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Minister of Foreign Affairs, Sen. Camillo Gonsalves, left, and professor Wellington Ramos. (IWN photos)
Minister of Foreign Affairs, Sen. Camillo Gonsalves, left, and professor Wellington Ramos. (IWN photos)
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Minister of Foreign Affairs Sen. Camillo Gonsalves says he would like Leader of the Opposition Arnhim Eustace and opposition spokesperson, Sen. Vynnette Frederick to comment on the content of an email reportedly sent by U.S.-based Garifuna leader professor Wellington Ramos, alleging human rights violations in St. Vincent and the Grenadines (SVG).

The email was reportedly sent last week Thursday, some days after Ramos, who is originally from Belize, returned to the United States after a one-week visit to SVG.

Ramos was in SVG to hold talks with the main opposition New Democratic Party (NDP) — headed by Eustace, and of which Frederick is a member — about the NDP’s proposal to make all Garifuna honorary citizens of SVG if the NDP wins the next general elections.

“I would appreciate hearing from Hon. Leader of the Opposition and the Hon. Senator Fredrick on whether they received this email,” Gonsalves said in a post on Facebook on Thursday, which also included the e-mail purportedly sent by Ramos.


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It was reportedly signed:

Wellington C. Ramos

Professor of History

Veteran US Army

8th Infantry Division Mechanized Germany

Belizean Justice of The Peace

Assistant Associate President New York State Garifuna Nation

Among the recipients of the email, Gonsalves’ post said, was Amnesty International, the Permanent Mission of Belize; the U.S. State Department Latin American Desk, and the U.S. Embassy in Barbados.

Among other persons, the email was reportedly sent to Opposition Leader Arnhim Eustace. (IWN photo)
Among other persons, the email was reportedly sent to Opposition Leader Arnhim Eustace. (IWN photo)

Its writer, purportedly Ramos, said he had just returned from a visit to SVG.

“I had the opportunity to speak to many of my people and they said that their human rights are still being violated in this country by this Prime Minister and his government today.”

Among the alleged human right violation mentioned was a claim that “If the Police or Government enforcement commit any unlawful act or act against an individual or group they cannot file an action in the Magistrate Court…

“If the case or cases was brought against the government, the Director of Public Prosecution (DPP) would recommend that the case be dismissed due to lack of evidence,” Sen. Gonsalves’ post quoted the email as saying.

The email, according to the post, made several other claims, including about the death of political activist and former ULP supporter Edgar Cruickshank, who was killed when a car ran into an NDP rally in Clare Valley in December.

The email, Gonsalves’ post said, claimed that no investigation was conducted against the driver.

However, police have issued a statement on the incident and have brought five charges against Antwone “Qunicy” Anthony.


The email is said to have alleged that a minister of government is responsible for crimes reportedly committed against members of the opposition.

“Unlawful searches and harassment of members of the opposition New Democratic Party (NDP) is ongoing. It also occurred to me when I left the country on the 7th of July, 2015.”

Eustace has said that Ramos was searched at E.T. Joshua Airport when he left the country.

Airport officials reportedly said that his name came up in the random selection, but Eustace has said that the search was intended to “harass” Ramos.


Sen. Gonsalves wants opposition senator, Vynnette Frederick, to say if she agrees with the contents of the email. (IWN photo(
Sen. Gonsalves wants opposition senator, Vynnette Frederick, to say if she agrees with the contents of the email. (IWN photo(

The email is also said to have made allegations about the wellbeing of Garifuna in SVG, including a claim that they have been relieved of some of their ancestral lands.

“The people of Saint Vincent and the Grenadines are currently living in fear for their lives if they were to speak or say something against this government. They have so much fear, that they do not even want to be seen with the members of the opposition party for fear of some form of retribution by the party in government,” the email reportedly said.

“I now appeal to your agencies to conduct a thorough investigation into these allegations that to me are merited. Then, bring it to the attention of the regional and international organizations such as; Amnesty International, Human Rights Watch, Undersecretary for Latin America Affairs, Caricom, OECS, Organization of American States (OAS), United Nations (UN.,” the email reportedly said.

The communiqué reportedly referred to the upcoming general elections, saying that only the Prime Minister knows the date.

The authority to call the election is constitutionally vested in the prime minister.

In his post, Gonsalves said that if Eustace and Frederick received the email he would “appreciate hearing from them on whether they consider the claims in this email accurate and appropriate; and what response they have made to Mr. Ramos.

“Further, I would like to know if they discussed, approved or had prior knowledge of these lies and slanders being sent to the US State Department, Amnesty International and the Government of Belize,” the foreign affairs minister said.

At the time of publishing this article, I-Witness News was yet to received a response to questions sent to the address from which the email was reportedly sent.

18 replies on “Camillo wants NDP to respond to Ramos’ alleged rights violation claims”

  1. Well! am I surprised? Hell No! Expect anything!
    Is this top secret? Hell No! Same old story!
    Am I worried? Hell No! For what?
    So after all, is Ramos and whatever he says about our PM the ULP and SVG’s government important in any respect, and should we be concerned? A resounding, HELL NO!
    Again, who the hell is Wellington Ramos anyway?… NOBODY!

    1. Vinciman, your down the pan along with your boss and all the administrators of Human Rights abuse in SVG.

      Time for change, time to rid ourselves of the Scientific Socialism and the the mad social scientist. Yes I am talking about the man with the inferior law degree.

      Saint Vincent is a wonderful place, its just run by the wrong people.

  2. As far as I am concerned all the allegations are true and more besides which are not even mentioned.

    Everyone knows Saint Vincent and the Grenadines has human rights issues which one can contribute directly to the Gonsalves family dynasty regime, owners of the ULP and the plantation known as Saint Vincent.

    Leon Samuel


    Sir James Mitchell

    Marcos De Freitas

    Unpaid Land Owners at Argyle Airport

    Unpaid Kingstown Traders

    Fired Port Police

    Fired Irrigation workers

    Saint Vincents Farmers

    Use of the police for political purposes

    Employing police who have criminal records for beating people half to death.

    Establishment of a family dynasty to rule and control the government and the people

    People from the Grenadines stop and search when returning home from the mainland, yet those living on the mainland returning North South East or West of the island are never searched.

    Searching a visiting dignitary when departing the state to cause him maximum political embarrassment.

    Administration of hate spite and malice to any person, company or organization that does not support the ruling regime.

    Are but a sample few who have suffered from human rights violations under this ULP government, and that is a fact.

    1. @Binose de stupid, an “allegation” could never be true, so what’s your point? NOTHING, as usual!
      Everyone knows that every nation on the face of this Earth have” human rights” issues, and some more than others. I can name ONE with more than the others! AND IT CERTAINLY IS NOT ST VINCENT AND THE GRENADINES”!

    2. Luther Bonadie says:

      You are a very sick individual, sick in the head,and sick in the soul, you are the kind of man who lies on his dick.

      Not only you are sick, You chose to spread lies, you are a born liar, and I ‘ll say this to you my friend , be careful of what you say.

      If you are looking for redemption from that LAZY CRAP Eustace you’ll have a long time waiting.

      It’s hard sometimes to fathom that in Lords year 2015 people like you do exist in St. Vincent, and with that in mind I’ll raze a glass and say thank God for Ralph Gonzales, and to people like you I’ll say F****K Off.

      1. Brown Boy USA says:

        Luther, why so angry man! It appears that everything Peter says you are quick to be critical. You sound just like the Comrad, everything anybody else say is foolishness or lies. And to be cursing up a storm, no need for all of that foolishness, because that’s the real foolishness right there. Support who ever you want brethren but respect people’s views. That’s why we are here to open dialog and talk and express ourselves as to the way we see things. So don’t go off on me now, because I’m not here for any mud slinging or political favoritism, just to share my views and opinion as a born and breed Vincentian. Wish we would be more respectful to each other as vincentians

  3. From reading the article I have just a few things to ask:

    Firstly, why is a Government official using Facebook to seek an address to such matters.

    Secondly, if the email was sent to serving Government Ministers, surely it is the responsibility of the Ministers or their Ministerial Departments to address these issues/claims. Whether or not the Opposition is aware of the issues/claims raised by a third party, regardless of who they are, it is not their responsibility to address these and surely not via Facebook!

    The Government should provide a formal response, having investigated the claims, to the individual and any organisation where applicable.

    It is time that the Ministers that we elect start acting with some kind of professionalism and stop treating everything as a vote winning opportunity.

    1. @ Mel P, didn’t you ever read anything from Pres’ Obama on Facebook or Vice Pres’ Biden, or any other “world class” politicians for that matter addressing or discussing “controversial” issues? Well, stop whining!
      What Wellington Ramos did was in bad taste, an opinion which I suspect you don’t share and this surely upsets you so much that you’re vex with Camillo for sharing this info with us. Well who vex, vex! Good show Camillo, keep it coming! ULP transparency, nah true?

      1. ULP transparency – whenever did those two words go together.

        In any event, in answer to your question; no I have never read anything from “Pres’ Obama on Facebook or Vice Pres’ Biden, or any other “world class” politicians for that matter addressing or discussing “controversial” issues?”.

        I have read comments from their Public Relations teams who would release snippets of information when they are trying to convince the public of some policy which they are eventually hoping to implement or if they want to start a propaganda campaign around a certain issue.

        Also, I have never once read a Facebook posting on behalf of any President or Government Official where that country was being accused of Human Rights violations, which is a very serious matter, and the response was for them to simply ask the Opposition to respond. Have you ever seen, read or heard of such a scenario?

        Lastly, Vinciman, I do not “whine”. That is a trait most common among young children and those most incapable of expressing themselves in a comprehensive manner. I am an educated adult and I have been blessed to able to think rationally and objectively when needed.

        It is of course your right to disagree with my comments, as I am yours, however when making an argument against what someone else has said, let’s try and keep it constructive at all times.

  4. Brown Boy USA says:

    Vinciman, why do we always feel that we have to be so disrespectful to our own people? We understand that everything is political, but let us not take everything and run with it then start mud slinging before we have all the facts or understand why we are mad at something or someone in the first place. Mr. Ramos came to this country, which is claimed to be their ancestral land, and for which no one disputed that. Instead of embracing what they have to say or offer, we are quick to past all sort of judgment and insulting statements. I guess Mr. Ramos is a nobody but Camillo and Ralph is everybody to Vincentians and whatever they say or do should be held in high esteem and regarded as the ultimate truth and devine authority from God himself. This nonsense got to stop! Let us not make politicians, whether ULP and NDP tell how to think and act. Let us assess everything on our own accord, and above all, let us be respectful to each other and our fellow men…that’s being a true Vincentian.

    1. @ Brown Boy USA, please grow up! …”disrespectful to our own people”… Who “our”, Ramos, you joking right? Sure you are, or maybe I misunderstood the “own people”! Maybe?
      What “facts” are you and Ramos speaking about here? That is a joke too isn’t it? Allegations all, every bit! And this …“claim to be their ancestral land”… bull crap, aint getting by me without a fight period”! Why? I BORN HERE, MY PARENTS BORN YAH, MY GRANDPARENTS BORN YAH, and etc. Where Ramos born? ‘So wey you mean’, I must just sit back and let Ramos and Co’ open his “can ah worms” so anybody, AND I MEAN ANYBODY, could come and say “I AM GARIFUNA (proof or no proof), AND DIS HERE IS MY LAND”? This is a joke too right? You mad or what?
      Moreover the NOBODY reference fits the context precisely so, so don’t get too upset, it will suffice for now! And as to your Camillo and PM Gonsalves reference, Ramos has shown no respect for either and that is a known fact. Brown Boy USA, do some research and then talk. Vinciman is all Vincy beyond any doubt! Have a blessed day!

  5. Brown boy I liked the way you correctly trying to bring peace to this forum. But look at it both ways and spread the message across the board.

  6. Like father like son.You are just as arrogant and pompous as your father.No wonder you had the confrontation with the NYPD,What is the outcome of all the noise and threats your father made when he and Jomo were to go to New York.And speaking of Jomo Thomas,he made the same accusation in one of his weekly columns that Gonsalves and the ULP were running a police state so why you not asking him to explain that?Why you not asking the police to explain why the rape allegation against your father was not properly investigated?Ask your father to explain why he didn,t go court to clear his name.You are living well off the taxpayers so you don,t experience what they experience so you can go on a platform and speak like that.Did you see your father,s despicable behaviour in parliament today?calling fellow parliamentarians liars and foolish.let him explain his behaviour and while you are at it please tell him to cool down.Like the elections really sweating him.

    1. petergriffin Binose, stop whining!
      What Wellington Ramos did was in bad taste, an opinion which I suspect you don’t share and this surely upsets you so much that you’re vex with Camillo for sharing this info with us. Well who vex, vex! Good show Camillo, keep it coming! ULP transparency, nah true.

  7. Brown Boy USA says:

    Vinciman, with all due respect, with such a name you should be more open minded. You seem to operate the way the Comrad sees things. I guess you would not consider my daughter, who was born in the U.S. to have any ancestral rights to SVG then. If such is the case, that because you were born in another country and your parents or grandparents or ancestors are from Vincentian, you should by no means be considered Vincentian, unless you are born in St. Vincent? Then my good man, Camillo Gonsalves was not born in St. Vincent so how come has so much power and you are quick to defend him? There are many born Americans, who’s parents or grandparents are from Italy, for example. Those born Americans usually identify themselves as Italian first and American second, even though many of them have never gone to Italy. So you see my fellow vincy brethren, don’t be so hasty to jump on the band wagon for political curry favor, but examine for yourself what you are really arguing about. Peace and love.

  8. Brown Boy USA says:

    On the other hand, Mr. Vinciman, this is an allegation. There is no conclusive evidence to prove that Mr. Ramos sent any email. Camillo is only asking NDP representative if they have any knowledge of such email being sent to the different international bodies by Mr. Ramos. Camillo isn’t stupid, he didn’t come out in an official capacity and make such a statement, he did so on social media, face book, and not in an official capacity because he does have the proof or conclusive evidence that Mr. Ramos actually wrote and sent such emails. You see how gullable we can get sometimes, hasty to rush to judgment! And why would Mr. Ramos would want to send emails to these organizations instead of writing an official letter, which is the proper way to go if you really want any actions from those organizations? Think about it my brother!

    1. Brown Boy USA, in your first comment you asked “Vinciman, why do we always feel that we have to be disrespectful to our own people”? I answered to the “disrespectful” and the “our own people”. Again, I have not disrespected any one, and secondly I would not consider Wellington Ramos as “our own people”; unless we’re talking about being Afro’ whatever. Mr Ramos cannot claim Vincentian citizenship as it stands, and that is my position on the matter, other than laying claim without concrete proof to “ancestral right”; One cannot claim Vincentian citizenship rights by just saying “I’m Garifuna”, whether from Belize, Honduras, Nicaragua or the Bronx NY, it doesn’t work like that.
      On the question of open mindedness you don’t qualify simply because you’re closed minded to “the comrade” or anyone that might see things differently with respect to the Ramos matter, so in your narrow view they “operate the way the comrade sees things”. One could say you’re bias in your outlook. Moreover on the matter of citizenship, if you’re a born Vincentian as PM Gonsalves is, your children can qualify as Vincentian citizens, as is the case with Camillo who was born abroad.
      On the matter of the email, can you provide evidence to the contrary that “…There is no conclusive evidence to prove that Mr. Ramos sent any email, and “this is an allegation”. So accordingly in your view, Camillo is just making this up, eh? Well what could I say other than you might know something we don’t know. Anyhow I suspect you haven’t seen the email itself, so it’s alright to speculate. Peace out!

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