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Police are investigating the death of a New Montrose man, whose body was found floating at sea in Kingstown.

Police say that the body of 46-year-old Paul Williams of New Montrose was discovered floating in waters off the Reclamation Site, Kingstown, about 6:30 a.m. on Sunday.

A postmortem is to be performed on the body.

A police source told I-Witness News that the body had injuries to the head.

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4 replies on “Body found floating at sea in Kingstown”

  1. Well Well Well. What the hell is going on in SVG. It’s time we have a serious talk about this. I grew up in SVG and we had murders but nothing like this. Are we at the point of no return? do we have serial killers on the prowl. I mean what the tail going on in SVG. Well I am not surprised anyway, crime, prostitution and drugs are what set in when any society has so much poverty. SVG is now one big ghetto. We got just what we wanted.

      1. Pelt yo tail William. Stand up like a man and stop acting like a little girl. So what you are happy with the way SVG is going? Well if you are I am not, Vincy use to be a more peaceful place. Our murder rate is now one of the highest in the world now, and this all happened in the last 13 years. Here is the stats for you, tell CNN they are dumb too. With yo dotish tail

        Highest murder rates in the world.

      2. Vincy is more than 36 this year and climbing fast. People are being killed at an alarming rate in SVG. Take off party glasses and look at someone close to you because they could be next. Country before party, it is time we fix SVG and stop defending indefensible things by default.

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