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Fire fighters escort two of the boys from the scene. (Photo: Ashford Peters/Facebook)
Fire fighters escort two of the boys from the scene. (Photo: Ashford Peters/Facebook)
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Fire fighters rescued a boy from the roof of the Nurses Hostel in Stoney Ground Tuesday night after he became stuck there.

It is not clear why the boy was on the roof of the two-storey building, but two other boys who reportedly helped him to climb unto the roof are said to have told onlookers that they were trying to catch pigeons.

However, some persons have speculated that the boys, who are said to be between ages 9 and 12, were trying to burglarize the building.

One person told I-Witness News that they were alerted to the development by a commotion as they drove into Kingstown sometime before 9 p.m.

“When we inquired, we were told that apparently two of the boy’s other friends [had] helped him get on top of the roof [and] he couldn’t come down. He started crying when persons found out,” the witness said.

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The fire truck that responded to the call, and the Nurses Hostel in background. (Photo: Ashford Peters/Facebook)
The fire truck that responded to the call, and the Nurses Hostel in background. (Photo: Ashford Peters/Facebook)

I-Witness News was told that the boy began to slip off the foot of the building as rain began to fall.

“Persons were shouting to him to stay there, telling him help is coming,” the witness said.

“And folks were saying, ‘Yo’ want mummy now?’. One guy who drove across was saying, ‘Jump off. Who send you up there?’” the witness told I-Witness News.

“Some persons were shouting to the boy to stay there when he said he was slipping. They even told him go on the centre piece of the galvanize and he was crying, ‘Me want mummy’,” the witness said.

A fire truck is said to have arrived sometime after but had to return to the Fire Department in Kingstown to collect a ladder.

Fire fighters later used a ladder to remove the boy from the roof of the building and escorted the three of them from the scene.

6 replies on “Fire fighters rescue boy from roof of Nurses Hostel”

  1. Why did they need a ladder, they could have hosed him off the roof. Maybe not, I forgot their hose hasn’t worked for years, and the tank never has water in it.

    Usual crap, different day.

    1. Peter Binose, you have just made me come to realize that not everyone walking among us is human. There’s always a negative or insensitive remark coming from you. Maybe you should consider putting down the sledge hammer of criticism and lay a brick of development in the construction of our society. Lighten up man! Sweet is more savored than bitter.

    2. That’s all you can find to say!!!!! Negativity has taken over your mind, you didn’t even focus on the fact that the boys are old enough to know better or thank God that the firemen saved him before the worst happened.

  2. carlos walcott says:

    Are they using civilians as firefighters? I know it was only to get a kid off of a roof but I thought firefighters always respond wearing full uniform…Agree with Mr. Binose sentiments

  3. Kudos to the responders in bringing this situation to a safe ending. God bless the firefighters of this nation. It is better for the firefighters to go and get the right ladderso everyone would be safe….Peter fire/rescue is one area you DON’T know anything about so shut up…To suggest these rescuers hose a child off the roof is callous, heartless, and inhumane. Wow! Would you like anyone to suggest something so inhumane upon your children when they make silly childhood mistakes? Your suggestion show the type of persons the NDP attract as their followers.
    Boys will be boys and they WILL make mistakes just like EACH of us while we were that age.

  4. I am sorry if the comment about hosing the child off the roof offended some of you. I really did not consider they or anyone else would do such a thing. I only used that silly phrase to lead into the hose and water situation. Please accept my apologies.

    A fire engine should always carry an assortment of ladders, apparently not in SVG. Such mistakes could have caused a death during a fire attendance.

    For years now I have watched our police/firemen sitting under the entrance arch at the police yard at the barracks. Playing dominoes and such like. Whilst sitting outside is a dirty dull looking vehicle in which they have no pride whatsoever. The men and the machine are a disgrace. The Fire Engine has had unrepaired accident damage all over it for years, bits missing etc.

    I have watched the men and machine in operation, the hoses leak, they often attend fires with no water in the tank, and insufficient pick up hose to get water from nearby rivers or stand by water main pipes. I have seen men in civilian clothing fighting fires, and men without breathing apparatus.

    What I have also noticed is that our fire service has never been able to put out a fire. Every fire they attend eventually burns itself out and is a total loss. Of course there may be one or perhaps two over the years, but I have never witnessed such or seen reported such.

    Sorry if this statement annoys people but the truth sometimes is annoying. Its only buy talking about it, writing about it , that we may se some improvement.

    We need some serious input from an overseas entity with our new airport fire engines. Can you imagine an aeroplane on fire and no foam?

    Just a reminder do you all remember that the fire engine at Arnos Vale had a puncture last year, when the found the spare it was unusable so they had to close the airport for a day and a half for safety reasons whilst the found a wheel in another country. That how bad it is, in fact its many time worse than I can describe.

    Who do I blame? the government, why? because like they allow us to have a fifth rate hospital, they allow us to have a fifth rate fire service. The men who run the fire service are depressed, disorganised and next to useless, that’s how under funding of the service eventually ends up.

    We can change the vehicle, we need to change the men, I doubt they will ever be anygood as fire men, like our roads, they are too far gone, they are suffering from gross neglect.

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