes,, as i will say,, light skin people still holding on to this political power stick.
    come one vincentians, choose a new group, that will respect you, and not take you for granted,, it has been stories after stories for decades,,
    and always the word theft and abuse has be front row on it,, the fact that your own PM has been charged with rape is enough to see that you need new leadership,
    thieves, and friends of thieves, these are the guys and gals that hold office,, what are their qualification to hold these post..
    time for changes,, look at a simple example no one is even willing to return to svg and set up new business, due to the high cost of customs and duties,, nor no new products are entering the island, because you pay for it twice, what foolish rules this is…
    time for changes SVG time for CHANGES

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