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Michael Jackson, a 29-year-old businessman of Old Montrose was on Thursday arrested and charged with illegal possession of 130 round of ammunition.

Jackson was charged with having in his possession 115 rounds of .9mm ammunition without a licence issued under the Firearms Act; five rounds of .38 special ammunitions without a license issued under the Firearms Act; and 10 rounds .357 Magnum restricted ammunitions without the approval of the Minister, at Paul’s Avenue on July 31.

He was also charge with possession of 194 grammes (approx. 6.8 ounces) of cannabis, with intent to supply it to another, at Paul’s Avenue, on July 31.

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One reply on “Businessman charged with possession of 130 round of ammo”

  1. The authorities need to question him to find out how he go those bullets. The answers might just lead to a source(s) of these deadly ammunition.

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