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Pastor Errol Daniel. (Internet photo)
Pastor Errol Daniel. (Internet photo)
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A police prosecutor on Wednesday told the Kingstown Magistrate Court that the prosecution was not proceeding with a traffic case brought against popular pastor and televangelist Errol Daniel.

Daniel was on March 26 charged with driving an unlicensed vehicle in Kingstown.

When he appeared in court, police prosecutor Station Sergeant Junior Nero said that the prosecution was not going to proceed further with the matter.

Daniel is pastor of Streams of Power Church at Sion Hill, sponsors of the television programme “Direction”, which is broadcast on Sundays.

Daniel is the second prominent citizen to appear in court recently charged with a traffic offence.

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In March, radio personality Dwight “Bing” Joseph was fined EC$1,850 and suspended from obtaining a driver’s licence for three months after he pleaded guilty to four traffic offences, including one which suggested that he never obtained a driver’s licence.

Police had previously said they were not proceeding with the charges against Joseph.

3 replies on “Pastor Errol Daniel charged with driving unlicensed vehicle”

  1. How about his insurance was that up to date? because that is a criminal act and if he had no insurance he deserves prison time.

    How come the police can decide to let a man off an offence regardless of who the man is and regardless of what the offence is. It’s disgusting to let him off because of who he is or what he is.

  2. How do these guys get off so easily except for political interference and/or gross police incompetence?

    The hundreds of persons driving without either a driver’s license, vehicle license, or vehicle insurance are a danger to the pubic: if you are badly injured in a traffic accident, there is usually no one to sue.

    Regular and widespread random stops, especially by underworked district police officers, would do much to put a stop to this process, at least if there were the political and administrative will to do so.

  3. Why? Lack of evidence or fear of public criticism for chargig a “Man of God” with a mortal infraction? Hmmm!

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