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DeYonte Mayers

Miss SVG 2015: Miss Mustique Co. Ltd. DeYonte Mayers. (Photo: Zavique Morris/IWN)

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Nineteen-year-old Victoria Village resident De Yonté Azannia Mayers made a clean sweep of all the judged categories of the Miss SVG Pageant Saturday night to walk away with the title ahead of seven other contenders at Victoria Park.

Mayers won the Swimwear, Interview, Evening Wear and Interview segments.

The victory has secured financing for Mayers’ tertiary education to the tune of EC$80,000, the value of the university scholarship that she will receive from the government as part of her prizes.

She will also receive EC$8,000 in cash from the Carnival Development Corporation and gifts from business houses.

See results below (Full story to follow)

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  • Miss SVG 2015: Miss Mustique Co. Ltd. #DeYonteMayers
  • First Runner-up: Miss Lotto #VickeichCharles
  • Second Runner-up: Miss LIME #AnikaRobinson
  • Best Swimwear: Miss Mustique Co. Ltd. #DeYonteMayers
  • Best Talent: Miss Mustique Co. Ltd. #DeYonteMayers
  • Best Evening Wear: Miss Mustique Co. Ltd. #DeYonteMayers
  • Best Interview: Miss Mustique Co. Ltd. #DeYonteMayers
  • Miss Congeniality: Miss Lotto #VickeichCharles
  • Miss Photogenic: Miss Mustique Co. Ltd. #DeYonteMayers

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  1. Luther Bonadie says:

    Just a thought, I am wondering if that old Donkey Cart Minded Peter Benose would interject his old fashioned political ideas into this.

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