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The Ministry of Health, Wellness and the Environment has commissioned a new piece of equipment to help in the diagnosis and management of kidney and liver diseases and other conditions.

The Integrated Chemistry and Immunoassay Analyzer at the Laboratory Department of the Milton Cato Memorial Hospital was commissioned late December.

The ABBOTT Architect Ci4100 analyzer was procured at a cost of EC$393,950 through the Taiwan Civic Development Fund.

The commissioning of this new instrument has also restored the capacity of the Milton Cato Memorial Hospital Laboratory to conduct tests that aid the diagnosis and management of lipidaemias, metabolic disorders, Pregnancy Induced hypertension (HTN), as well as the determination of Drugs of Abuse and Therapeutic Drug levels.

The instrument will also serve as back-up for hepatitis, cardiac, thyroid, and fertility profiles, cancer/tumor markers, and HIV diagnosis, says Luis de Shong, permanent secretary Ministry of Health, Wellness and the Environment.

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One reply on “MCMH gets new equipment to test for various diseases”

  1. That machine only cost 300 thousand and we are now getting it for elections? We spending millions on yes vote and 3 mil to repair bad built houses in claire valley but we have been without a proper equipment in the hospital for years. Shame and Disgrace.

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