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The Ministry of Health has received a 40-foot container of medical supplies and equipment, donated through SVG’s Consul General in Canada, Fitz Huggins.

The supplies were handed over to the Hospital Administrator and representatives from various communities throughout the country during a ceremony at the Nurse’s Hostel on Friday.

The Hospital Administrator is expected to distribute the equipment and supplies to the various health clinics in St. Vincent, Union Island and Bequia.

Minister of Health Clayton Burgin said this donation demonstrates a level of love and patriotism of Vincentians living abroad, and will go a long way to enhance the delivery of healthcare throughout St. Vincent and the Grenadines.

He noted that healthcare is expensive and said his Ministry is always grateful for this kind of support.

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Burgin said the ministry is grateful for the assistance as it seeks to develop the national health sector.

He commended healthcare professionals for their hard work and urged Vincentians to be respectful of health care professionals because their task is tiring.

Burgin further urged Vincentians to pay attention to their health, noting that a healthy nation will always advance.

He implored the healthcare professionals and those who will use the equipment to take care of them.

The donation include gloves, syringes, shower chairs, steel beds, mattresses, walkers with wheels, infant intensive care system, blood pressure machines, physiological machines, wheel chairs, examination beds, medication trolley, adult pampers, clutches and toiletries.

(A. Sam/API) 

3 replies on “SVG’s Consul General in Canada donates medical supplies”

  1. Peter Binose says:

    Thank you very much, but what group/s did it come from, it is important that we know, so as we can say thank you to the right people and it doesn’t become a political thing.

    Anyone out there please consider sending us drugs, medications and medicines, dressings, sheets and pillow cases and toilet paper. Most of these items we are very short of and on many occassions we have none at all.

    We also need plastic covered mattress’s for the mental home, many patients are sleeping in the floor on urine soaked foam rubber.

    Thanks for any help you can give us.

    love and regards


  2. Mr. Health Minister, why don’t you encourage your PM to introduce physical education into the schools, to combat obesity? Don’t just talk about folks looking after their health – do something. You are supposed to be the MINISTER OF HEALTH. There are many young women and men carrying around too much weight; that can and will put a strain on health care and what are you doing? Many policemen are in that category, especially y when they get to be inspectors. The police should be active, so they can trace down criminals. No wonder no criminals are being caught. What plans do you and your government has to combat mosquito diseases? Is it any wonder that Ralph is replacing you with Baby Doc?

  3. Patrick Ferrari says:

    Well done Fitz. However, I agree with Mr Binose about naming the donors lest it becomes political.

    Case in point: the headline.

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