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Summer Festival 2014 - SVG teams.
Summer Festival 2014 – SVG teams.
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Vincentian swimmers dominated the annual Summer Festival Swim Meet in St Lucia held Aug. 21to 24.

Nikolas Sylvester, Shane Cadogan, Shne Joachim and Alexander Joachim were all overall champions in their respective age groups. Nikolas, Shne and Alexander won their respective Sprint Championships (and won three of the four Sprint categories) and both Shne and Alex broke the Sprint Challenge records.

St. Vincent and the Grenadines Swimming Association was represented by two clubs, Black Sands Swim Squad (BSSS) and Blue Marlins (BM) at the Summer Festival Swim Meet, which featured swimmers representing eight swim clubs from three Caribbean countries.

Black Sands Swim Squad won the Boys Overall Championships and their swimmers produced dominant performances. Black Sands swimmers were led by Shane Cadogan, Nikolas Sylvester, Shne Joachim and Alexander Joachim.

  • Nikolas Sylvester, swimming in the boys 13 to 14 year-old age group, was the overall champion in his age group. He won 9 gold medals, 5 silver medals and 1 bronze medal. Nikolas broke 10 Meet records and had 10 personal best times. He also placed first in the Sprint challenge for the 11 and older age group.
  • Shane Cadogan, swimming in the boys 11 to 12 year-old age group, was the overall Champion in his age group. Shane won 12 of the fourteen races he entered and brought home 12 gold medals, 1 silver and 1 bronze medal. Shane broke 3 meet records.Shane continues his amazing improvement this year by setting 10 personal best times.
  • Alexander Joachim, swimming in the boys 9 to 10 year-old age group, was the overall Champion in his age group. Alex dominated his age group and won every event he entered. He completed the event with 11 Gold medals. Alex won the Boys 10 years old and Under Sprint Challenge and broke the previous record for the Sprint Challenge. Alex broke the 50 Meter Butterfly and 50 Meter Freestyle Meet records for his age group.
  • Shne Joachim, swimming in the girls 13 to 14 year-old age group, was the overall Champion in her age group. Shne won every event she entered and brought home 10 Gold medals. She also won the overall female Sprint Challenge for the fastest female swimmer at the Meet and broke the previous record.

Other medal winners representing Black Sands Swim Squad included:

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  • Justin Sylvester, swimming in the boys age 11 to 12 category, won one Silver and one Bronze medal. Justin also improved his personal best times in ten events.
  • Paige Cadogan, swimming in the girls 9 to 10 category, won four Bronze medals and improved her personal best times in six events.
  • Jamie Joachim, swimming in the 6 years old and under age group won one Gold medal and three silver medals and broke three previous meet records.
  • Gerard Geowarsingh, in the 15 to 17 years age group, won one silver medal and three bronze medals and improved his personal best times in seven events.

Head coach of Black Sands, Kyle Dougan, was extremely pleased with the performances of his young athletes. He said, “The progress of our swimmers continues as our preparations for the OECS Championships in November and the CARIFTA Swimming Championships next April begin in earnest and where we expect to continue the improvements we have seen over the last two years”.

Blue Marlins Swim Club, led by Head Coach, Neisha Alexander was also pleased with her swimmers performances. Blue Marlins swimmers included:

  • Dorien Antrobus, swimming in the boys age group 15 to 17 years old age group, won four silver medals and three bronze medals while setting 10 personal best times.
  • Bryson George, swimming in the boys age group 9 to 10, won one silver medal and two bronze medals while setting six personal best times.
  • Kenale Alleyne, also in the boys 9 to 10 age group, won one bronze medal and set 11 personal best times.

The SVG Swimming Federation extends its congratulations to all swimmers who participated in the Meet and notes that all swimmers continued to show improvements in their swim times. Congratulations to the coaches who do an outstanding job with our young athletes.

OECS Swimming Championships 2014

The OECS Swimming Championships will be held in St. Lucia Nov. 7 to 9. SVG’s team will be finalised after the OECS Time Trials to be held Sept. 10 to 14 at the Shrewsbury Pool facility in Ratho Mill.

3 replies on “SVG swimmers champions in St. Lucia”

  1. Eric Williams says:

    Congratulations to these young athletes, the future of our nation. A job well done by the coaches too. Keep up the good works.

  2. WOW, this is really nice. One gold medal is an achievement but these kids are loaded with them, thanks to their supporting parents. The parents, as i read in a previous post, make the effort but SVG, not them, gets the glory.

  3. SVG competitive swimmers, you have come a long way in a very sport time indeed.
    I well remember attending your inaugural training session with the Grenadian coach at your hotel swimming pool. A great feat, for sure. My warmest congratulations. Despite the cool water. Keep on improving and achieving your better best. I think that the direct assured attendance at the Olympics has given our swimmers much greater growth comparative to the slower pace in the other Olympic and national sports disciplines. All shareholders are to be thanked and congratulated.

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