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Young pannists play at the concert in Rose Bank on Saturday. (IWN photo)
Young pannists play at the concert in Rose Bank on Saturday. (IWN photo)
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The Unity Labour Party’s (ULP) candidate for North Leeward in the next general elections, Carlos James, says that the Pan Against Crime initiative has dealt a telling blow to crime in the constituency.

James made the observation at the Pan Against Crime 7th anniversary concert in Rose Bank on Saturday.

James, a political newcomer, said in that in 2001, the ULP promised to be tough on crime and causes of crime.

“And I must say that I am pleased with the initiative from the Pan Against Crime committee, because they have attacked crime and the causes of crime at the heart, with the youth, with the adolescents, with the gang-related activities and they have been able to tackle this issue, and now we hardly see any gang-related violence in North Leeward and that is seen replicated across the nation as a whole,” James said.

“Apart from the talent, we are able to instil the discipline, we are able to guide our young people on a path that they can [play] a positive role towards their own development and towards the development of this country,” he said.

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He said police youth clubs have been fundamental in this approach to reducing crime.

“And I am pleased with the coordinator and facilitator in North Leeward, who have been working hard with the young people,” said James, a lawyer.

“And I am seeing today the fruits are beginning to bear — the raw, untamed talent of all the young people here in North Leeward.”

James, who is originally from Troumaca, said he is pleased to see young people excel and is happy to know that the future of North Leeward is in safe hands.

Carlos James, the ULP's candidate for North Leeward. (IWN photo)
Carlos James, the ULP’s candidate for North Leeward. (IWN photo)

He said this will continue to be the case once the Pan Against Crime Committee, the police youth clubs, teachers and other members of the community work to develop the minds of the youth.

“And I am here to serve you and to work in your interest, and I want to make that very clear to you here this evening.”

James also urged constituent to cut out division in the communities

“Let us try to work together in harmony and in peace and in love. Let us try to instil in our youth the discipline that is needed; let us lead by example in this community. I want to see us working together. By extension, I want to see North Leeward, the improvements in North Leeward, and which we as a community and a constituency we all have to address,” he said.

“Don’t expect it is only up to the government or Carlos James to do this or to do that. It is fundamentally important that all of us come together to tackle not just crime and the causes of crime, but the delinquency of our youth, the ill-discipline and to improve on our community spiritedness and the love and affection we share for each other in this community, and the constituency by extension,” he said.

He said the persons whose talents were showcased during the concern are evidence that hard work and discipline bring success.

“And at the end result, we have seen the elimination of crime and the causes of crime and juvenile delinquency here not just in Rose Bank but North Leeward,” he said.

James thanked the Pan Against Crime Committee, the police youth clubs, Commissioner of Police Michael Charles and the Ministry of National Security for “this “wonderful initiative”.

“And I am happy to be here to share with the people of North Leeward to ensure that our youths are on a disciplined path of development, not just with the talent, but ensuring that they soar with their wings unclipped,” he said.

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