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Leslie Jack, country manager of LIME, will leave the company on Friday. (IWN File Photo)

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Leslie Jack, general manager of telecommunications provider LIME has stated that all teachers will be rewarded for their dedication.

Jack said that the “No Teacher Left Behind” programme will ensure that local teachers would be kept up to date as much as their students, who are moving with leaps and bounds ahead technologically.

“Modern Telecommunications has truly revolutionised the way we learn … and while our students have dived headfirst into this new world we recognize it has not been as easy for our teachers, and at LIME we would like to change that.

“Now all teachers across the country will have the tools and access to services to reinforce their teaching methods in the classroom.”

Jack said “No Teacher Left Behind” is part of the Upgrade Vincy campaign, where the company intends to improve and advance telecommunications throughout St. Vincent and the Grenadines.

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He said there is a great level of confidence that the programme will enhance the learning experience of the nation’s students, and inspire the next generation of independent thinkers and innovators or creative educators.

Teachers willing to learn more are advised to call 496 LITE (5483), or 497 LITE (5483).

“We take this opportunity to thank all our teachers for their tireless service to this nation. Our country is a better place because of you and that’s why we at LIME won’t allow any of you to be left behind,” Jack said.