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An award-winning student at Intermediate High School did not compete in the secondary school category of the Junior Calypso Competition on Tuesday as scheduled.

Grantliea “Skippa” Caine, who would have entered the competition for the first time told I-Witness News that her school did not provide her with the logistical support and she could not attend the final rehearsals, leading to her decision not to compete.

“Apparently, I did more planning than the school actually did. They were supposed to provide me with costume and back-up people (vocalists), which they didn’t. So therefore, I was not prepared, so I couldn’t put myself on the stage to embarrass my school and myself,” she told I-Witness News after the competition at Victoria Park on Tuesday.

Caine said the staff at her school was busy preparing for the graduation ceremony, during which she received an award for being the most outstanding student of 2013.

The student, who turns 14 in September, when she also begins Form 4, said that in addition to her school not providing logistical support, she is a Seventh-day Adventist and was unable to attend the rehearsal last Saturday.

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But on Monday, “due to behavioral issues, which were totally my fault, my parents did not give me permission to go to the rehearsal,” Caine further told I-Witness News.

She had planned to perform a song that she wrote about her grandmother.

“She had a lot of difficulties, as we say, ‘ruling’ my older sibling and the song was just a reflection to show young children that they should listen to those in authority because they know what is best for them,” Caine said.

Caine said she was told that she can perform the song during next year’s competition, since it has never been performed in public.

She further told I-Witness News that if she gets the permission of her parents and school and has the confidence and the resources, she will compete in 2015.

(See photos of the show)

3 replies on “Bard drops out of Junior Calypso competition one day before show”

  1. It is important that before writing these articles, the journalist should contact the school for confirmation or comment. What the student has said here is totally inaccurate. This is unacceptable journalism!!

  2. This is totally unacceptable journalism! Nothing that this young lady told I witness news is true. Kenton Chance should have made it his business to contact the intermediate High School to verify the information. I am a teacher at this school so I know that this article is a complete lie, even her age and her receiving an award for most outstanding student is a lie. This is so ridiculous and unprofessional- to just write without verification! This is the level of journalism we get from this I witness news? SHAME on you Kenton Chance! I strongly believe Kenton should apologise to the Intermediate High School.

  3. Darrien Ollivierre says:

    Mr. Chance, I’ve commended you online and in person in the past about the impressive work you have been doing. I am very disappointed, however, by the recklessness of this story. An unsubstantiated tale woven by a minor should have been followed up with verification checks prior to being published. I strongly urge you to do the necessary investigations that should have been done initially, and to take the necessary corrective, professional actions that this situation warrants.

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