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Member of Parliament for South Leeward Nigel “Nature” Stephenson. (IWN file photo)
Member of Parliament for South Leeward Nigel “Nature” Stephenson. (IWN file photo)
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The Disciplinary Committee of the main opposition New Democratic Party has accepted the apology of South Leeward representative Nigel “Nature” Stephenson, an opposition lawmaker, who drove an unlicensed and uninsured vehicle for five years.

Stephenson was ordered to appear before the committee in January, after the situation became public last December.

The NDP, which issued a statement saying that Stephenson was ordered to appear before the committee, has not released any information on the outcome of the process.

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NDP spokesperson Sen. Vynnette Frederick is yet to get back to I-Witness News about the outcome of the process, as she promised two weeks ago.

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“I know that they met. Will advise,” she told I-Witness News when asked via email about the status of the MP’s appearance before the committee and the outcome.

But I-Witness News was reliably informed that the central executive of the NDP has accepted Stephenson’s apology, noting that he promptly admitted and apologized when asked by the media.

Stephenson had told I-Witness News that because of ownership issues he had challenges insuring and licensing the vehicle, which he acquired in 2009 from a car dealer and was paying for in instalments.

Since the situation with Stephenson, it has become public that government senator Luke Browne had been driving without paying his driver’s licence for years.

3 replies on “NDP’s Disciplinary Committee accepts MP’s apology for driving unlicensed vehicle”

  1. C. ben-David says:

    The NDP threw away a golden opportunity to set themselves apart from the ruling ULP, which never punishes its own in any meaningful way regardless of what wrongoing they have committed.

    Throwing Stephenson under the bus — and then raising him from the dead if the Party wins the next election by giving him a big government job — would have been the smart political thing to do. A one-two punch, if you will.

    If they really want to rule Hairoon, they have to learn some tricks from the wily old Comrade.

  2. TeacherFang says:

    Yo! C.ben David…you are a walking contradiction here. You want the NDP “set themselves apart from the ruling ULP”…but then you want them to “to learn some tricks from the wily old Comrade”…which is it bro?

    I think the NDP handled this situation in the best possible way. Mr Stephenson was upfront when confronted by the Media and was seemingly contrite in his apology. I think the punishment of a public rebuke by the NDP and an issued apology from Mr Stephenson was commensurate with the crime committed. Of course, I assumed all outstanding fees will be collected with some additional penalties to be had by the relevant authorities.

    Case close. Lets move on.

    PS: I have enjoy reading your Arygle Airport chronicles. Nice researched writing. As a Vicny, some not so pleasant reading on our short comings as a Nation. The truth do hurts. No contradiction in those writings…lol.

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