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Several students were injured when this vehicle, driven by Julio Francis, son of Transport Minister Julian Francis, crashed in November 2012.
Several students were injured when this vehicle, driven by Julio Francis, son of Transport Minister Julian Francis, crashed in November 2012.
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The recklessness among some minibus drivers is such that while Transport Minister Julian Francis’ son wrecked two cars in a year, the senator prefers to buy him another one than have him use public transportation

“The kind of driving I see, comrades, leh we do something about it,” Francis told a meeting of the National Omnibuses Association, Commissioner of Police Michael Charles, and head of the Traffic Department, Superintendent of Police Kenneth John on Sunday.

“We all know the vans. They are loaded with our children,” Francis said.

“My son mash up two cars in one year, but I prefer to buy him another car than put him on the minibus, because, at least he survived the two accidents he had.

“But I would feel very guilty that I put my son … on a van between Kingstown and the Community College, it gets into an accident and he dies. I would feel guilty, because I know I made the wrong decision to put him on that bus,” Francis said.

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A number of college students were injured in a Suzuki Escudo driven by Francis’ son, Julio Francis, when it crashed at Villa on Nov. 9, 2012.

Police said five persons were in the vehicle, but Searchlight newspaper reported that eight persons, seven of them Community College students, were in the vehicle when it crashed.

The newspaper said it had confirmed that six males and two females, one of whom was not a student, were in the vehicle.

Four persons were seated in the back seat and two in the trunk, while the driver and the eighth person were in the front seats, the newspaper reported.

Five of the persons in the vehicle spent at least three days in hospital, including Marley Young, who underwent surgery for a ruptured spleen.

Another occupant, Ethan Clarke, broke his hip and leg and had a tooth knocked out.

A dislocated shoulder and fractured leg, fractured jawbone were among some of the other injuries that occupants of the vehicle suffered.

Sen. Francis told Sunday’s meeting that that while he was attending as Minister of Transport, he is also a user of the road, and urged “some discipline and order in our driving.

“You have a bad name out there. Leh we accept it,” he further said, adding that only on Sunday, when minivans are not on the roads that other drivers can drive peacefully.

11 replies on “Minibuses so reckless, Transport Minister won’t allow son who wrecked 2 cars in 1 year to ride them”

  1. Road bumps not a band idea, especially for areas where van speed up or through villages and towns. No more that 40 To 50 mph through residential areas.

  2. Vincy Person says:

    Francis’ comments reek of insensitivity. If he cannot articulate his point with proper examples, he needs to keep his mouth close. His son wrecked two cars in one year whilst Vincy mothers are without food to feed their kids this morning. To think that he is a servant of the people is beyond Francis’ thought process; this man is too arrogant and egotistical in this breadfruit season.

    On another note, there are allegations that many young men from the East Saint Gorge and North Leeward constituencies are under investigation by the FIU. Granville Williams intends to present himself for a higher calling but would run a mauby shop to the ground. Is Granville aware of the saying “follow the money”?

    Finally, why is Arnhim not putting the rumor of his wife’s involvement with some sheep to bed? It is hurting the NDP and his refusal to comment on the matter may lead to his party’s demise at the polls. Is he aware of the ULP’s strategy for this election? Let me help him out – The ULP is confident of its eight seats and hopes to vehemently attack “Nature Boy” and Roland Mathews, the supposedly weak links in the NDP this election cycle around.

  3. Cheese and Bread, Julian yo not easy at all eh. Yo mean to tell me that your son has wrecked 2 cars and you still by him number 3? Murder boi, […]. Julian buy him 2 more just in case, Just in case he wreck number 3, there would be another one there for him ready to go,because he sound like he like to wreck things.

    on a serious note, your son is one of the same people who are danger to the people in SVG, he sound like he might be a threat to society and a car in his hands is nothing more than a weapon. But i guess it is ok, we in POWA so we can do whatever we want with tax payers money. Lol Watch a time, many people to go to jail when the government change. OWN THE JAIL

  4. Peter Binose says:

    Well Mr Francis, its all very well as a wealthy unelected unelectable member of parliament in serving only in a senatorial roll, and a minister, making such a silly statement. Besides that you can probably afford to buy your boy a car several times a year. Most people that ride the bus’s will never be able to afford to own a car.

    As the Minister of Transport, you are ultimately responsible for everything that happens with these vans. Loud music, no insurance, speeding. You know all about those thing, but choose to only protect your boy from the dangers thereof, whilst others must suffer them.

    Its time that you either take control and rectify all the outstanding wrongs or get the hell out of our lives, we do not need a failure to continue failing the people.

    Go and see your cousin Ralph Gonsalves who continues to make you a senator in each parliament, regardless of your rejection by the people. The big man who besides being prime minister is the minister in charge of the police, ask him to instruct the police to do their job.

    So Francis stop bragging about how many cars you can buy members of your family, we want action not bragging and inaction. Do your job or get out.

    PS isn’t it time for you to explain where the million US dollars in cash, in that old crocus bag came from, tell us now where it came from. Because ultimately at some time in the future you will have to.

  5. Minister Francis, what have you done to make it safer for the traveling public’s children? All you did was protect your own son, you take the money that we paying you and protect your own son.
    But we, the voting, taxpaying peasants, no protection fuh we!
    We can’t buy 2 and 3 vehicles for our children. They have to ride these death traps every day! They could crash and burn every day for all you care…
    Typical politician…

  6. That kid should be in jail or loose his license, next time we read about him I bet someone will be dead.

  7. joan. shallow says:

    Well Mr Francis stop speaking like a foolish person .God is who has all control over the life of your son. So to say he is safer in a car does no make sense. The fact that he is on number three car even show more ignorance. Yes some drivers move like they are in a hurry but what message are you sending to your child. Be careful the glove does not fit well on the other hand. You should be thankful to God, instead of being boastful about the amount of car.

  8. We understand Mr Francis has the means to keep his wreckless driving son on the road. Maybe you should buy him a minibus he would fit right in. The professionals responsible for transport has done nothing to set up a proper transportation system for the vincentian public and therefore citizens has taken it upon themselves to create private transport. Yes they are wreckless in their driving but its their private vehicle (we had no input in the purchase) and we paying to tag along. Everyday vincentians risk their lives to go to low paying jobs that cannot afford them a bicycle, the least of their worries is a senotor buying his son a new car. Fix the system and maybe the minibus drivers won’t need to speed

  9. Peter Binose says:

    I remember seeing Francis in Finishing and Furnishing car park in early 2001, driving a 200 dollar wreck, knees out of his trousers, looking like a homeless person.

    Fifteen years as a senator has seen a a turn around in his fortune. He now has a stable of nice vehicles, several houses, alleged silent partnership in several companies, expensive clothes, shoes and watches. And that roll of big bills in his trouser pocket, which he occasionally like to flash in front of the less fortunate.

    Fifteen years ago he found it difficult to own a vehicle himself, never mind buy his boy three.

    I would like an explanation how he can afford the life style that he has on a senators salary?

  10. Peter Binose says:

    FRANCIS, calm down, our mutual friend told me you are like a raving bull and are making all sorts of nasty comments, some of which may get you into trouble.

    I know the truth is annoying, but thats how the cookie crumbles.

    Just make sure your somewhere else on election day, sit it out on a big Cat so as you can glide off into the sunset.

  11. Watching Hard says:

    This guy is such a weak Minister. He can’t get Kingstown cleaned up. Under his watch there has been zilch urban development. Instead we see urban degeneration. He seems unable to regulate public transportation. He takes four years to get the Leeward highway rehabilitation going. He is so arrogant that he brags about his son who appears to be a menace to pedestrian and vehicular traffic alike. All he is good for is talk, talk, talk. God, what a waste of space!

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