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The Mustique Charitable Trust (MCT) has announced a grant of EC$28,560 to support to the School Nutrition Project in the Ministry of Health, Wellness and the Environment.

The grant is to provide training in nutrition education and relevant printed material for use in schools.

It is expected to strengthen the Nutrition Unit’s programme to enhance nutrition education in school at both the primary and secondary level.

It is anticipated that the grant will improve the nutrition standards for school meals in keeping with national nutrition, health and development policy.  Teachers, parents, school based food vendors and food handlers will be targeted through workshops. The grant will also be used to develop and print appropriate printed material for use in the project.

The grant will be dispersed over a 10-week period. The training programme is expected to sensitise in a practical and meaningful way teachers, school feeding staff and school- based vendors as well as parents.  The training will take place in schools in St Vincent and throughout the Grenadines.

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The MCT Trustees has congratulated the Ministry of Health and the Nutrition Unit for making this strategic training intervention in the area of school nutrition, which it is hoped, will have a positive effect on student health, learning ability as well as academic and athletic performance.

This grant will further enhance MCT grants made to support school meal programmes in several school at both the primary and secondary level.

The Trust said that it notes that the School Nutrition Project would not be possible without the full cooperation of the Ministry of Education and thanked the Ministry for its involvement.