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Inferno lights up evening sky as buildings burn in Kingstown
Inferno lights up evening sky as buildings burn in Kingstown
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Fire fighters in St. Vincent are battling a massive blaze on Egmont and Halifax St., Kingstown that has engulfed the building that housed the Electoral Office and another that once housed the Social Welfare Department. The extent of the inferno is not immediately clear but the flames seem to threaten the former National Commercial Bank Building that now houses the Registry; and the Ministerial Building.

Crowd looks on as fire engulfs buildings in Kingstown
Buildings in the vicinity of the Kingstown General Post Office on fire

At least one fire tender is on the scene and several fire fighters and police officers are at the scene as scores of civilians look on. The blaze is the second on in the nation’s capital in a week. Last week Sunday, a blaze gutted the Coreas Mini Mart on Lower Bay St.

5 replies on “Buildings on fire in Kingstown”

  1. I believe that is where a lot of government documentation was stored in those buildings.

    It’s so strange I was sitting in my hotel suite today and wondering to myself, “what next, probably a big fire and whole lot of government records lost” it will be most interesting to see if I am right.

    No I am not a clairvoyant, I just try and think one jump ahead.

    1. Vincy_LoveOfCountry says:

      Yes It is rather interesting these buildings suddenly been engulfed in flames. Makes you think it all reeks of foul play, I mean who is to say it isn’t. What you are saying isnt farfetched at all. Maybe there are documentation in these buildings which if gets into the wrong hands or view of persons that whatever sinister plots or corruption will surely come into light. Getting rid of such implicating information and evidence will go in favor of these “baby face” criminals that are involved. Reminds you of the Watergate break in which caused Richard Nixon to resign from US presidential office. Nixon havent sent three idiots to destroy files which would implicate him in the JFK assassination and surely incriminate him but the three men got caught causing Nixon to resign. I am patiently awaiting the outcome of all this.

  2. I previously wrote about these kind of situations ” Arson is not just a problem in the Caribbean, but it is a Caribbean problem” by Peter Binose.


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