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Julian Francis

Sen. Julian Francis, right, is greeted by homeowner Donnie Collins as he arrives at the meeting on Saturday. (IWN photo)

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Did deceased former head of the Housing and Land Development Corporation (HLDC), Morris Slater flout government policy as it relates to the construction of houses under the government’s housing project in Clare Valley?

Sen. Julian Francis, who was Minister of Housing when the HLDC, under the management of Slater, built the houses (one of which have since collapsed, while there are many questions about the structural integrity of others) told homeowners on Saturday that the Clare Valley project departed from the standard set at the other projects across the country.

Francis said the infrastructure should have been put in before the houses were built, or both should have been done at the same time.

There are no drains between many of the houses, and, among many other complaints, residents have spoken about the poor drainage in the area.

But Sen. Francis, who is now Minister of State in the Ministry of Works, while noting that Slater, (who died in January 2013) was both an architect and engineer, said the former HLDC head had his style of doing things, and did them that way, regardless… (See video below)

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2 replies on “Dead man a scapegoat for collapsed house? (+Video)”

  1. Murdooooooooooooooo Lmao. These guys make you want to put your hand on your head and ball. There is a saying that Dead man tell no tales, But in Vincy we have our own version that goes like this. Dead man tell no tales,BUT HE SURE CAN STILL TAKE BLAME.

    I knew these guys were jokers before, but this is sick stuff. Now that you have blamed a dead man for the failures of construction (which people in the housing scheme say wasn’t true). The question still remains. What are you all going to do to make the houses safe? And don’t tell me nonsense like cutting grass, because that’s making the problem worst by removing plants that hold the soil together.



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