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Radio personality Dwight "Bing" Joseph. (Photo: Facebook)
Radio personality Dwight “Bing” Joseph. (Photo: Facebook)
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Radio personality Dwight “Bing” Joseph was on Wednesday fined EC$1,850 and suspended from obtaining a driver’s licence for three months after he pleaded guilty to four traffic offences, including one which suggested that he never obtained a driver’s licence.

The co-host of “OMG” on Boom FM pleased guilty to charges of driving without a permit, driving an uninsured vehicle, driving an unlicensed vehicle and driving without a seatbelt.

He was fined EC$350 for the seat belt charge, EC$500 for unlicensed motor vehicle offence, EC$500 for the uninsured motor vehicle charge, and EC$500 for the no driver’s permit charge.

Magistrate Carla James also suspended him from obtaining a driver’s licence for six months, but reduced the period to three months after a plea by Joseph’s lawyer.

Lawyer Ronald Marks asked the magistrate to impose a fine, even the maximum, but she said suspending Joseph from obtaining a driver’s licence was important to show the seriousness of the offences.

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The court heard that Joseph, who is also known as “The Fly Guy”, had not insured his vehicle since 2011 and paid last month licences fees going back several year.

He contended that he obtained a driver’s licence during the time when it was in the form of a booklet, but the Licencing Department said they have no such record.

Joseph was initially due to appear in court on May 26, but the court heard that the charges against him were being withdrawn.

Commissioner of Police Michael Charles told I-Witness News shortly after that further investigations were being carried out after police stopped Joseph.

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  1. C. ben-David says:

    These people make me sick. There are hundreds of them driving without either or both a license and insurance. The latter is worse because if they injure you, there is no insurance to pay your medical bills without lengthy and costly legal action after which you are left with nothing because they have nothing in their name to sue them for.

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