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Vincentians will this month pay the lowest fuel surcharge on their electricity bills since 2011.

Communications Consultant in the office of the Prime Minister, Elson Crick said in a brief statement on Tuesday that VINLEC, the state owned electricity company, has announced a drop in its fuel surcharge for the month of December.

“The 40.65 cents per unit is the lowest since March 2011,” Crick said in a release in which he also announced a reduction in the price of gasoline at the pumps.

He said that as of Monday, the price of gasoline moved from EC$14.42 to EC$13.81 per gallon, a reduction of 61 cents.

It was the third reduction in gasoline prices over the last three months, as fuel prices continue to tumble internationally.

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In October, consumers saw a reduction of 40 cents per gallon and in November, the price per gallon fell by a further 46 cents, bringing the total reduction over the three-month period to EC$$1.47.

“The reductions are in keeping with the government’s policy of using a three-month moving average for the price of fuel and reflect a downward movement in the price of oil on the international market,” Crick said.

One reply on “Vincentians to pay lowest fuel surcharge since 2011”

  1. Crick you old crock, the price of fuel in SVG is a rip off. We want at least another two dollars a gallon off. The price per barrel of oil is now approach a third of the sale price two years ago, so why not reduce our fuel by two thirds? even a third would be in order.

    Is this another Monster Marxist Party dance routine? the petroleum shuffle, “you put on two dollars here, you put on two dollars there, and shake is all about, throw it in the air and give them back nowt, even if they shout”.

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