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2 replies on “VIDEO: Homeowner details problems at Clare Valley house”

  1. This young man is quite correct, the house owners have been disrespected, they have been shafted, they deserve better.

    The house owners should be frightened, because any one of the rest of those houses are at risk of falling down. In fact they are all at risk of collapsing. Anyone inside the house at the time, stands a more than good chance of being very seriously injured or even killed.

    May I suggest that the people be paid back their deposits and compensated in the sum of EC$100,000 each. If this was the US the government would be sued for millions by each house owner.

    Julian Francis, its time for you to resign, cut out the smirking and resign.

  2. This is terrible and there’s no way that these houses can be repaired, they have to be abandoned now now now. I noticed too that below the door hinge water seems to be seeping through easily which only means that there is a big crack and the patio is separating from the house. Both house and land have no value and these mortgagers are paying monthly for something that is of no value to them. Dr Douglas is without house and land and i’m sure monies was withdrawn from her account at the end of September by her lender and will continue, she will surely get her CWSA and VINLEC bills too. I wouldn’t be surprised if some strong wind blow a next house down. Ten(10) more minutes and Dr Douglas and/or her daughter might have been buried this weekend, what is the HLDC waiting on, an actual death?.

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