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With the increased spread of the mosquito borne virus, chikungunya in St. Vincent and the Grenadines, Coreas Hazells Inc. has donated a quantity of insect repellent super bands to the Ministry of Health for distribution to nurses.

These bands, while looking fashionable in a variety of colours and can be worn as wristbands or anklets, will serve their main purpose as insect repellents and are very effective against mosquitos. These advanced waterproof systems allow wearers to enjoy all of their normal activities without worrying about diluting the potency of the super band.

This is one of the longest lasting natural insect repellents on the market today and contains essential oils to repel insects, COreas Hazells Inc., said in a release.

Each band is effective for 250 hours after it has been removed from its pack.

Jennilee Glasgow, marketing coordinator at Coreas Hazells Inc, said the company recognises the importance of keeping caregivers in the fealth sector free from being infected with chikungunya.

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Coreas Hazells Inc. has already distributed a quantity of these bands to all of its employees.

3 replies on “Coreas donates mosquito repellent bands to Ministry of Health”

  1. It has been suggested that wrist bands treated with Pepermint Oil or Citronella Oil or/and Deet will repel insects including the mosquito.

    That has been proven to be true to a very limited extent. If worn on a wrist you will not get bitten on or near the area where the band is worn, but it gives no protection to the rest of the body whatsoever.

    According to university medical studies the bands just do not work in a way that will give full or even anything close to full protection.

    Those wearing them must be made aware that they may be next to useless in the scheme of things. Not to rely on them as protection against chikungunyar or dengie.

    The Chinese are producing these bands by the millions and they can be purchased wholesale for as low as US.25cents each.

    I have written a full article which I have submitted.

  2. Like a more effective related product which contains a small battery-powered fan to disperse the Deet or other repellent, it only works if you are standing or sitting still, something nurses rarely do. A much more effective deterent, and one that has been around for donkey years, is the various Deet body and clothes sprays, mists, and lotions of different concentrations, some of which are very potent (30% concentration) and last for hours.

    By the way, citronella and related products have shown not to work. Stick with Deet products.

  3. Yesterday I purchased a mosquito system that attracts the mosquito and zaps it. It is the second piece of equipment I have purchased for my next visit to SVG. During my last visit I realized that nets and window screens don’t keep the insect out. It appears they can crawl through the fine holes in both the net and the screen. White see-through curtain may help, because there are no holes to allow access.
    I may have to pick up another piece of the machine mentioned above because I will need one for the bedroom and one while I am on the balcony. It’s effective over 1/2 acres and last for 14 days. I believe it can last longer if it’s turned on between 6: pm to 6: am.
    Peter, are products coming in from China to SVG? In other words, are there agents who bring in goods from China? I communicate with Alibaba, but they cannot tell me if they ship to the Caribbean.

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