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EG Lynch's casket is carried shoulder-high to the cemetery on July 19, 2014. (IWN photo)
EG Lynch’s casket is carried shoulder-high to the cemetery on July 19, 2014. (IWN photo)
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Dear Shafia London,

I am surprised that a young woman of your superior intelligence invited Prime Minister Ralph E. Gonsalves to the funeral of your father, knowing that many of your fathers’ friends and supporters believe that Gonsalves was the base cause of his illness and ultimately his death.

You don’t need to physically infect a person to affect a person; the power of the brain is such that any number of illnesses can be triggered when another person takes a man to his lowest point

Certainly your father would not have invited him, and you very well know that. So the invitation, may I suggest, was for your own and your ULP politically minded husband’s satisfaction and gratification and your hope of turning the funeral into something approaching a state funeral with your own idol Ralph Gonsalves as the leading dignitary.

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You and your family can now go and have a nice quiet memorial service, no showing off, no politicians, just close friends and family, those that are invited only. If you want it for the family, invite your friends: if you want it for your dad, don’t invite his enemies, no matter how much you like and admire them.

Shafia, regardless of your explanation, which some local readers would read as mumbo jumbo, I think you made a dreadful mistake in not considering what your father would have wanted, instead of what you wanted. Gonsalves was a bad and rather silly choice.

Ask your aunty, Margaret. Like your father, she has experienced more spite, malice and hatred than most.

Peter Binose 

The opinions presented in this content belong to the author and may not necessarily reflect the perspectives or editorial stance of iWitness News. Opinion pieces can be submitted to [email protected].

19 replies on “A reply to Shafia London’s view of Lynch’s funeral”

  1. To Peter Binose:

    Your poisonous hatred for Ralph Gonsalves is so obvious and so strong that you can’t see the forest from the trees. So much is your hatred for Ralph that you felt compelled to respond to Shafia’s view on what took place at her father’s funeral. You realize how petty this would make you look? You simply don’t get it, or if you do, you simply don’t care, which is very sad, as a human being. Please find something more productive to do with your time; enough of your deleterious and unproductive discourse. Please know that this is not coming from someone who lives in St. Vincent; I am a Vincentian, but I have not lived in St. Vincent for almost 40 year. Thanks to modern technology though, I have been able to keep abreast of the goings on in St. Vincent. Further, I have no political affiliations with any of the political parties in St. Vincent. I am simply appealing to you as one human being to another to resist the selfish impulse that drives your venomous and spiteful, yet unproductive discourse.

  2. Amen! I am still scratching my head and asking, Did they not expect this kind of reaction with Ralph in attendance? A funeral is not and was not the time and place for all that political… pissing match. But I suppose some people grieve differently.

  3. I find you outta place peter binose to tell the young lady what to do with her. Father funeral. she and her siblings or the only one with authority to say who they invite or not.

  4. Dennis LAMPKIN says:

    Excellent response, Peter! This woman certainly needs a reality check!

    She started off writing in the third person as if she is representing the views of the family, then ended up with the ‘I’ ! Sure signs of a confused mind!

    It is so shameful how she allowed herself to be used to betray her father’s trust in her even unto his death!

    She spent her adult years disassociating herself from her dad and his achievements;

    Openly denied to her friends and associates the role he played in her life as a loving, caring father; even published on her FB page after his death that she spent little private time with him….
    Where was she during his last moments of dying? Jumping up in a carnival band…the footage is there for all to see!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    She seems to be the architect of her own predicament.

    What a CHEAP way for a daughter to sell her soul to try and gain political mileage over the DEAD!.
    E.G has been laid to rest and I am pleased that his followers stood up for him to the bitter end. May his soul Rest In Peace!

  5. Omg you people are just so sick. You continue to be so despicable let shafia mourn in peace keep yall political affiliation to yall self and keep the girl personal life out of this…stop the breadfruit mentality its ridiculous enough jeese.

  6. M. Peterson says:

    To Dennis Lampkin and others who think like him

    Your response represents the ignorance that is contributes to corrupting the people of St. Vincent.

    Three things:
    1. You have absolutely no authority to speak on Shafia’s relationship with E.G.

    2. Unless you are saying Shafia is God and knew the moment her father was going to die; you are being vile and very irresponsible to refer to what she was doing “during his last moments of dying”. Did his condition change direly on that day and she refused to go to his side? Would it have made a difference to his condition if she were sitting with him 24/7 versus visiting as she did?

    3. This is point where your comments made me confirm you as blind and terribly confused. You basically stated Shafia is using her father to “try and gain political mileage over the DEAD!”. If you were paying attention to what has transpired since Lynch’s funeral, you will clearly see that the NDP intends to ride the memory of EG Lynch all the way to polls so as to gain every ounce of political mileage they can from his death. AND that is very sad indeed. Instead of using the airways to educate and uplift and inform the people of their ( what appears to be secret) plans after being elected; the airways are being used to confuse the people and use their sympathies to win votes.

    Perhaps his friends at the NDP could also allow E.G. to “Rest in Peace”.

    M. Peterson

    P.S.: FYI I am undecided voter.

  7. Dear Mrs Lampkin

    I’m so delighted you know so much about shafia’s personal life.But you see what you have said is personal, irrelevant and missing the solid point of respect and humanity as penned in her letter. Respect and humanity are not negotiable attributes in any society

    When decency and decorum and respect become matters that can be negotiated depending on who it affects and personality then we are a ship tossed by a mere zephyr of grudge ..
    That is not the way of any great society … There should never be cause to laud vagabondry.

    But you know, I’m NOT surprised that you would. In fact, since we are being personal and all- your credibility comes into question on 2 grounds.

    1. Did you know that the image shafia has on her Facebook page (since you check her page) is of her and her father SECONDS after he passed. That doesn’t look much like a carnival band to me. And yes I know that for a fact.

    2. Are you bitter by chance because she replaced your husband at the chamber and did a better job than both of you combined?

    And while we are on the chamber, isn’t it the same Ralph that shafia fought publicly AGAINST to protect the rights of the organization she led. I doubt strongly that the PM is her hero unlike what Peter Binose says. She seems to me to be someone who is fair and not afraid to speak her mind even if it is the PM. It just so happen this time she is rightly speaking up against the bunch of hooligans in the church. And you know what, the woman and her family did the proper decent thing by inviting the PM!! It was up to him to come or not to come. Don’t get it twisted.

    And by the way,did you ever visit EG while he was ill? While she was busy building and reconciling what she never claimed was a perfect relationship, Where were you? Why people on the outside love to speak about the intimacies of what’s going on on the inside I could never fathom.

    It’s always sadly entertaining to see how politics and personal biases could make the ugly in people show itself proudly..I guess the liberation that comes along with a keyboard, freedom of speech and a name like joy makes everyone want to throw a public parade for their screwed up sense of justice and humanity..

    Cheers Lampkin at least the world no longer has to hypothesize that you’re only a half of a human being and that’s only phyical, not spirit or the humanity that earns us the right to claim to be higher beings than the beast of the field, the fowl of the air or the cobos with an iPad or laptop. As for Peter Binose or whoever he or she really is, they don’t even qualify to be considered HALF HUMAN

    But carry on lady Lampkin and Peter Bonise this parade of personal attacks and impoverished humanity is certainly more entertaining to us than the carnival shafia took part in the day BEFORE her father passed.. Hold on wait .. The parade is not over? What’s that you say ? up next the band Stupid followed by the float cold and callous and is that the road march ‘lack of humanity’ playing lol .. Ahh boy the entire world gets a VIP seat to your portrayal of the theme- manKIND

  8. Brian Alexander says:


    I will say it again, this PETER BINOSE is a nasty, ignorant, delusional clown who does not deserve to be called a Vincentian.

    When stupidity was being shared…….PETER BINOSE took it all !!!

    PETER BINOSE HATES RALPH GONSALVES SO MUCH, that he has completely lost his sense of balance and reason.

    He lies on the Prime Minister continuously, and everyone who reads anything he writes IMMEDIATELY realizes that this is a HALF-BAKED HALF-MAN.

    We know he is jealous of the Prime Minister who has accumulated achievements PETER BIGNOSE could never achieve.

    Here, he has stupidly attacked the daughter of a man whom he has said he loved. If he appreciated EG Lynch that much, why not permit his off-spring to grieve in peace? But this BIGNOSE GUY, has no sense of decency, and absolutely no sense of compassion whatsoever.

    Could it be that PETER BIGNOSE is suffering from an extreme case of the NAPOLEON COMPLEX?

  9. Urlan Alexander says:

    If the shoes were on the feet of any of you people who defend Ralph, would you have invited him to your father funeral knowing what is now public knowledge? Did any of you sympathisers listened to Ralph as he recounted the occasion when EG came to beg him pardon? Did you like many help Nice Radio pay Ralph thousands for words uttered by EG? All of you are too hypocritical in this affair.

  10. So people are not allowed to mourn their relatives in the manner they choose anymore? What has society gotten to that people like Peter Binose would harass a young lady who is in pain right now for MANY MANY MANY reasons. Let the girl rest and let her father RIP if any of you consider yourselves to be her friend or one of her late father’s. Sick sick people who can’t put their own issues aside to give rise to someone else’s peace.

  11. I will forever be baffled by the judgmental minds of our race. Further I believe it is time for us to wake up and stop the political divide, when will we figure out that our politicians are only public enemies but private friends? When will we stop allowing politics to shatter our hearts and morals? When will we learn to accept each others choices? When will stop fueling hate and animosity? Peter I do hope that you really are the teenager that I suspect you to be, because at the very least I would expect that a mature mind would not find justification for what took place at that funeral!!!

  12. Okay, since when it’s a crime to attend your political opponent funeral? If American president’s can attend their opponents funeral in grace why can’t it happen in SVG.

    By the way, I disagree with Gonsalves on 65% of his policies, but the way he was treated was totally uncalled and totally disrespectful.

  13. Hold on folks! I wanted Ralph to attend the funeral, but later realized that I was totally out of sync. I didn’t know the effect Ralph’s law-suit had on the poor man’s life. To many people this issue was responsible for Lynch’s death. However they didn’t do what Al-Qaida would have done. Instead the protested the best way they know how.
    I can’t disagree with Peter’s arguments based on facts. The family should have had a private funeral. She knew how folks felt about what Ralph did to father and should not have invited him. The entire episode was political that backfired and ended up in chaos. I believe her invitation was to appease Ralph and to satisfy her in some way. To me it had nothing to do with her love for her father. No one is blaming Ralph for attending the funeral of the man whose life he destroyed. Let’s be fair; he should not have attended the funeral and even consider paying tribute to the decease. But of course you can’t tell him that, or you will lose your job.

  14. Peter is writing on “What your father wanted” ..Does the dead really have a choice? Peter is the reason NDP will NEVER win an election. Ignorance and hatred. NDP should cut ties now with you joker!

  15. Margaret London says:

    Dennis Lampkin —– so happy that you know so much about Shafia and her distancing herself from her father. She was quite open in saying that she spent little time with him, please engage some grey matter now and prevent them from going to waste —– it is for reasons such as this, why I had asked ALL to leave the matter alone for sure things will come out that NONE of you will like to hear. It is the last time I am urging ALL to leave this matter alone!!!!

  16. I am forced again to visit this Site because I am not getting any help from the Owner of this Site. My name is spelt with a “Y” if you all can notice. I am not the person who is writing under the FAKE NAME of Brian Alexander, my name is Bryan Alexander. I am getting lots of calls and I have come up with the name of the fraudster. I know his writing DNA, he is not even smart enough to hide that. I think that VINCY POWA knows him well, I would ask Lance Davis to put him on a gag or tell him to use his real name.

  17. Margaret London says:

    Peter Binose why are you attempting to draw me out. Let me make this clear my niece is entitled to her opinion and I think that the boo-ers and hecklers should have protested outside of the Church before and after the funeral service. At the same time I don NOT think it was their idea to disrupt the funeral service. They just couldn’t stand the HYPOCRISY of a Ralph Gonsalves speaking at E.G’s funeral. I’ve already said my piece and let me repeat here Ralph Gonsalves rather than being sympathetic and EMPATHETIC to a friend was the first to say that “SOME WILL LOSE NOSE, SOME WILL LOSE EARS, SOME WILL LOSE FOOT” after E. G first had a problem with his sight. When E.G was confined to bed and could NO longer speak, Ralph Gonsalves was the first to say: “LYNCH’S LYING CAUSTIC TONGUE WAS STILLED BY ILLNESS” Now that his tongue was stilled by death, what was he doing at E.G’s funeral? Had he been a friend, he would have heeded to my several requests to give back E.G the property at Mt Young so at least he could die in peace and dignity. As to Sir James — when he went to visit E.G, E.G was unable to speak , how could he then stand up before GOD and man and say E.G told him stuff? Why didn’t Sir James take the opportunity to free his conscience and publicly apologize for promising to take pampers and other necessaries for E.G but never kept his word. Such is the society we live in!!!!!!

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