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This country was taken by storm in 2001 by the Unity Labour Party (ULP), headed by Ralph E Gonsalves. There were a lot of promises and people were hopeful. With bated breath all waited for the new ULP government to deliver on its promises and move SVG into the 21st century.

So full of hope, that the smallest consideration to the adage, a promise is a comfort to a fool, never visited our minds.

Fools we were to believe that the ULP would have given passage and assent to integrity legislation. This most important piece of law would have exposed and combated corruption in the public sector and in government. Instead, many may be correct to think that never in the history of this tiny rock has there been more corruption and misfeasance in public office. Under the ULP the stark reality that justice has two faces glares alarmingly at us — one face for the poor and one for the rich and or well connected to the ULP. TammyMarks, Cheryl Biddy, Allan Alexander, et al exemplify the latter of those faces — their punishment being a slap on the wrist, a parental rebuke from papa or better yet a more rewarding job.

Poorer fools we were to believe that the ULP would have delivered the cross country road. We were told that this project would improve farmers’ access to the interior and improve the agriculture and trade in general –even to have fresh fish transported from the leeward side of the island to the windward side in record time. None of these things ever materialised. This ill-conceived project was aborted with only a beginning and an end but no middle.

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Even poorer fools we were to believe that the ULP had any real interest in promoting youth and sports. Sports enthusiasts young and old continue to ponder about the national sports stadium that we were promised — the government even “broke ground”. Where is it? Clearly, no magic wand brought to life the picturesque portrait displayed at Coreas store in Kingstown. That was all that there was to this stadium — just like everything else, an empty show of stillborn ideas and broken promises.

We have also witnessed a clear disregard for human rights and justice. Three police officers convicted of almost beating a child to death were reinstated to the Royal St. Vincent and the Grenadines Police Force despite losing their convictions on appeal while three upstanding teachers have yet to be reinstated to their jobs although they acted properly within boundaries of the collective agreement between their union and government. And, still the same youngster who suffered at the hands of the wretched officers is yet to have his rights vindicated. The voiceless, nameless victims’ stories are too familiar and numerous. Cruel and dehumanising is the treatment meted out to those who stand up for their rights and freedoms. Under the hands of the ULP Justice is ripe with contempt.

It is extremely disheartening how the ULP’s vindictive style of governance has crippled and silenced the people, the activists and the unions. ULP’s reign of repression and fear, nepotism and cronyism is amplified with increased unemployment, increased violent crimes, and stagnant wages; increased cost of living; increased debt; sub-standard health care and utterly dreadful roads. No other government has had such a nasty track record of managing the public purse. The so-called genius of Ralph E Gonsalves is as fertile as a barren desert! It is gaseous and nauseating! His genius boils down to borrow and beg and when you cannot borrow, beg some more. St. Vincent and the Grenadines is in desperate need of resuscitation!

Never before has St. Vincent and the Grenadines been disgraced with such controversy of a Prime Minister being twice accused of rape. Worse is the fact that, with all the unmovable stain, Ralph E Gonsalves still heads this country. If nothing else, it suggests that we are a morally challenged lot for keeping him there and allowing him to seek another term in office. It is time for that menacing cloud which hovers so heavily over SVG, and saturated with allegations of highhanded corruption and illicit activities to be blown far, far away.

The evidence is there that before the ULP ravaged SVG, the NDP laid the solid foundations for education, agriculture, tourism and financial services. Vincentians, now reduced to shadows of ourselves, were prideful, hopeful and fearless. The cry for change must be realised. The country is desperate for leadership that empowers, encourages, and restores hope and faith in the potentials of SVG!


The opinions presented in this content belong to the author and may not necessarily reflect the perspectives or editorial stance of iWitness News. Opinion pieces can be submitted to [email protected].

6 replies on “ULP’s REAL track record”

  1. Well said HP and spot on truthful, every single word is the truth. Just watch them attack this article now, they hate the truth it exposes them for exactly what they are.

  2. Having read this twice and I must say that there is not one aspect where anyone can say that this it is not true, regardless of which party they support.

    Corruption is rife in St. Vincent and the Grenadines and while I will accept that there are always whispers of such things in all Governments, what beggars belief is the audacity of the current administration to believe that all Vincentians are too stupid and/or apathetic to care about how our country is falling.

    Given that the Prime Minister thought it appropriate to appoint his unelected son into positions of significant power and to expect Vincentians to accept this unquestionably is beyond me. Why did he not wait until after the election, and have him elected into Government by due process and then appoint him to these Offices. Would that have not been the moral thing to do?

    However, I guess that we now have a Prime Minister with no morals or ethics. In which other country in the world would you have a Prime Minister being twice accused of rape retaining office without a proper independent enquiry.

    Whether or not he was guilty, he should have left office so that an independent enquiry can be carried out. […]

    As I write this message it really does sadden me that we still have Vincentians where they elect Ministers purely based on the colour of their T-Shirt as opposed to what they stand for and what they can do for the country. This goes for any Minister of any party.

    Vincentians need to wake up and discard the mentally of voting for who can help them in the short-term and instead think of the future of their children.

    When you look at the leaders, and hopeful leaders, just ask yourself, if you had a young child you loved, which one would you be prepared to leave your child in the care of. Essentially, that is what you are doing when you vote. We are putting our children’s future in the hands of these people. If they bankrupt the country, out children will suffer. We may be gone, but they will be here.

    Start thinking Vincentians. Prove to others that we are capable of making wise decisions. Our children will remember us for it.

  3. I like the question posed by the above writer: In whose care would you leave your sons or daughters? I believe that’s a question that should be coming out of the mouths of all NDP candidates. […] that question should jar voters to take a close look at the choices available to them?

  4. That is their real track record.No wonder they have to resort to galvanize,lumber and cement in order to secure a fourth term in the power that they love so much.

  5. Why is it that so many intelligent people write all these undeniable comments here, but we see so many brain-dead zombies put on their red t-shirts and vote for vindictiveness, poverty, unemployment, corruption, cronyism? They think it is “love”. When one man has such ability to sway the masses, many will sacrifice their children to bask in his light. He talks love but practice hatred.
    “Know them by their fruits.” is what Jesus said.

    It seems when the people put on the red, they ally with Satan.
    By the way there was once a man that also said he “loved the people”. The color of his Political Party was red. His nicknames were: “the comrade” and “Papa”. His name was Stalin. He killed millions of his people. He was so sex-crazed he even made sexual advances at Lenin’s wife, before his drive for power put him in the top position! He destroyed the Agriculture of the Soviet Union by enacting bad policy.

    Do you believe in re-incarnation?
    History does repete itself.

  6. Dr. Dexter Lewis says:

    HP, everything you say is true, even where you said “Vincentians ……………..WERE prideful, hopeful and fearless”.

    Why is it no one writes in his own name anymore? Why do we continue to hide in the shadows? That can only be helpful to the corrupt and criminal elements who now rule us.

    It is good that you state your feelings but if you do not say who you are the wider community will not get the leadership we need and the corrupt have opportunity to misrepresent.

    I understand the difficulties in coming out, but it is the only way to form a cohesive opposition to the garbage we have had to deal with for so long.

    Be brave, anticipate difficulty and trouble, but give the society leadership. Never give EVIL any space.

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