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Suspended General Secretary Of The Svg Football Federation, Trevor Huggins. (Photo:
Suspended general secretary of the st. Vincent and the grenadines football federation, trevor huggins. (photo: searchlight. Vc)

President of the St. Vincent and the Grenadines Football Federation, Venold Coombs has suspended General Secretary Trevor Huggins, accusing him of breach of contract.

“You have not adhered to clauses in your contract, most importantly, work closely with the President,” Coombs said in a letter to Huggins this week.

“Several times you sent correspondences to various sources and parties without permission from the President, or his knowledge or to his attention,” Coombs wrote.

He said he was present when Howard Mc Intosh, regional development officer for FIFA, “castigated” Huggins emailing Mc Intosh to choose delegates to Brazil for World Cup 2014 without Coombs’ knowledge.

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President Of The St. Vincent And The Grenadines Football Federation, Venold Coombs. (Iwn File Photo) president of the st. Vincent and the grenadines football federation, venold coombs. (iwn file photo)

“You have sent notice to convene executive meeting without my knowledge and approval. You recently sent several messages by phone critical of me in a ‘chat room’. Also, after meeting with some club members on 25th July 2015, you were not present but responded by stating, I held documents on my desks for weeks,” Coombs said.

“These violation are out of control. In order to stop this terrible situation from creating chaos, I am suspending you immediate as General Secretary. This suspension takes immediate effect, and it is done by me as President and Chief organizing officer: article: 14: (1),(a),” Coombs wrote.

“Your actions could have, and can cause serious legal damages to the organization, and, can also result in legal pitfalls, plus institutional dislocation. Your status as General Secretary will be brought o the executive meeting for possible recommendation,” Coombs said.

“May I remind you, only the President can recommend the dismissal, of the General Secretary,” Coombs said.

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