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LIME’s General Manager Leslie Jack in the LIVE LIME kitchen on Friday. (IWN Photo)
LIME’s General Manager Leslie Jack in the LIVE LIME kitchen on Friday. (IWN Photo)
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Senior Marketing and Corporate Communications Executive of LIME, Nikala Williams says that the recently concluded Customer Service Week was a huge success.

Williams said the company’s many customers expressed satisfaction with the week of activities that took place at LIME headquarters in Kingstown over the past week, and that the company intends to continue satisfying its valued customers through its Upgrade Vincy campaign, currently taking place.

“Our customers were well pleased with all the great deals, gifts and treats that they received over the last five days, and we at LIME were just as happy to satisfy our customers during Customer appreciation week.

“And with Upgrade Vincy in full swing, we will ensure that our new and longstanding patrons are pleased with the great things we have to offer on a daily, weekly, and monthly basis.”

The week of service to customers began with a health day, where customers were encouraged to have blood and sugar levels tested by a competent team of community nurses.

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On Tuesday, LIME partnered with Courts St. Vincent Ltd. and Coreas and Hazells Inc., to bring customers the best in wellness equipment and supplements for daily use and fitness.

Wednesday’s activity saw the staff of Barnet Fair Hair Fashion in the house, giving customers, facials, makeovers, hairstyles and haircuts all free of charge.

Thursday was the day when the elderly were treated, given pedicures and pampered all day at LIME.

The curtains came down on activities on Friday, with customers receiving free meals on the LIME promenade compliments Rik Nicks Grills and LIME’s own General Manager Leslie Jack served customers delicious stir fry delights cooked “on the spot” in the LIVE LIME kitchen.

Customers were offered great deals throughout the week as well, on their landline, broadband and postpaid and prepaid services such as 4G ready handsets as low as $35 and more.

Williams said that as the year comes to an end and the Upgrade Vincy initiative continues, customers can look forward to more amazing offers, deals and giveaways from LIME.

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  1. Lime is like an abusive husband. It forces customers to buy into a landline deal that is not necessary to obtain Internet connection. No one need landline any more, yet LIME is stealing Vincentians blind.

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