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Marriaqua is among the constituency for which the NDP is yet to announce a candidate. At least four persons are vying to represent the party there.
Marriaqua is among the constituency for which the NDP is yet to announce a candidate. At least four persons are vying to represent the party there.

A visitor was struck and another person injured when unknown assailants pelted stones at an opposition New Democratic Party (NDP) fundraiser in Richland Park on Saturday.

Groundsman at the Arnos Vale Sports Complex Patrick “Tall Boy” John told I-Witness News on Monday that the wound to the head he suffered when he was struck by one of the stones was minor, although he bled a lot when injured.

The fundraiser  was a creole and karaoke evening.

A visitor to St. Vincent, who gave only his first name, Herbert, because of his work in national security in his country, was also struck by one of the stones.

He told I-Witness News separately on Monday that he was standing at the function talking with two former police officers from St. Vincent and the Grenadines when the stoning began.

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It’s somewhere to go, talk, and socialise, so I was doing such with two other gentlemen, ex-police and reminiscing about training,” he said.

“This other gentleman there called Tall Man, we were there discussing cricket and West Indies and the different players and what was taking place. We heard a commotion, two bangs on a roof and then a third and I felt something hit me on my thumb and then I realised the gentleman in front of me, Tall Man, he was hit in the head and he was bleeding profusely,” Herbert told I-Witness News.

He said ice had to be applied to John’s head to help stop the bleeding.

“It was very shocking to be in a crowd where you have children, senior citizens, trying to have fun and just meeting together and then someone threw stones in the middle of the surrounding without even regards for who they would be hitting or what,” Herbert said.

“It’s distressing really; I didn’t expect something in a quiet community like that,” he said.

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Herbert said that a stone struck him on his thumb, but he would not describe it as an injury.

“… the velocity was off already because it hit the other person’s head and just the gravity brought it on my hand,” Herbert said.

It was the fourth time that Herbert was visiting St. Vincent. “And I have never had an experience like that before,” he told I-Witness News.

Asked if the incident has affected his perception of SVG, Herbert told I-Witness News, “For a small country like this, where everyone should be almost like family, based on the square miles and the population, I didn’t expect something like that.”

He said the incident will have an impact on what he does when visiting SVG.

“It affects my decision that I need to be careful where I go and I have a habit of not staying in the midst of a crowd but on the outskirts and I’ll stick to that,” Herbert told I-Witness News.

3 replies on “Visitor struck as NDP fundraiser is pelted with stones”

  1. The ULP Party came into power with Violence and they are going to leave with Violence. It’s the way the party operates. They want power at all cost. Power hungry and could give a rats behind about what happen to Vincentians. Julian Francis said that when he’s ready he’ll whistle and call out the troops, so they had their plans ready. Anything could happen in Vincy these days. But I am warning them again that if anything happens to anyone in my family they will be seeing plenty more Red.

  2. It’s no good trying to decide if this was political, of course it was political. The evil is even extended by the leader of the ULP failing to make a comment about the incident, it shows that this may well be future ULP policy.

  3. petergriffin says:

    It has started again.What will the PM say this time around?Would he repeat the infantile statement he made last election about Eaustace wanting to look prime ministerial?Be an honorable gentleman for once if you can and please call for peace and calm and dont continue to divide vincentians for your own selfish purpose of staying in power mr prime minister.

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