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Saboto Caesar

Minister of Agriculture, Saboto Caesar. (IWN file photo)

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The government of St. Vincent and the Grenadines will formalise the export of livestock to Grenada as a request has been made for the purchase of 200 heads of cattle, the fourth such purchase since the trade began in 2012.

“It is a trade that started in 2012; we conducted this trade in cattle and other livestock in 2013, and we are seeing that it is continuing in 2014. It is the intention of the Ministry of Agriculture to formalise this trade through an MOU with the Ministry of Agriculture and the Government of Grenada,” Minister of Agriculture Saboto Caesar told a press conference on Wednesday.

He said the memorandum of understanding (MOU) is being drafted and will have to be taken to Cabinet.

“And, of course, the Ministry of Foreign Affairs is going to play a key role in terms of the execution of this MOU. But it is not only going to include the export of cattle and other livestock to Grenada but the technical assistance from Grenada in spices, particularly in nutmeg and cocoa and we can expect to see the signing of this MOU in the near future. We are in the final stages of the completion of this document,” Caesar said.

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5 replies on “Gov’t to formalise export of livestock to Grenada”

  1. Poor Caesar, he seem like a good guy and might be the only one in the ULP that I have a little bit of respect for. But under king Ralph you can’t do much.Start your own party man, time to change this culture of lying and talking down to people. Papa put you on a sinking ship ello, but hold your head up and do your best.

  2. Dr. Dexter Lewis says:

    Once again the Government is going to jump into something they know nothing about but will certainly mess up. Leave private people to do their private business. Do not insert yourself in things you do not understand. You will destroy the little trade people have established for themselves. Any bet in 3 years this little livestock trade will be destroyed and politicians will claim all the benefits and none of the responsibility. They will destroy it like they destroyed the banana industry by claiming the kitty set aside to spray, but never did spray in time.

    Is this the idea of the PM of being in charge of 100% of every square inch of SVG?
    Can we get Government to learn to do the simple things well first before thinking of expanding into areas where they have no abilities? How about finishing that “Cross Country Road”? How nice it would have been for Vinlec users if they made the right choice for the Lowman’s Bay plant?

    How about first getting a proper plan for construction of the Argyle Airport?

    What a mess!

  3. You are quite right Dexter, the government should not be involving itself in the sale and export of animal, not even as an election tool.

    But animals for export should be under government control.

    For the sake of animal welfare, ther should be government inspection and licensing of boats or ships that they are carried in for export.

    Animals should be carried in approved vehicles only from farm to port, not tied in pick-up trucks and other such vehicles not made for the transportation of bovine animals. Until such vehicles are available, transportation to the dock should be regulated and conditions of transportation enforced by law. The carrying of animals in vehicles not specifically designed for such use must be stopped now.

    The SVGSPCA should be given input into all regulation formulation and in the movement of animals by road and sea.

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