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Sen. Julian Francis,left, and MP St. Clair Leacock. (IWN photos)
Sen. Julian Francis,left, and MP St. Clair Leacock. (IWN photos)

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I herein put on record my profound disgust with the behaviour of Sen. Julian Francis during his call to “Voices” on WE FM on Wednesday, July 30, 2014, when he advocated that because of my friendship with Jomo Thomas I should abandon the tenets of journalism and write stories that are favourable towards Thomas. I was even more disgusted by the behaviour of MP for Central Kingstown, St. Clair Leacock, during the NDP’s rally in Kingstown on July, 31, 2014, when he continually mentioned my name during his speech. I don’t know what obtains with other journalists, but never will I allow my professionalism and independence to be called into question. If I want to do political communications, I will quit journalism. But, for as long as I remain a journalist, I plan to be absolutely true to the tenets of the profession and my training in the field. I am not and will not be a lapdog.

Kenton X. Chance

(First published on Facebook, Aug. 1, 2014)

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The opinions presented in this content belong to the author and may not necessarily reflect the perspectives or editorial stance of iWitness News. Opinion pieces can be submitted to [email protected].

11 replies on “Francis and Leacock disgust me”

  1. Augustus Carr says:

    Kenton you would shine like a star. Iwitness News SVG is a revolution of magnanimous proportion that would change the scope of journalism and politics in SVG and the region. You have provided a voice for the oppressed and downtrodden.

    Bet your life, the next general election would be determined by Iwitness News. I think we need to drum up some candidates and support for the Green Party because neither ULP nor NDP have the right mix of candidates to form the next government. The Green Party should now embark on a national and regional campaign to find some more suitable candidates. They should also look within the diaspora.

    There are no places in our democracy for socialism and feudalism. Iwitness News is the symbolism of a modern democracy. One that is based on freedom of expression, which is an inalienable right accorded to each of us under our constitution.

  2. Cadwall King says:

    Kenton X Chance! Maybe, you have noticed yet! AND! maybe unintentional! however! most people do. You are a lapdog for Arnhim Eustace and the NDP! adding Leacock’s name in this comment, is just a farse, trying to disguise your biases.

  3. Fair enough. I took umbrage without knowing whether you were considering the Minister’s counsel or not. My position on what I heard was as independent as the assumptions I made concerning you and your relationship to IWN.

  4. Watching Hard says:

    Kenton, if ULP people vex with you and NDP people vex with you too, then you must be doing something right. Keep it up bro.

  5. Kenton Chance, don’t be distracted. I have learnt that when you are on the right track, doing what God would have you do, the devil uses his minions to stop you. Keep the focus and don’t waste your energy if you are TRUE to your vocation. I LOVE I-Witness NEWS.

  6. Kenton, you are being distracted from your job. Forget about what the ULP or NDP has to say about you. They don’t agree on anything, so why do you believe they’ll agree on you. You know what you have to do, so just keep doing it. If Jomo crosses the line, nail his arse, friend or no friend.

  7. Kenton:

    I admire your effort and your professional work very much; I‘ve read every bit of information you’ve published over the years and will continue to do so in that I think, as a journalist, you are a breath of fresh air on the Vincentian landscape.
    On the 19 of July, 2014, I sent you an e-mail with 3 attachments having to do with Reparations. The 3-part article was published by Caribbean News Now, under the title “Don’t Mess with History.” Basically, it was a rebuttal to Jomo Thomas’s document which was presented to the St. Vincent and the Grenadines National Assembly. In my opinion, Jomo Thomas, as head of the Reparations Committee in SVG, is doing an extremely poor job. My argument is now a bit of a hot political potato and is still ongoing on Caribbean News Now. I can understand that you and the Vincentian Newspaper might have some reason for not publishing my work despite the fact that it carries information that is vital to the Vincentian public. But, I cannot understand why both you and the editor of the Vincentian did not even have the courtesy to, at least, confirm receipt of my e-mails.
    Does your friendship with Jomo Thomas have something to do with that? Or should you consider the advice of pvpalmer when he states: “If Jomo crosses the line, nail his arse, friend or no friend.”
    Anatol Scott

  8. Steve Huggins says:

    I feel that editor KENTON CHANCE missed a chance [no pun intended] to exhibit a more mature response here to these veteran politicians, and, I believe, personal gentlemen. Here is a fabulous opportunity to highlight his own personal political background and development for us his keen IWN-SVG readers. Come on, the guys were merely just being wily politicians. I still haven’t seen evidence any political, oratorical or journalistic “crime” committed. Sorry, BUT I believe Kenton was a bit hasty and puerile in his response on this one. The piece might have been appropriate on FACEBOOK, but not quite for such a news and current events blog as this, certainly NOT IN THE MANNER WRITTEN.
    The headline is not only MISLEADING, but improper. Deficient in a bit a of taste, somewhat. Don’t be so thin-skinned, my friend. Remember the sort of “business” that you may often to be called uponn to cover professionally. Learn to roll with the punches. YOU consider their “behaviour” DISGUSTING. Some of us may agree with you in that regard.
    But, BY NO MEANS all of us. Most of us, I believe, would have had some other less offensive headline term for their purpurted ‘behaviour’. Quite a number of us would SIMPLY consider it as POLITICS AS USUAL, of a less outrageous strain. What was the real harm done, Bro?
    I did NOT listen to, or hear, Mr. Francis’ words. As reported, they did not seem offensive to this objective observer. Just a pol trying to gain mileage. And, I stand sure that many Vincies would NOT have in any way been taken in by that gambit. Yet, to headline the named man as “DISGUSTING”? My pardon, but your were OVER-REACHING here. That guy was merely doing his political ‘job’, authentically. A bit over-zealous, but please don’t be scared by the co-lateral insinuation. SVG people are not that easily taken in.
    I heard Mr. Leacock’s speech, and was wondering precisely what response that this repeated ‘direct’ “addressing” of you with the calling of your name. I ruminated and even openly opined to those in my company, then, that the gentleman may have been seeking to “help” the situation where the SEARCHLIGHT reporter apparently objected to you presence at a would-be ‘press conference’, and the minister was wishy-washy UNCLEAR on the issue, at least in the report(s) that I read thereon. I consider myself to be the very shyest guy in the whole world, even though I acknowledge that shyness per se is really a form of selfishness, so I mulled over how the constant calling of your name would rub off on you. Of course, with your BUSINESS and profession, THIS could have been considered UNIQUE PROMOTION AND ADVERTISMENT FOR YOU. Regrettable that, in a sense, you had become the news, too, but YOU WERE GIVEN PRIME BILLING, FAVOUR AND NOTICE by the deputy leader of the parliamentary opposition party. Some would count this as an honour, though a bit coloured by the mileux of public curry-favouring. Don’t we have ducks in Rillan Hill anymore? Let the water run off your back.

    Mr. Chance, the two biggest political parties, both represented in parliament, are attempting to WIN YOUR favour and/or support. You should be FLATTERED, though unmoved professionally and morally. For me, this amply demonstrates that I-WITNESS NEWS -SVG and YOU have wonderfully impacted Vincentian, regional and extra-regional news-consuming circles. YOU and IWN have done marvelously well in a very short time, in a solid futurist media form. The fraternal opposition and resistance meted out recently is yet another signal that YOU ARE MAKING SERIOUS IN-ROADS into the journalistic field in SVG and the Caribbean – – – AND into the very national fabric of our beloved St. Vincent and the Grenadines.

    You should be elated, properly ‘flattered’, and ENCOURAGED TO CONTINUE THE GREAT WORK THAT YOU AND IWN ARE DOING.
    Dispense with the petulant reparte. A non-response or a biographic recounting of your political development, experiences, simpathies or preferences would have been much more appreciated by this hyper-critical reader. Don’t get embroiled in these guys’ political melee — and demonizings. Whatever extra publicity garnered by continuing that wrong perceived ‘offense’ did not, in the final analysis, redound to your credit. Some might even suspect that you were peeved by having your personal political friend IDed by Francis; with Leacock’s praise merely being used as a mere cloak of ‘equivalence’. SILENCE IS so often GOLDEN.

    Whereas the two gentlemen’s WORDS, deeds or ‘behaviour’ may have been understandable POLITICALLY opportunistic OFFENSES to you, personally and/or professionally, it is somewhat of a stretch, objectively, to publicly declare THE MEN THEMSELVES in your headline to be DISGUSTING.
    THIS is a let-down from your usual high IWN standards. I know that it is difficult to not get personally involved when your NAME is being so publicly bandied about. I sincerely counsel that we all strive mightily to maintain perspective and professional dispassion despite the widespread attempts at subverting them.
    IWN and Mr. Chance yet remain the very best phenomena to hit the SVG news scene in more recent times. My appreciation, and congratulations. ‘Nuff respect.
    [email protected]

  9. Pat Robinson Commissiong says:

    First time I find myself in agreement with all the comments – except Cadwell King’s. But that might be because that comment is a trifle incoherent. Could the first one-and-a-half lines be some kind of code, I wonder. It’s full of exclamation marks, which might or might not be significant. And the word “farse” fascinates me. A slip of the finger, perhaps? I sometimes type “x” or “v” instead of “c”, but I’ve never suffered a finger slippage as far as “s”, but you never know; it could happen I suppose. Or did C.K. really mean “farse” (TnT speak) or “faaas” (Guyana speak) meaning “inquisitive”? Nah! That don’t make sense.
    Anyway, Mr Chance, never fear. All you now need is for someone on the other side to tell you that you are a lapdog, or equivalent, for Ralph Gonslaves and you’ll know that you have definitely arrived as top dog of SVG journalism.

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