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Passengers board a LIAT aircraft at St. Vincent's E.T. Joshua Airport in March 2016. (IWN file photo)
Passengers board a LIAT aircraft at St. Vincent’s E.T. Joshua Airport in March 2016. (IWN file photo)

Regional airline LIAT said Monday that some flights to and from St. Vincent and Dominica may be cancelled and baggage delayed due to seasonal high winds in both countries.

LIAT said that its aircraft have tailwind limitations, which are set by the manufacturers during the certification process.

The aircraft are not permitted to take off or land when the prevailing winds are beyond these limits.

“The departure out of E. T. Joshua Airport and the night landings into Douglas-Charles Airport are affected by tailwinds and, therefore, the decision to cancel flights is taken in the interest of safety,” LIAT spokesperson, Desmond Brown, said in a statement.

“LIAT is also forced to restrict the number of bags on the aircraft at this time of the year when wind conditions in both Dominica and St. Vincent restrict the take-off weight of the company’s aircraft.

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“The current conditions are forecast to continue through to the month of April.

“The company’s Reservations and Airport personnel are ready to assist customers who have been affected by cancellations and baggage issues due to airport limitations at this time of the year,” Brown said.

2 replies on “High winds affecting LIAT flights to/from St. Vincent, Dominica”

  1. I checked the wind speed at Argyle runway yesterday, it had a side wind gusting at 62 mph.

    I hate to say once more, “Itold you so”

    If the airport was operable, it would currently be closed for landing and taking off at Argyle. At least at Arnos Vale they can still take off half empty, and the don’t get side winds of 62 mph.

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