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Germany beat Brazil 7-1 and advanced to the World Cup final.  (AP Photo/Frank Augstein)
Germany beat Brazil 7-1 and advanced to the World Cup final. (AP Photo/Frank Augstein)
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On Monday, Germany tore Brazil apart in an incredible six minutes where 4 goals was scored, which saw them roar into a 5-0 lead in 45 minutes before finishing 7-1 winners to earn a place in the World Cup final.

A mixture of shambolic and Caribbean-type Brazilian defending, combined with lethal passing, movement and finishing by Jogi Loew’s German side, contributed to perhaps the most extraordinary half hour in World Cup history.

Big Mistake Made

Building a team around one player reaps what you sow.

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Brazil lost two players and were decimated. The absence of Thiago Silva made Brazil very, very unstable at the back, but it was the loss of Neymar that saw Brazil short of ideas, direction and confidence.

It is always a risk to build a whole side around one player, particularly when the competition that team plays in only last four weeks.

Brazil reaped what they sowed.

David Luis Unreliable

I’m almost certain that PSG must be shaking their heads with the display and irresponsibility shown by him after smashing our $50 million big-money move from Chelsea. Of course, he will impress for PSG at times, but his catalogue of rash decisions against Germany served to highlight that he is not cut out for the greatest stage.

Luiz is a dead-ball specialist and exceptional on the ball, but his inability to hold position makes him an absolute liability and a huge risk at the back. Expect each wonder goal for PSG to be cancelled out by an inexcusable howler.

The Biggest World Cup Defeats Ever:

  • Hungary 10-1 El Salvador (1982)
  • Yugoslavia 9-0 Zaire (1974)
  • Hungary 9-0 South Korea (1954)
  • Uruguay 8-0 Bolivia (1950)
  • Sweden 8-0 Cuba (1938)
  • Germany 8-0 Saudi Arabia (2002)
  • They Were Scared To Lose

I could see Brazil didn’t have a plan to play against Germany. From the time they appealed Tiago Silva suspension, David Luis given the captaincy in front of the most experienced player for Brazil, Julio Caesar, and David Luis again holding Neymar #10 shirt during the playing of the Brasil National Anthem.

I don’t know what the lads from Brazil were carrying on their shoulders. You keep seeing them crying, before the match or after the match.

This team didn’t have enough experience to come to terms with the pressure of a big tournament like this in their own country. They fell apart emotionally completely.


It will be difficult to recover. Some players I don’t think will be back to wearing the Brazilian shirt. It is wrong now to criticise the players. On the field Germany taught the five-time champions of World Cup and football in general how to play football. They have to learn from that.

Dominique R. Stowe

The opinions presented in this content belong to the author and may not necessarily reflect the perspectives or editorial stance of iWitness News. Opinion pieces can be submitted to [email protected].

One reply on “The worst day in Brazilian soccer”

  1. Teacherfang says:

    As a life long Brazilian fan, it was indeed the worst day in my sporting life. The only thing that comes close to this awful feeling is when the WI surrendered the world cup against Australia in 96…the 83 debacle I read about…my brother-in- law still moans about that game…

    I wasn’t entirely surprised by the result, OK that’s a lie…lol…but given the level of mediocrity that runs through this Brazilian team, it wasn’t totally unexpected. What I don’t understand is the steadfast loyalty that Scolari had in FRED, HULK, OSCAR, JO, PAULINHO MARCELLO, it just defy all footballing reasons. These guys were simply not good enough and couldn’t cope with the pressure and yet Scolari persisted with these guys to the bitter end.

    All I have to say, is that Brazil has to go back to the drawing board and start finding quality players to support Neymar. This should be the end of the road for many of these players; such as the aforementioned, and the likes of Ceasar, marcello, alves, ramires are just the few that come to mind…the only players that should remain are: Silva, Neymar, Willian?, Bernard?, Louis?..smh,…I don’t know anymore, maybe I am still in shock…one thing I am almost certain about, is that Scolari will be fired. No coach should keep his or her job after such national humiliation. If Scolari was in North Korean, he would have been sent to prison camps or worse shot for bringing shame and disgrace to the Dear Leader…lol. Is it that serious? Apparently it is for some nations.

    I hope Scolari put out an entirely new 11 on Saturday…let those who haven’t played get a run out…things done gone bad…coming third is meaningless. I actually agree with the Dutch coach…its pointless playing this third place game but I can understand certain formalities need to be met, to have a sense of finality to the proceedings.

    Nice article, Dominique.

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