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Prime Minister Dr. Ralph Gonsalves. (IWN file photo)
Prime Minister Dr. Ralph Gonsalves. (IWN file photo)
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Prime Minister Ralph Gonsalves says that his Unity Labour Party should be assured of a fourth consecutive term in office, but he is mindful of what happened when the Jews had to choose between Jesus Christ and Barabbas.

“For the all the things which we are doing, this government should be completely assured of re-election, overwhelmingly. But we can’t take it for granted,” he said Monday at an event in Caratal, Georgetown, where the government gave six houses to persons who lost their homes in the December 2013 severe weather event.

“I never forget that on a Sunday, which he know as Palm Sunday, our saviour, Jesus Christ, walking from Galilee to Jerusalem, a large crowd turned out. They had palms, they throw it on the ground, the Messiah has arrived…” Gonsalves said.

“That is Sunday, then you had Monday, then you had Tuesday, then you had Wednesday, Thursday evening going in to Friday morning. And then Pontius Pilate, under pressure, went to the multitude, as is the custom, the Roman governor in the Jewish city, and asked, ‘Who you want me to release, Jesus Christ or Barabbas?” Gonsalves said.

“Barabbas was a violent man, he was not lily-white at all, but on that day, the people who around Barabbas, including the chief priest and elder, in other words, Barabbas party was mobilised. Remember, the Sunday before, Christ party was mobilised, but, by the Thursday evening going into the Friday morning, Barabbas party was mobilised and the crucified Christ and set Barabbas free,” Gonsalves said.

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“So you, don’t take for granted that you get the support; you’ve got to mobilise,” he said, adding that this mean that the young people have got to go and register and go and vote.

“And you can’t stay home and leave, metaphorically Barabbas party to have the day, because, you do that, there will be weeping and gnashing of teeth in St. Vincent and the Grenadines,” Gonsalves said.

General elections are widely expected this year, ahead of the March 2016 constitutional deadline.

The ULP will be seeking a fourth consecutive term in office, amidst a declining number of popular votes in the two elections since it came to office in 2001.

The party secured a third term in office in 2010, holding on to power by a one-seat majority: eight seats, as opposed to the seven captured by the main opposition New Democratic Party.

13 replies on “Gonsalves: ULP should be assured of election victory, but…”

  1. Wait a #uck!^g minute here…is this fool, once again, comparing himself to Jesus Christ and I guess Mr Eustace is Barabbas? WTF…and given all the conundrum on whether or not there is race baiting taking place in our politics…the use of “lily-white” in describing Barabbas-which one can infer as being Mr Eustace; is most unfortunate…was this a deliberate attempt by Gonsalves to use skin color to manipulate the gullible and those who still believe that “lily-white” is still better than the darker shade.

    It’s this kind of rhetoric that the masses have to completely reject and condone in the strongest manner…this is not just political ole talk…this is subliminal racist and blasphemous utterances. And I can bet my house, the Christian community will not utter a word of condemnation of Gonsalves for using a biblical reference in such profane manner.

    The writing is on the wall, all this nonsense will be soon over. The Gonsalves circus is on it last act and most folks have already left the tent. The only people still around are those, waiting for the last handouts…its over…its moments like this, I truly miss my good friend “VINCYPOWA”…LOL…ah hear he was exposed for the fraud he truly was…and now he is in hiding…POWA…all bad things must come to an end; its most regrettable that it took this long for the masses to see what a joke of a leader Gonsalves really is…anyway, good riddance to garbage…ah sorry ah mean, Gonsalves.

    1. Look at how you get yourself riled up over two men. You think Ralph or Arnhim cares about you? I hope you are not a man yourself because this would just be embarrassing! Only females should argue over men. For people like you who depend on other men, I expect you to get angry when someone says something bad about your man, but you should be ashamed of yourself.

      Every elections, Arnhim and Ralph says the same thing over and over again, nothing new. You people are all the same yet you don’t see it. It’s sad how I see how some of you people talk about one another. If you care so much, YOU try to be the Prime Minister. Stand up and BE THE MAN!

      1. David, when I had you grabbing your ankles last night…and you bawling for your mother, I was RILED UP AND THE MAN…now you cussing me out here..wey wrong wid you sweetheart…you have nothing to be jealous about with Gonsalves and Eustace…

        Look, just calm down and pass by tonight…for your usual rub down…

  2. Dr Ralph Begging for votes now eh, Look how the mighty have fallen. Well hear nuh man, you are not going to win another election. People are fedup, ULP people fedup and NDP people fedup. The whole damn country fedup. How long are you going to repeat the same lies and live like a king while the majority of Vincentians suffer?

    Young people can’t find no work, and it’s your administration that was promising jobs every election and upto now nothing how long are you going to tell that lie man? You can’t even come up with something new. Just call the election and stop mocking God every chance you get, we had enough of you and your government.

    1. Young people don’t want to work, there’s a lot of work out there to be had, but people just don’t want them or there are too lazy, everybody wanna make 6 figures a year and don’t want to put the work in. We sit back and hope someone offers us a job or an opportunity and that’s why the country may never prosper as it should.

      We create this idea in the heads of our children that going to school and come out and get a job as a teacher or as an office clerk is the IT. We don’t teach them about entrepreneurship, we don’t let them know that they should want more for themselves. This country is filled with a bunch of spoiled, lazy and ungrateful individuals.

      We think that everything should be given to us, want a job? Ask Government. They don’t have an office work for you? IT IS THE WORST GOVERNMENT EVER! You people sicken me. You know nothing about hard life yet you all complain.

      You think government gave Bill Gates a job? Get a grip people! I hear a lot of people complain about Hotels, you think it’s the government’s duty to build Hotels? Get the hell outa here! Vincentians are waaayyyyy too spoiled and it’s up to us to change this mentality that the government owes us everything. It’s your life, take responsibility of your own life man!

      Stop begging for jobs, create them!

      1. David you are a moron and I meant that very loosely because you just might be passed that stage. It’s the government’s job to create the environment for job creation. Bigger bigs created jobs, what did the government do to his business? they shut him down and put 60 workers on the breadline.So Bigger Bigs workers lazy too? You think anyone is going to come invest under those conditions where the rug can be pulled from under your business based on the whims of a select few? Well if you believe that you more dotish than you sound

        What about Agriculture? not one damn proper investment to bring it back and that is the backbone of our country. Bill Gates you say, what the hell does that have to do with our country? We are now learning to do those things in IT. You haven’t made a good point that I can reply to and in all honest I think we all lost braincells listening to that nonsense post of yours.

      2. Blinded by politics, so much so that you disregarded everything I said just to go back to square one. Blame the government for everything! Smh.

        I can not say I’m disappointed because it’s actually what I expected, you don’t understand the Bill Gates point either? huh? Well let me elaborate just a tiny bit on that point because maybe you do not know who is Mr. Gates.

        Bill Gates is a Billionaire entrepreneur from the country of the United States of America. Bill Gates is self-made, that’s what an entrepreneur is. Our country don’t have enough entrepreneurs and that is no fault of the economy system. The problem resides with the mentality of the people.

        Mr. Eustace steps into government and there will be no difference, the ULP hooligans will say the same things the NDP hooligans are saying right now. I’m on the government’s side, and that goes for any government that is in power. They can not do everything and that is what we expect them to do and that right there. THE COMPLETE DEPENDENCE ON GOVERNMENT IS WHAT IS WRONG WITH ST.VINCENT AND THE GRENADINES (excluding the few entrepreneurs).

        I hope you understand that point. Lol, calling me a moron, very funny you sheep. You are no different from the ULP sheep.

  3. There is an interesting line in the article, and it’s the line where the PM states that “Barabbas was a violent man, he was not lily-white at all.

    Lily- white, definition in websters dictionary: characterized by or favouring the exclusion of blacks especially from politics.

    My question now is, how many people at that gathering, went home that night and took time out too look up the term lily-white?

    Racism is alive and well in SVG….

  4. Is this man is a blasphemous pig, a none believer using Christianity to control the people in a true Marxist manner?

    If you analyze what he says it contains words that he knows the meaning of but the people do not. The use of lily-white is racist and I believe he knew that when he said it. He is too clever not to know it, as he keeps telling us he is well read.

    The comparing of himself once again to Jesus and the inference that Eustace is Barrabass, and the people of SVG are the Jews.

    I believe he is one evil sob to be sure.

    You see, when he goes home and looks in the mirror, he congratulates himself on his superior intelligence and his very own lilly-whiteness.

    Look for yourselves

  5. petergriffin says:

    Is this for real?I am not biblical versed so I would like a member of our christian community to tell me if this is not another case of blasphemy by our bible quoting despicable prime minister.When will all this end?When will this blight be removed from our once blessed hairouna?When will jobs be provided for our young people to prevent them from committing suicide every monday morning.Stop messing with vincentians head and stop trying to convince yourself that you are going to win the elections and just announce the date.Jesus came on the earth to die for our sins so that incident with him and barabas had to happen mr pm

  6. Forget the original story… Teacherfang that last comment had me laughing struggling under my breath in an office in the center of London.

    Thats the funniest post I have ever read.

    Thank you for making my day.

    I may be in the UK but I know for a fact who will win the election in SVG. The party who has the biggest / loudest van mounted sound system and can throw the biggest free party in a park prior to voting night.

    You should see the party political shananagans in the UK now with tee minus one week to go. I saw the current PM kiss a lamb because he saw the cameras on and there were no kids around and he panicked… 🙂

    Dont get upset. Turn the music up…..

  7. David you really are a moron. Don’t just reply for replying sake think of what you are saying before you reply. Everything I said still stand. Wasn’t Bigger Bigs an entrepreneur with a business worth Millions? Bigger Bigs was our Local Bill Gates. A guy who didn’t have a lot of formal education, self thought that succeeded in creating a local enterprise only to have his entire dreams shatter by a select few

    . Don’t just ignore that point, because I can assure you investors are not ignoring it. Something as basic as that you cannot understand. You expect anyone to invest under that? 11 million dollar business down the drain. You go and convince investors to come after something like that and see if they don’t laugh in your face.

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