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Fans hold up a Brazil jersey reading, "Mourn" during the 2014 World Cup third-place playoff between Brazil and the Netherlands. (Reuters/Jorge Silva)
Fans hold up a Brazil jersey reading, “Mourn” during the 2014 World Cup third-place playoff between Brazil and the Netherlands. (Reuters/Jorge Silva)
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The Netherlands clinched third place at the World Cup with an easy 3-0 victory over a forlorn Brazil.

The crowd then heavily booed the Brazilians off at half time, having given them a rousing performance of the national anthem only 45 minutes earlier.

This is the first time since 1940 that Brazil have lost consecutive matches on home soil (in 1940 they lost 0-3 v Argentina and 3-4 v Uruguay).

Brazil have failed to score in two games in a World Cup tournament for the first time since 1978, when they also failed to find the net in two games.

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I’ve learnt a lot about David Luiz watching him in the EPL and this World Cup. This is what I observed, hence, the reason why Mourihno sold him and Brazil get humiliated in two games (10-1).

He’s a big error-prone? His positioning’s all over the place?  PSG are a laughing stock for shelling out £50m to bring him in from Chelsea — but they knew all about his strengths and weaknesses when they signed him. Laurent Blanc won’t be doing cartwheels, but he’s seen nothing from Luiz that he didn’t know already.

A Brazil fan waves a sign targeted at Brazil's coach Luiz Felipe Scolari before the 2014 World Cup third-place playoff between Brazil and the Netherlands at the Brasilia national stadium in Brasilia July 12, 2014. (Reuters / Ueslei Marcelino)
A Brazil fan waves a sign targeted at Brazil’s coach Luiz Felipe Scolari before the 2014 World Cup third-place playoff between Brazil and the Netherlands at the Brasilia national stadium in Brasilia July 12, 2014. (Reuters / Ueslei Marcelino)

Brasil fans got tricked after Big Phil led them to the confederation cup with the same team.

But supporters must remember this is a world cup where the pressure is more intense. I can’t see a young/inexperience team winning a World Cup regardless of the crowd support.

If Scolari could have only include the following players who were top performers with various teams across the globe Brasil and included them to majority of his young squad, they would have been smiling toady, Sunday, 13 July, 2014, around 6 p.m. Eastern Time.

These are the players I was looking at during the leagues across the world:

  1. Lucas (Liverpool) Midfield
  2. Coutinho (Liverpool) Midfield
  3. Kaka (AC Milan) Midfield
  4. Robinho (AC Milan) Forward
  5. Miranda (Ath Madrid) Defender
  6. Flipe Luis (Ath Madrid) Defender
  7. Ronaldinho (Ath Mineiro) Midfield
  8. Rafinha (Bayern Munich) Defender
  9. Marquinhos (Roma) Defender
  10. Pato (Sao Paulo) Forward
  11. Sandro (Spurs) Midfield


This is my prediction for Brazil to win their 6th World Cup whenever. They are to include some raw talent from the Brazilian League without exposing them to European Leagues where they wouldn’t be monitored and train differently.

And I think it’s time that Brazil utilize a foreign coach along with their own.

Just remember I’m a France supporter forever.

Dominique Stowe

The opinions presented in this content belong to the author and may not necessarily reflect the perspectives or editorial stance of iWitness News. Opinion pieces can be submitted to [email protected].

One reply on “Brazil’s national sorrow is complete”

  1. Teacherfang says:

    “Yo Dominique, I’m really happy for you[,that you a French supporter forever], Imma let you finish but Brazil had one of the best WCs of all time…one of the best WCs of all time!”

    And also, I have a question for you…wey wrong wid you?…lol…two short points and ah gone.

    1. I totally disagree with you that the Brazilian “raw talent” shouldn’t be exposed to European leagues ala Serie A, La Liga, Premiership, Bundesliga, Ligue 1. I believe its imperative that these young players who got that raw talent, play in the top leagues around Europe; after all the best players play in Europe. Its nice if a Brazilian with talent could play at home, but the sad truth is, the Brazilian leagues are crap and does nothing to improve the talented players. One key example is Neymar, in Brazil he was tearing up the place but playing against inferior defenders and having suspect referees to protect him. He came over to Barcelona and struggle to find consistency in his game; that was no coincidence. Neymar is a prodigious talent but nowhere near the finish product. Neymar will dominate world football in the next two or three years…if he can stay healthy.

    2. Are you suggesting that the 11 players listed should have been included in this WC squad? Naah you must be joking, right? Look, of the eleven players you listed, only TWO on present form should have been in the squad…Curthinho and Miranda…the others?..hell no! Of course, given the debacle that unfolded against Germany, one can second guess the issue and say that the players selected are this and that…but here is another sad truth;barring two or three payers, I think Scolari selected the best set of players that were on display around the various leagues; so is the paucity of top class Brazilian players at the moment.I think where the problem came about was the utter blind loyalty that Scolari had to these players. I am all for loyalty but not to a fault, as clearly demonstrated by Scolari; the insistence to keep FRED HULK AND OSCAR in the lineup was beyond any form of reasoning. I agree with you that the Confederation win, blinded Scolari to the shortcomings of the team and so went into the WC believing faith and hope will give them the trophy. This Brazilian team was simply too emotional and not good enough…and I am not certain the likes of those on your list would have help the cause.

    I likened Brazil to the fall of West Indies cricket. Once upon a time, the cupboard was filled with talent galore;now the cupboard is bare and we can barely assemble a team that could do justice to our glorious past. What we have now is nothing short of shame and disgrace to the name.

    Brazil football will rise again,hopefully it doesn’t take as long as WI cricket…but there must a honest and frank discussion on the state of football on and off the field. And maybe with this national disgrace that just happened; the powers to be will get their act together and start rebuilding the game in Brazil. I agree with you, not wholeheartedly, on the issue of getting a foreign coach. I still think there are capable coaches in Brazil that can resurrect the National team but it would take some time to get things in order. There is a lot of false pride in Brazil football and I am not sure, the nation would embrace or entertain the idea of a foreign coach.

    Anyway, as a football purist, I enjoyed this WC. The best in my life time. Congrats to Hitler’s cousins, the best team won. Now, I can’t wait for the restart of the respective leagues…always interesting to see the new lineups that teams assemble during the off season. Can Liverpool cope without Suarez?…and my team, ManU- should be bringing in some new faces in their lineup…it will be interesting. Can Athletico retain the La Liga with some of their top players leaving? I don’t think so. Is the triple threat of Messi, Neymar and Suarez, going to reap havoc through Europe?…I believe so…but who knows, in football, anything can happen.

    Here is my best XI for the WC-







    Here is my “favorite” XI for the WC-4.3.3





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