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Darren Sammy. (Internet photo)
Darren Sammy. (Internet photo)
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Monday was a sad day in the Caribbean as New Zealand crushed us (West Indies) at the Kensington Oval in Barbados. Just to refresh our minds in the Caribbean, the last time New Zealand was in the region they lost 2-0 under the watchful thinking of captain Darren Sammy.

He didn’t have all available at his disposal (Roach, Taylor, Holder, Benn, Braithwaite, Edwards, Curtley Ambrose, ViV Richards and, most of all, the bias commentators from the Caribbean) He had two wild bowlers in Tino Best and Shannon Gabriel and still won the series. (Enough of that because I can go on and on.)

Darren Sammy did a great job uniting and rebuilding the West Indies team and leading them to the T20 world title, but where is he now? Summarily dismissed.

Sammy didn’t have a great batting or bowling record, he played just 38 test, yet captained 30 tests, making him the West Indies’ fifth longest serving captain, after Clive Lloyd, Brian Lara, ViV Richards and Garfield Sobers — all greats in their era. What stellar company! Under Sammy, West Indies had a win-lose ratio of 0.66, which may seem poor, but is the best since Courtney Walsh in 1997. Seems unbelievable?

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Here in order (*10 + Test)

DJG Sammy 2010-2013, 30 test – W/L – 0.66

CH Gayle: 2007- 2012; 20 test- W/L 0.33

S Chanderpaul: 2005-2006; 14 test- W/L 0.10

BC Lara: 1997-2006; 47 test- W/L 0.38

CL Hooper: 2001-2002; 22 test- W/L 0.36

JC Adams: 2000- 2001; 15 test W/L 0.50

Sammy is no “solo” match winner, but as leader he has won more than any West Indies captain since 1997. That does make him a match winner. He deserves better. Sarwan, Ganga, Bravo, Reifer together lost 9 out of 9. Jacob won 2 of 2 in 2002.

Dominique R. Stowe

The opinions presented in this content belong to the author and may not necessarily reflect the perspectives or editorial stance of iWitness News. Opinion pieces can be submitted to [email protected].

5 replies on “Jealousy and insularity caused Darren Sammy’s demise”

  1. Teacherfang says:

    Where is the evidence to back up your claim of jealousy and insularity? Sammy had four years as Captain of the WI. Four years of one step forward and two step backwards and to be fair to Sammy, this has been the trend for the past seventeen years in West Indies cricket…no this is not about jealousy and insularity;this mediocrity run amok.

    Look, stop being a Sammy apologist and put up your discourse. There is no cricketing argument to be made on keeping Sammy as Captain…Sammy’s place in the team base on his performance with ball or ball is even in jeopardy. The sad truth is that, we really don’t have anyone with the class to be captain of WI…what we have in WI is a bunch of mediocre players, who at any given time, will produce a sterling performance and then…20 test s later, we still waiting for another performance…its feast or famine with the current edition of t WI cricket.

    Lets thank Sammy for his services and move on…yes there is always an element of petty jealousy and insularity seeping through the fabric of WI cricket but you have to be a truly dunce to make a case for the retention of Sammy as a player in the team, much less the captain. I doubt very much, if Ramdin would fair better…but hey, I guess you have to keep trying until you find the right man for the job…its tells a lot about the state of WI cricket when folks are using losing records and mediocre stats to justify the inclusion of players onto WI…our cricket is simply pitiful.

    1. All things being relative, I would say that Sammy’s captaincy was better than what we replaced him with. So, while I agree that I didn’t see the jealousy assertion in the article, I don’t see your point either.

      We may not have been satisfied with his success, but he was performing better than most who captained the team. In fact, the only people who captained the team better were THE LEGENDS.

      He may not be a legend, but at least he’s not ‘PITIFUL’ to use your word. He gave the WI some honor as a cricketing nation. Honor that is quickly being squandered by the new leaders.

  2. This commentary is just another propaganda effort ot discredit Darren Sammy. I am no fan of any player ; I love cricket. Darren Sammy brought stability to a the team and talent as well. Darren has performed well with bat and ball. Right now you are saying that he does not even deserve to be on the team. I say that’s just big island bullshit talking right there. We as a Caribbean nation aint going no where in a hurry with that stinking attitude

  3. Shane William says:

    Honestly I am a realist. I have alwAys chided Darren Sammy’s performance because I felt that he could have improved on his game. There it’s no dOubt that there was a more cohesive and inspired West Indies team under his leadership. The fact is was and is not the worst performer. I live love west Indies cricket but i am bitter when see flash backs of an uninspired team. There will never be a thing called Caribbean unity if we cannot do right by a cricket we move along country lines and not what it’s good for the team or the fans. But but but the pink elephant inn the room it’s the coach Otitis Gibson your show will come soon and I will be watching on CBC Barbados.

  4. Mailes Bascombe says:

    What I credit Sammy for is his never say die attitude.He brought back that fight to the team.I think Sammy is loved throughout the Caribbean,but let us face it, he is just an ordinary test player.He was not picked for his batting or bowling ability but for his ability to motivate the guys around him .It was only a matter of time before they rid of him,because every time he fails with the bat or ball his inadequacy at test level would be most evident.
    I want Sammy in my T20 and 50 over teams but not in my test team.

    Talking about insularity.What about the insularity in Windward cricket?

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