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Jimmie Forde. (Internet photo)
Jimmie Forde. (Internet photo)

Jimmie Forde, the business executive who was abducted in Kingstown Saturday night, was on Sunday evening at home “safe and sound, resting with family”, one of his close relatives told I-Witness News.

Forde, a manager at Coreas Hazells Inc., was abducted along North River Road near the Catholic Church around 2 a.m. Sunday, after leaving Victoria Park, where he attended an entertainment event.

A well-placed source, who asked not to be identified, told I-Witness News that two males armed with at least one gun, approached Forde after he entered his car.

The source said the men asked Forde if he was a police officer or a manager at Coreas Hazells Inc.

The abductors placed the 51-year-old resident of Gomea in the trunk of his vehicle and drove in the direction of Block 2000.

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The source told I-Witness News that Forde was driven around for about 30 minutes and after a while he became disoriented.

The two abductors later picked up a third male.
The source said that while in the trunk of his car, Forde was able to use his cellphone to send a text message to a relative, informing them that he was abducted.

The three abductors then took Forde to Sion Hill Bay, tied him up, and took some $800 in cash, bankcards, his clothes, and his licensed firearm.

The criminals placed Forde to kneel and asked him if he had any children. One of the abductors punched Forde in the left eye and threatened to kill him.

I-Witness News was reliably informed that the abductors demanded the personal identification number (PIN) for Forde’s bankcard and threatened to kill them, if he gave them an incorrect one.
Two of them went to the bank, presumably to withdraw money from the account, while the third remained with Forde, I-Witness News was told.

The adductors tied Forde’s hands, and tied a jersey around his face before leaving him in the Sion Hill Bay area.

Sometime around 5 a.m. Sunday, a resident of Cane Garden heard Forde calling outside their house, and saying he had been abducted and robbed and asking for help, the source told I-Witness News.

I-Witness News was told that Forde was wearing a jersey that his abducted had tied around his face in an apparent attempt to cause him to suffocate, and a bath towel that he had in the back of his car, which he wrapped around himself.

He reportedly almost fell unconscious while trying to free himself after his abductors had left.

“I think he is lucky he didn’t have a bad heart,” the source told I-Witness News, adding that it had been suggested that therapy be sought for the executive to help him get over the ordeal.

“He will definitely need it,” the source said.

Initial reports indicated that Forde’s vehicle was missing.

I-Witness News was unable to verify late Sunday night whether it had been recovered.

13 replies on “Abductors take executive’s gun and cash; leave him naked  ”

  1. Troubling indeed. I wish Mr. Forde a speedy recovery. I am so happy he made it out alive from this ordeal. Regardless this will send shock waves to many in our society, creating panic and even resulting in self imposed house arrest while the dust settles. He has the support and best wishes of every Vincentian. Great job Kenton on breaking this out since this morning. If I were the CEO of Coreas and by extension Goddard, the first call of duty tomorrow will be to hold a press conference and offer a sizable reward for any information which can help this case. Our society is being taken over by those who do not think they have to work.

  2. Within recent times several crimes have been committed in the North River road area. One would have expected by now that the police would have regular patrols in this area especially when shows are held at the Victoria Park. It would appear that criminals in SVG are evolving and improving on their tactics while the police are marking time (if not going backward). The police have certainly failed Vincentians in the area of crime prevention.

  3. Jillian Providence says:

    God is good Jimmy he will not make evil overcome those who doesn’t deserves such.. So glad to know you’re alive,well and resting.. In the middle of life we are in death…Just give him,the thanks and praises. God is good he is alive and well.

  4. Well we have reached. Our priorities are so wrong. When we open our international airport with an influx of people how will we cope? If the current crime wave that we have here now was in an NDP time the Govt would have fall a long time ago but it seems that we have lost our militancy that we had in the 60s and 70s but what you buy is what you have to wear the land truly ungovernable

  5. Peter Binose says:

    Crime is out of control, the police are next to useless, the minister of national security has failed to bring crime under control, and its got many time worse under his stewardship.

    Its all very well beating up little boys, its the nasty’s that need controlling.

    If the Prime Minister is out of the country spending our money, he should at least leave behind the minister of national security. But I suppose Vincent Beache is here so he will advise on what to do. He he he LOL.

  6. Well it has reach our shore kidnapping has become a norm in Trinidad but it has landed on our home turf gem of the Antilles where we once had peace and tranquility the police are fighting a loosing battle because what the sense we have police and they walking around with baton and the criminal have gun it about time we moved to have the whole force being equipped with guns.

  7. What police? This could be a police job. It looks too professional. These guys were driving around in a stolen car for over 30 minutes and no one can give any information to the police. What about the bank camera? I hope there was one to capture the guy withdrawing money. If these guys are caught – and I hope they are, then several charges should be brought against them. Then the combined charges should see jail time of over 10 years.

  8. We need more police presence throughout all SVG at all hours. In addition to this, let’s not forget the ultimate and unfailing protection that the blood of Jesus offers which we must daily plead over our lives.

  9. PhilmoreSprott says:

    God is good Jimmy, glad you’re alive and well. You’ll be Okay with some emotional support and rest. Be strong.

  10. Why put all these details in the public domain and make what the gentleman recounted to the police known to his abductors? Journalism would do well to develop its conscience. I really hope this was not leaked from a statement given to the police because that is what the level of detail suggests to me.

  11. We all have to pray. Sin is the cause of all these problems. Government, opposition, police, national security cannot stop crime. Read you all bible. we not depending on God that is why si. Is taking over our lives n so much is happening in our country and all over the world.

  12. Folks, There are places that taxi drivers avoid at nights. Sometimes, all it takes is bright street lights to control criminals. Ralph has to be responsible because he’s the minister of everything. The other puppets that people voted in to government are just silent partners. So what do you expect? They have no way to articulate their opinions and if they do, they are ignored. There are only two government ministers; the others are lay-preachers. Take the example of the minister of agriculture, asking Ralph to use some of the airport fund to help farmers. He got cuss out and he’s still there taking Ralph shit

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