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An executive at one of the nation’s largest corporations was found tied up alive in the Sion Hill Bay area after being abducted in Kingstown Saturday night.

Reports reaching I-Witness News indicate that the alleged victim, a male in his late 50s, was abducted after leaving Victoria Park, where an entertainment function was held.

Sources have told I-Witness News that the executive’s vehicle is missing.

Police are investigating.

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10 replies on “Business executive abducted in Kingstown”

  1. Allan Palmer says:

    Stop telling lies on St. Vincent. Kenton X. Chance correct the spelling error. Are you sure it is not a typo. Are you sure it is not Kingston and not Kingstown, Kenton that W make a big criminal differences yo na.

  2. Urlan Alexander says:

    What the hell? Well I am not too surprised we have been emulating TnT for a long time. We have graduated to the upper level of the criminal Some of us may choose to ignore the level of crime in SVG but the reality is crime of every nature in SVG is on the increase. It is time the powers that be pull their heads out of the sand and accept the fact that we re a country on course for decadence. We have to take a stand .

  3. Tough on crime and the causes of crime that’s pure old talk. I see am insurgency of the money for gold but who is is doing anytjing about it? Is it because of where they come from? The worse is yet to come

  4. Way the tail? on that little 2 by 4 country people are being abducted? This can’t be real. Everytime I think we can’t get worst I hear something worst in a few days. What is the police and the government doing about crime, we are soon heading for a point of no return, something needs to be done. Vincy use to be such a nice peaceful place but look at it now.

    “I will make the country ungovernable”, I hope Vincentians remember who said that. “I am not going to leave any money for the NDP to spend”, I hope Vincentians remember who said that. The man intended to mashup the country in all forms before the NDP gets into office, and he has accomplish his job. Poor SVG, Poor Poor SVG.

  5. Tyler are you saying because it happens in some countries it must happen here too? We have to keep partisan politics out of this. Its going to affect everyone

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