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The man who was Minister of Housing when the government’s houses project in Clare Valley was executed, have told homeowners to avoid negative comments about the project, even as one of the houses has since collapsed. But it seems that some of the most “negative” comments about the development are coming from those most directly affected: the homeowners.

4 replies on “VIDEO: Julian Francis urges homeowners to avoid negative comments about Clare Valley project”

  1. Julian Francis, this not a matter of telling people white is black, or black is white. Its time to sort this matter out, in fact its past the time.

    The house owners should be frightened, because any one of the rest of those houses are at risk of falling down. In fact they are all at risk of collapsing. Anyone inside the house at the time, stands a more than good chance of being very seriously injured or even killed.

    The people are not looking for bullshit from these government representatives, they are not looking for sympathy, they are not looking for better relations. They are looking for a solution to the fact that they should move from those houses post haste.

    The government are responsible for the situation, they must get these people to safety as soon as possible, like yesterday.

    They do not deserve a whole load of rubbish about staying there whilst the government sort things out. They need to be moved into hotels or rental houses paid for be the government. They should be moved now, not after there is a tragedy. Not moved to temporary accommodation not moved into village halls, moved into property that is equal to their dream homes, they at the very least deserve proper treatment.

    The only problem I can foresee is that no property owners or hotelier will let to the government unless the government pay up front. No one will give them credit, why? because they know full well there is a great chance they will never be paid.

    May I suggest that the people be paid back their deposits and compensated in the sum of EC$100,000 each. If this was the US the government would be sued for millions by each house owner.

  2. Mr.Francis,It is important for you to understand that St. Vincent is still a democracy for the time being .It is not Cuba or Venezuela where one is not allowed to express his or her opinion for fear of the thought police. Mr. Slater should have known that good engineers do not risk the lives of others in order to satisfy his ego . Mr.Francis,as a minister of state ,your priority ought to be the welfare and safety of all Vincentians , not ULP supporters only.
    When the Leaders of the Jewish Nation wanted to have their way ,as Pilate said ‘I am innocent of the blood of this just person {Jesus} .You see to it”
    All the people answered and said ,”His blood be on us and our children.”{Matt:27:24,25).
    Mr,Francis , no unjust cause goes unpunished . There are those who believe that there is no God and all power is in heir hands as they are devoid of any conscience or empathy for others.

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