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2 replies on “VIDEO: Housing Minister responds to Clare Valley homeowners’ complaints”

  1. He would have seen or did he actually see? What is he talking about tiles being “removed”? Who removed them?

    This gentleman reminds me of President Obama in the reverse. Any bets that his mouth is moving much faster than his brain.

  2. You know the ULP is always brag about building homes for the poor. But how many of those 1000 houses were built for sale.Up until this event I didn’t even know that the scheme in the Valley were houses to be sold and that people took loans to get them.

    Basically what it boils down to is the Government (which a public entity), that is propped up by tax payers money was selling houses on the open market and killing the private sector with these houses. And that’s not even the worst part, in something like this government can eat any debt incurred by the failure of the scheme and just tax more, whereas if the scheme turns a profit, the cronies get the money under the guise of ‘contracting’ and the catch phrase “But we love the poor so much that’s why we build these houses” is just a bonus on a scheme like this. Vincentians I know you all are not stupid this is not hard to figure out.

    So in other words it is a perfect scheme where money goes in the front and comes out the back, or what they would refer in business as a front. I am always amazed by the things these guys do in the name of politics. All these schemes makes it hard to track money, and we had many such scheme under this government. Money missing, over paying over charging and the list goes on. Everyone believe that we are in about 2-3, but I believe it might be 4-5 billion this government has put this country under.

    I can’t wait for the day for us to hear the real state of our country. I have a big manicou ready to cook when the time come.


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