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Bequia basketball

From left: Rohan Providence of the National Basketball Federation, Sports Officer Samantha Lynch Bequia Basketball President Sabrina Mitchell inspect a team during the opening ceremony.

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The Vita Malt Bequia Basketball Championship opened on Saturday at the Clive Tannis Hard Court in Bequia.

Fifteen teams in three divisions are registered to compete in the 16th Annual Competition, which runs until Aug. 31.

Representative from the SVG National Basketball Federation, Treasurer Rohan Providence, as well as Sports Officer Samantha Lynch from the Ministry of Sports joined Bequia Basketball President, Sabrina Mitchell in addressing the patrons at the opening ceremony. Providence commended the Bequia associaiton for hosting one of the best-run tournaments in St. Vincent and the Grenadines.

Lynch also offered her congratulations to the Beuqia association for the hard work of the executive committee and encouraged the players to show their respect for the hard work that goes in to such an event. Mitchell thanked the sponsors, Vita Malt and St. Vincent Brewery, Courts SVG Ltd., Frangipani Hotel and Vintages Bequia for their commitment to the development of aports in Bequia.

She gave special thanks to the Bequia community for their loyal support for the past 16 years. She wished all teams good luck.

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Young Duke Second Division team was adjudged best dressed and won a cake.

Two games were played on opening night following the ceremony.

Game 1: Rising Stars 2 vs Second division defending champions Blazin Heat and Game 2: defending Champions of First Division Duke vs Warriaz.

Registered teams:

U-16 Division: Hornets, Rockets, Dragons, Young Wizards, Hawks, Titans

Second Division: Blazing Heat, Rising Stars 2, Wizards 2, Young Duke

First Division: Rising Stars 1, Wizards 1, East Blazers, Duke, Warriaz

Weekend Game results: 

Saturday July 12: 2 games

Second Division:

Blazing Heat defeat Rising Stars II     42 to 29

-leading scorer Blazing Heat: Denroy Hutchins with 17pts, 20 reb, 3 blks

-leading scorer Rising Stars 2: Kendoll Britton with 8 points

First Division

Duke defeat Warriaz 67 to 47

-leading scorer Duke: Jonas King with 21 pts, 15 reb, 1 blk

-leading scorer Warriaz: Warrican Garrick with 13 pts, 2 assts

 Sunday July 13: 3 games

U16 Division:

Titans defeat Rockets 25 to 24

-leading scorer Titans: Javid Morgan with 17 pts, 3 steals, 1 blk

-leading scorer Rockets: Omario Louie with 15pts

 Second Division:

Blazing Heat defeat Young Duke 54 to 32

-leading scorer Blazing Heat: Denroy Hutchins with 12 pts, 24 rebounds, 5 blks

-leading scorer Young Duke: Shea Hazell with 12 pts

First Division:

Duke defeat East Blazers 67 to 52

-leading scorer Duke: Steveon Taylor with 18 pts, 17 reb, 5 assts

-leading scorer East Blazers: Cornelius Farrell with 12 pts

NEXT GAMES:  Wed July 16

7 p.m.: Dragons vs Hawks

8 p.m.: Hornets vs Titans

Rising Stars 2 vs Wizards