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It is illegal to have sex with a girl under the age of 16 in St. Vincent and the Grenadines.
It is illegal to have sex with a girl under the age of 16 in St. Vincent and the Grenadines.

Some persons are trying to ensure that a man who had sex with an 11-year-old girl from a village in North Windward and made a video of it is brought to justice.

However, they have expressed frustration that the girl’s mother is not willing to co-operate with state authorities.

In the 32-second video, obtained by I-Witness News, the man videotapes himself having sex with the girl, who is naked from the waist down.

The girl, who is lying on a bed, while the man is standing, does not seem to be resisting the sexual encounter.

The illegal act takes place in a dark room and the video is illuminated using what appears to be the light on the device with which the video was recorded.

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The girl’s face can be clearly seen at one point in the video, but the man’s face is not shown.

An activist, who is among the persons trying to ensure that the man is brought to justice, said persons familiar with the situation told him about the crime.

I-Witness News understands that the man in the video was arrested by police then later released.

The activist said that the girl’s mother is not willing to co-operate with state authorities.

The activist told I-Witness News that the incident is indicative of a wider problem in the area, where persons frequently have sex with underage girls.

I-Witness News was told that some persons who have certain professional responsibilities for the care of underage girl from time to time, are also engaged in sexual relationship with some of these girls.

One man is said to have regularly travelled to the Grenadines with an underage girl with whom he was involved in a sexual relationship, pretending that she is his daughter.

I-Witness News was told that persons who are willing to speak out, are often on the receiving end of “cussing”, and money is often used to silence parents or guardians of underage girls against whom such crimes are committed.

“It’s like knocking your head against bricks, but I am working on this one,” the activist told I-Witness News.

The girl in the video, who will turn 12 sometime soon, is a student at one of the nation’s secondary school.

13 replies on “Man makes video having sex with 11-Y-O girl”

  1. I am appealing to the Human Rights committee for 2 things in this relation:
    1. Lobby to have the age of consent be put to 18 year olds;
    2. That a grown man or woman (18 years and older), who sexually involves themselves with a child (18 years and under), that social services and the court has the authority to deal with them even without cooperation from parents and victim. Let parents know that for lack of non-cooperation they will see prison time and that their other children will be put in the system (foster care).
    It is past due for this problem that is so rampant in SVG continue to be swept under the carpet. Vincentians take notes from Canada, a man was having sex with his daughter from age 10, Social Services found out when she was 14, by this time she became pregnant for daddy, cut a long story short, daddy is now in Spy Hill doing 16 years on 3 counts and will be deported to SVG after his time is concluded.
    Government, please pump some funds into the social services accounts so when these problems arise they won’t have to scratch their heads as to how the other children would be cared for. This problem is already too big for our little island-chain. Come on Mr. PM, you have grand child(ren), untie the hands of social services and courts, amend the law so they can deal with these matters with zero obstacles…give our children, especially little girls, a sense of safeness and trusting.

  2. Pat Robinson Commissiong says:

    Why do the police need the “co-operation” of the mother if there is a video of what is statutory rape? Is it not possible for the police to work with the Welfare agencies to have the child declared a ward of court and removed from that “mother’s” care? Or does “Protect and serve” not extend to children? And can the mother not be prosecuted for child neglect or some other charge? This is an 11-year-old, for heaven’s sake! I know that many people are having it hard, but what ever justifies selling your 11-year-old daughter to a grown man? Do you belong to no religious organisation that you can appeal to for help? Can Social Welfare, if they cannot themselves help, direct you to an organisation that can help? It won’t be luxuries, but you won’t starve. Unless, of course, the mother does have “connections” and that is what is protecting her from prosecution.

  3. If there is concrete evidence, why do you need the cooperation of the parents? This should be a open and shut case.

    On what grounds did the police released the man? Did they arrest the wrong person?

    The legal fraternity and the politicians in the region are a bunch of money- grabbing, dishonest folks, who cares little about the welfare of poor people. The sex laws in Vincyland could be amended so as to make it mush easier to lock up these predators and rapists. All this nonsense about parents not cooperating with the police can be easily remedied by putting laws on the books…LOCK THE F**KING PARENTS UP!!…If there is a video of a man throwing rod on your 11 year old daughter and you say you not cooperating with the authorities…ok, then you going to jail for child endangerment, abuse and negligence..etc.

    The abuse of young girls in Vincyland is nothing new, this has been going on for a very long time…it has become part of our culture and the law makers have turned a blind eye to this blight in our land over the years by not addressing this issue with the seriousness and urgency it so require. Our young females are at the mercy of these wutless “niggaman” in our society, whether they are van men or politicians or reputable businessmen…we have allow these men to rape our girls with impunity and then we turn around and throw she out on the streets when she becomes pregnant or worse infected with HIV.

    We need to formulate stringent sex laws in Vincyland, as a matter of fact the entire region, if we are to combat the rampant sexual abuse of our females. We can begin by STOP BLAMING THE VICTIM. Sex crime is the only crime where the victim is blamed and the perpetrator is given the benefit of the doubt at first glance.

    A sex crime unit with a special prosecutor is the way to go to show that we are really serious about combating sex crimes in our society. Of course with the requisite laws to back them up and to empower the victim.

  4. This tape constitutes child porn. IWN has no business obtaining or accepting this particular tape. In cases like this IWN should simply refer anyone with this sort of photo or video evidence to the police. There is no journalistic need to participate in the continuing exploitation of a child by being part in the distribution or viewing of this tape.

  5. Muddawuk. SVG making Child Porn too? What is really going on in SVG? It’s like a race to the bottom. These people need to be locked up who engage in this nonsense. These are children we are talking about. There is a big black market for nastiness like child pornagraphy and this is one business we cannot get involved in we need to stomp this out now, because this would blight our country for sure.Lawd Have mussy.

  6. One should question why was this man even filming this sick act. What was the motive?
    Is there now a market for child porn in SVG? Or could it be that persons in SVG supplying child porn to others.

  7. Same old, same old.

    I have good knowledge of cases in the 1960s of biological fathers who had forcible sex with their young daughters who were never reported to the police because it was considered “family business” best handled through community shaming in the form of a mock public trial followed by purifying ritual effigy hanging of all those involved (mother, father, and daughter) attended by people from all over the country.

    Wait a minute, these effigy hangings of sexual predators are still taking place in SVG today!

    I am not in any way condoning this heinous act by evil men, but can any of you people be true Vincies if you are unaware of how sex crimes are traditionally handled in our little face-to-face Caribbean society?

    And please grab hold of reality: these poor mothers are desperately dependent for their very survival on economic support from the men who would be locked away for a very long time if they dared go to the police.

  8. Hate to be a judge here but I am thinking that this mother was perhaps pimping her daughter out. Her failure to assist in the investigation should be seen as hindering and she should be charged.

  9. Remember the PM was never even arrested for the alleged rape. Was he ever questioned? It never saw the light of day and women were his biggest supporters. The laws are already there. The state can prosecute but they won’t Cruz it is probably Mr. This. Sometimes I wonder why were released from slavery or why we fought for independence and why are we fighting for reparations because we are not serious about development as a people as a government.

    We are also members of the UNICEF and many other child protection agencies but that’s just to brag and appear to be doing something. Where is the human rights organization? Where is the Christian council? The individual churches? The teachers union? Welfare? Mothers Union? The school and counsellor to which the child goes? And we wonder why our society in this mess.

    More money was spent to shut down Bigger Bigs, lock up Vinette, stolen by numerous party hags, gobbled up by the oldest civil servant in history-who don’t need it- on the whole of star FM than is needed to prosecute the animal and save this child. Poor people problems. And as for the mother if they really want they can get to her however her cooperation is not needed. This is child.

  10. Whilst those at the top can get away with filth, others in society will believe they are justified in owning filth also.

    Own the filth, own the government.

  11. The police should find the camera and see if the mothers finger prints are on it. But I suppose that is a little inteligent for our police, they prefer beating confessions out of people.

  12. this system is messed up. the laws are terrible and need revision. the hearts and mind of the ppl are disgusting. yes the man had sex with an underage teen girl and record it, he is a stupid man and i hope he is not a father of any girl children or even boys. he should be punish for his actions.. but we gonna pass our mouth on him and say all manner of evil against him, how he this and how he that. what about the homosexuals? dont they need punishment too?

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